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What famous person do you look like?

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What famous person do you look like?: Do you know that I look like the protagonist of a movie? We are two drops of water. And if you want I can prove it to you in person, without resorting to any particular expedient. Just give me a few minutes … et voila! I have transformed. Oh yes, you are not next to me and you cannot see me, but I can assure you that the result is more than amazing.

How do you say? You too would like to know what famous person you look like? In this case you should really make use of one of the many online services that allow you to compare the characteristics of your face with that of famous people, indicating any similarities with the latter. Let me be clear, these services are not 100% reliable, they are just a “game” and, even if they are not the best in security, as regards the protection of one’s privacy, they are still a nice way to have fun with one’s relatives and friends when you are short of ideas on how to spend a few minutes of laughter.

Then? What are you doing still standing there? He immediately begins to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs, uses the solutions listed below and implements the “tips” that I will give you to make the best use of them. At this point, all I have to do is wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

Test to see which famous person you look like

Would you like to do a quiz to see which famous person you look like? If so, you should definitely keep reading: this is the chapter for you.

In the following paragraphs, in fact, I will talk to you about how to make use of some online solutions that allow you to easily and quickly compare your face with that of a famous person to highlight any similarities.


FacePlusPlus is one of the first solutions you can turn to, to try to understand what famous person you look like. It is a free online service that can be used by any browser and does not require the installation of additional plugins. Let’s find out how it works.

To use FacePlusPlusconnected to his page related to the photo comparison functionclick the first box with the example photo located in the section Demo (the one located on the left), press the button Upload located at the bottom, type in the text field CAPTCHA the code you see in the image, press the button Confirm and proceed to upload the photo in which you are portrayed.

Alternatively, paste the URL of your image taken from the web (for example from your profile Facebookas long as this is public) in the text field Image URL and click on the blue button Go.

Now, upload the photo of the VIP you think you look like: click the second box in order to highlight the perimeter in blue, click on the button Upload located at the bottom, enter the code CAPTCHA in the appropriate text field, click the button Confirm and proceed by uploading the photo in which the famous person you think looks like you is portrayed.

Alternatively, even in this case, you can copy the URL of an image taken from the web, paste it into the text field Image URL and presses the blue button Go.

Well, now all you have to do is click on the tab Result appears and wait for the response: after the wording Is same personyou will find a judgment on the degree of similarity.



Another online service that I recommend you try to try to figure out which famous person you look like is PicTriev. How does it work? It’s very simple: just upload your photo to the platform and the facial recognition tool of PicTriev it will do the rest, automatically trying to find celebrity photos that look like you.

Before explaining how the PicTriev I want to clarify that the search results depend on the resolution of the uploaded photo and its quality. For best results, therefore, I recommend that you upload a photo in which you are portrayed frontally and in which the space between the two eyeballs is larger than 80 pixels. I also remind you that it is only possible to upload to the platform images in JPEG format that are smaller than 200KB in size.

That said, to use PicTrievconnected to his main page and make sure, first, that in the drop-down menu Please select a language the language is set to Italian (Italian – Italian).

Once this is done, click on the button Upload Image located under the heading Upload an image and upload the image in which you are portrayed frontally. Alternatively, copy the URL of a photo from the Internet, paste it into the text field Type url here which you can see located under the heading Paste Image URL and presses the button Research.

After uploading the image, wait for it PicTriev recognize it and find famous people who look like you. At the end of the processing (which should take 10-15 seconds) the service will offer you photos of some VIPs who look like you with a percentage of similarities.

Finally, if you wish, you can even click on the names of the famous people who were found to read their respective biographies on Wikipedia. Funny, isn’t it?


Von Von Test VIP

Another free online service that allows you to take a test to find out any similarities with famous people is VonVon. Its operation, as I will explain shortly, is very simple and immediate, as you just need to upload your own photo and wait for the recognition and automatic analysis of any similarity with a famous person.

That said, to use VonVon connected, therefore, to his main pageclick the button Click on Start. Then upload a photo of yourself by pressing the button Camera / Photoand specify your gender, choosing between Man or Womanto help face recognition service.

Then wait a few seconds and, at the end of the analysis, VonVon will process the result, showing you the photo of the famous person who most resembles you. At the end, you can possibly share the test result by pressing the buttons related to sharing on the main social networks.

Filter to see what famous person you look like

Filter to see what famous person you look like

Would you like to use a filter to see what famous person you look like? In that case, I recommend using a usable effect on TikTokcalled Who do I look like.

This filter, usable through the social network app for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores) e iOS / iPadOSallows you to upload a photo of a character you think you look like, in order to record a video to invite your followers to interact, asking them for an opinion on the similarity.

That said, to make use of it, click this linkso you can immediately see the filter in the app TikTok and, to start using it, press the button Try this effect.

At this point, in the menu that is shown to you, press on button (+)in order to load the photo of the character you think you look like and then, while the countdown starts, record a video showing the result, pressing on the red button.

Finally, at the end of the creation of the movie, click on the button Forward and publish the video created by pressing the button Publishjust like you usually do to create videos on TikTok.

See what famous person you look like on Facebook

See what famous person you look like on Facebook

On Facebook there are numerous tests that allow you to find out which famous person you look like. Usually these quizzes consist of answering questions that can range from your hobbies to your character traits, passing through your favorite foods and sports.

Based on the answers you give, the service will tell you which public figure you look like. In other cases, however, these services analyze yours profile photo Of Facebook and they tell you the name of the famous person you look like.

However, I suggest you avoid relying on similar solutionsnot only because they are usually untrustworthy, but also because they very often require access to personal profile information Facebookwhich could pose a potential risk to the privacy.

If despite the potential risks to your personal data you still want to try one of these tests, you can turn to the section Games Of Facebookin order to make use of some of the most famous games of the genre Quiz and Trivia.

To use them, start the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet or access the social network from your computer and then press on the section Games in the side menu, to go to this special section of the social network.

Now, use the search engine to search for game quizzes like those listed above or, to proceed independently, use the search engine internal and find games that interest you (please do a Google search for the names of the games to find out if they have been the subject of pussies or other important privacy issues). Alternatively, to search for quizzes to take on Facebook you can also select the category Quiz and see all those available.

Once you have identified the game of your interest, first press on it, then press the button Play nowto link your account Facebook and start the game. Once this is done, scroll through the numerous tests proposed and, when you have found what you are interested in doing, start it by pressing on his first name.

Just to give an example, among the quizzes available there are those to discover “Which celebrity do they often confuse you for” where you just start it and wait for the result, which will be shown to you automatically and will let you discover the famous person you resemble the most.

At the end of the quiz, do not forget to remove the association with your profile, to protect your personal data. Through the Facebook for smartphones and tablets or from PCgo to the menu Settings and privacy> Settings> Apps and websites.

Then locate the previously connected service and press the button Remove twice in a row, to cancel the association with your profile. In this regard, for more information about it, read my tutorial on how to protect privacy on Facebook.