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What is the PEC

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What is the PEC: Recently a friend of yours told you about PEC, certified e-mail, but not having understood very well what it is, you have decided to search on the Internet for an article that is able to answer your question comprehensively. Well, if that’s the case, I’m happy to inform you that you’ve come to just the right place at the right time! In the next lines, in fact, you will find all the information you need to understand what the PEC is , how it works and what it is for, how much it costs and, finally, how to obtain an address of this type.

Even if you are not particularly well-versed in computer science, I assure you that once you have finished reading this tutorial you too will know exactly what a certified e-mail address is and what is the use of having one. I already anticipate that, to have a PEC address, you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts (usually a few tens of euros a year are enough, the price varies according to the selected service and the chosen operator) and in some cases it is even possible to use it for free for a trial period.

But now let’s put aside the chatter and get right into the heart of this article. Are you ready to discover the “secrets” behind the acronym “PEC”? Well, then all you have to do is get comfortable and read the information below very carefully. You will see, when you have finished reading this post, which I have prepared especially for you, you will know more about the PEC than your friend!


What is certified e-mail

Let’s start to solve your first doubt: what is the PEC . As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, certified e-mail (PEC) is a tool that allows you to send and receive e-mails. But don’t email just any. The e-mails sent with the PEC are considered as a registered letter with return receipt  and have  legal value . As you can well guess, it is, therefore, a particularly useful tool for sending written communications to public administration bodies, companies, professionals or private citizens who need communications with legal value.

At the time of writing, having a PEC address is mandatory only for companies, businesses (including individual ones) and Freelancers enrolled in an association or board . Therefore, if, for example, you are contemplating the possibility of starting a new business, you will be asked to communicate your certified e-mail address to the Register of Companies. In any case, even for private users who do not have a company having a PEC address is advantageous, since this tool saves time (it avoids the queues at the post office for sending registered mail) and, above all, it saves the  shipping costs .

Operation of the PEC

After seeing what a certified e-mail address is, it’s time to explain  how the PEC works . I begin by telling you that the PEC works in a very similar way to the “classic” mailboxes and does not require the use of dedicated hardware devices.

The PEC mailboxes can normally be used in the main e-mail clients ( Microsoft Outlook , Apple Mail , Mozilla Thunderbird , etc.) by configuring the IMAP and POP protocols , through the appropriate WebMail services and, in some cases, through some smartphone apps . and tablet .

As far as the actual sending of PEC communications is concerned, you will not have to follow any particular procedure: you will simply have to send the email to a recipient who also owns a PEC. The message will then be taken over by your manager, who will check its compliance with the standards and send it to the recipient’s manager. The recipient manager, in turn, will verify the message and finally deliver it to the end user.

Said like this, it might seem that sending an e-mail via PEC occurs in biblical times, but in reality it is not. The checks carried out by the sender and recipient managers are carried out very quickly and, in fact, shortly after sending an e-mail with the PEC, the sender receives two notification messages within a few seconds: one concerning the successful delivery of the email and the other concerning its acceptance by the recipient (just like with registered mail with return receipt).

How much does it cost to have the PEC

Let’s now move on to the painful notes, or  how much it costs to have the PEC . Contrary to what some think, at the moment it is not possible to have a certified e-mail address for free. It was possible to do this until 2014, the year in which the Posta Certificat @ service was unfortunately abolished, which was offered free of charge to interface with public administration bodies. Since the aforementioned service has not been available for several years now, to have a PEC it is necessary to pay a monthly, annual, two-year or three-year fee by contacting one of the providers that offer this service.

However, you will be happy to learn that usually the fee for a personal PEC account is a few tens of euros per year and this makes the service accessible to practically all those who wish to use it. Furthermore, many providers allow you to take advantage of certified e-mail for free for a trial period (usually lasting 6 months), at the end of which you must then subscribe to a subscription plan with variable prices.

How to have the PEC

If you have read up to this point of the guide, you probably intend to have a certified e-mail address and therefore would like to know how to have the PEC . If this is indeed the case, all you have to do is contact one of the providers listed below and sign up for the plan that best suits your needs and, above all, your pocket.

Italian post

One of the most famous and appreciated PEC services is  PosteCert , a rather economical service designed for private users that is offered by Poste Italiane . The cost of the Basic PEC for individuals is only 5.50 euros / year + VAT  and a 100MB PEC mailbox is also included, which allows you to send up to a maximum of 200 messages per day.

The Poste Italiane service also includes business plans designed for companies and professionals. For example, it is possible to subscribe to the PEC Base Business plan which includes 5 PEC accounts of 1GB with 200 mailings per day or the Advanced Business PEC plan which, in addition to what is offered by the PEC Base Business plan, also allows you to keep all notices and the receipts.

The prices of PEC mailboxes for business users are not public, but to know them you need to contact the local sales managers for the Business Market and the Public Administration.

To open a PEC through PosteCert, connected to  this link , click on the  Buy online link which is located under the heading Are you a private individual? , register on the Poste Italiane website (or log in if you already have an account) and follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the payment and thus obtain your PEC address.

To configure PosteCert in the e-mail client you use, follow the instructions on this page . To access your mailbox via the Web, instead, connect to this page .

Aruba PEC

Aruba  is a company well known for its hosting services, but it also offers the possibility of opening a PEC account through the service , which offers rather cheap plans from a few tens of euros per year (in some cases even less than 10 euros).

Specifically, the Aruba price list consists of the following plans: Standard PEC which costs 5 euros / year + VAT (the first year, then 7.90 euros + VAT per year) and provides the user with a 1GB mailbox also accessible from smartphone or tablet; PEC Pro which costs 25 euros / year + VAT and allows you to take advantage of a 2GB mailbox with 3GB of archive and SMS notifications and, finally, Premium PEC which costs 40 euros / year + VAT and offers the possibility of having a PEC mailbox from 2GB with 8GB of storage space and SMS notifications.

To subscribe to one of the aforementioned plans, connected to the Aruba website , choose the rate plan that is right for you, click on the Buy button , press the Continue button and complete the order and register for the service (or log in if you are already registered ) to complete the order and make the payment.

Then connect to  this page  to find the necessary instructions to configure the PEC in an email client using the POP and IMAP parameters or use the Web version of the service or the Aruba PEC app for smartphones and tablets ( Android / iOS ).

Free MailPEC

Free PEC

Libero , a rather well -known “face” of the Italian Web, also allows you to open a certified mailbox by subscribing to one of the available MailPEC plans : Libero  Family PEC which costs 9.90 euros / year (VAT included) and offers 1 PEC mailbox with 1GB storage space and unlimited email sending and the Libero  Mail PEC plan , designed especially for business users, which costs 25 euros / year + VAT and offers 1 PEC mailbox with unlimited space.

To open a PEC with the service offered by Libero, connected to  this page , click on the Activate immediately button and, on the page that opens, log in or register to proceed with the subscription of the chosen plan.

Then connect to  this Web page to get all the instructions you need to configure, through the POP and IMAP parameters, the e-mail box on the e-mail client you usually use, or connect to this other page to access the service via web interface.

Virgilio PEC

Virgilio PEC

I also point out the availability of the Virgilio PEC service , which includes the Personal plan from 14.99 euros / year with 1GB of space and the Infinity plan from 30 euros + VAT / year with unlimited space. More info here .


Another PEC service that you can try is the one offered by LegalMail . In this case you have the possibility to subscribe to one of the following three plans: PEC Bronze which costs 25 euros / year + VAT and offers a PEC mailbox with 5 GB of space, PEC Silver which costs 39 euros / year + VAT and offers a mailbox with 8GB of space, and PEC Gold which costs 75 euros / year + VAT and offers a box with 15 GB of space.

To activate one of the plans indicated above, connected to the LegalMail website , choose the plan you prefer, click on the Buy button and follow the instructions that are provided to you and that you see on the screen to proceed with the payment. Alternatively, click on the blue Try for free button to try your chosen plan for 6 months.

If you need help configuring the PEC LegalMail on your e-mail client, read one of the specific guides that you can find at this link . Alternatively, connect to this page and access the service’s web interface directly.



If you want to get a PEC address with Register , instead, you can choose between one of the following plans: Free PEC 2GB  which provides a mailbox with 2GB of space, unlimited sending and SMS notifications at a price of  33.90 euros / year  (after a free 6-month trial) or the 3GB and 5GB PEC plan which, on the other hand, requires the purchase of a domain whose cost is 43 euros / year + VAT .

To activate one of the plans offered by Register, connected to this page . To configure the PEC on an email client, using the POP and IMAP protocols, click on this link and select the specific guide relating to the email client you use.