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VoIP programs

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VoIP programs: The best programs for VoIP.


A review of VoIP programs could only begin with Skype, the most famous and used Voice Over IP solution in the world. Purchased in 2011 by Microsoft for a record $ 8.5 billion, Skype lets you make calls and video calls over the Internet at no costin addition to allowing calls to “real” landline and mobile phone numbers at extremely affordable rates compared to standard telephone operators. It is available for Windows, OS X and Linux for computers but there are also mobile versions optimized for iPhone, Android, iPad and many other platforms. Download from here.



Viber is one of the applications for free phone calls from smartphones most popular in the world. Available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Bada, allows you to make calls via the Internet totally free to other users of the service (regardless of their smartphone) and to exchange text messages and photos always totally free. It does not require complicated registration procedures (just type in your mobile number to receive a confirmation code via SMS) and that’s it. Automatically import contacts from phone book to know which friends use Viber and thus can receive calls / messages for free. Download from here.



Although significantly less popular than Skype and Viber, Nimbuzz it’s a VoIP program extremely interesting that allows you to make and receive calls and send / receive messages via the Internet completely free of charge. The free offer is limited to users of the service, but calls to international numbers are also available and can be made at fairly affordable rates. The program is available for all major mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Java, etc.) and for computers equipped with Windows and Mac OS X. It also supports popular messaging services, such as Facebook, Gtalk , Yahoo Messenger and others. Download from here.



ooVoo it’s a VoIP program compatible with both computers (Windows / Mac OS X) and mobile devices (iPhone / Android) which allows make phone calls all over the world via the Internet at very advantageous rates and call / video call your contacts online, if subscribed to the service, totally free. It is completely in Italian and also integrates with Facebook, its very accurate and user-friendly user interface makes it ideal for all those users who need VoIP technology to save some money on their phone bills but are not particularly accustomed to the technological world. Download from here.



EvaPhone it’s a VoiP service which allows you to carry out calls all over the world at very affordable rates. It can be used directly online (via browser) or by downloading a specific application on smartphones (iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry), tablets (iPads, Android tablets) and computers (Windows / Mac OS X). It does not offer the same range of features as more popular solutions, such as Skype or Viber, but it is a great alternative solution for those interested only in international calls and not in texting or video chat. After registering (for free), you can make a free trial call. Download from here.



PoivY it’s a’free VoIP application which allows you to call landline and mobile numbers all over the world at very affordable rates and to make free calls to Italian and international numbers for about 300 minutes every week (although in reality this threshold is subject to many restrictions). To use it, just download it to your computer or smartphone (it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and all major mobile platforms) and create a free account. The software is very intuitive and its interface is fully translated into Italian. Download from here.