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Virtual fax

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Virtual fax: You need to fax documents urgently, but your printer suddenly stopped working? While waiting to be repaired, you can go to the stationery and send the documents from there or you can use one of the many services of virtual fax available on the square to remedy the problem. How do you say? Would you like to opt for this second option? I imagined!

In the next paragraphs of this tutorial I will show you the operation of some solutions suitable for the purpose which, in the vast majority of cases, are very easy to use and free (at least as regards their basic use). All you have to do is find the service that best meets your needs and use it in the right way.

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you. As usual, I wish you happy reading!

Virtual fax: how it works

Before illustrating what are the main services of virtual fax to which you can turn, allow me to explain in outline how does it work the technology behind them. Virtual fax services usually allow you to send and receive faxes by “leaning” on your e-mail box.

To get more into the matter, in receiving faxes the user is assigned a number on which he will be able to receive messages, which are automatically forwarded to the mailbox, in the form of a PDF attachment.

As far as forwarding is concerned, however, it is usually necessary to attach the document of interest to an e-mail message, which must then be sent to a specific address. The message will then be processed by the company providing the service and finally delivered to the recipient. All without using any additional hardware and / or software. Convenient, right?

Free virtual fax

Now let’s take a closer look at the functioning of some services of free virtual fax. Evaluate which of the solutions listed below are right for you and use them following my instructions.


The first service I recommend you use is HelloFax, which allows you to send faxes for free (up to a maximum of 5 pages). As for the receipt of faxes and the elimination of the sending limits present in its free version, you have to subscribe to the subscription, which starts at $ 9.99 / month.

To use the service, go to his main pageclick on the button Get Started and choose whether to register through your account Googleyour account Dropbox or your address e-mail. If you decide to register with your email, write it in the field Email addressclick on the button Create an account and, on the page that opens, click on the link No thanks, I’m goodso as to continue using the free version of the service.

Now, go to your inbox and, after opening the message received from HelloFax, click on the link to activate your account. In the new page that has opened, enter the password to be set for your account in the appropriate text field and click on the button Continue.

At this point, to send a fax, click on the item Send a fax and, on the new page that opened, click on the button Add file to upload the file to be sent by fax or upload it through one of the supported cloud storage services. In the field Enter a fax number write the recipient’s fax number and proceed to send by clicking on the button Send. Simple, right?



Another useful service for this purpose is the one offered by Clouditalia. Unlike HelloFax, fax reception is free (up to a maximum of 10 pages per month), while sending is subject to a fee (starting from 50 euros / 60 days for sending 1000 pages). In some cases it may take up to 24 hours before you are able to activate the number, but once this step is complete it works great.

To use it, connect to his main page and click the button Sign up for free located at the top right. Then fill out the form you see on the screen providing all the required data (e-mail And password), accept the conditions of use of the service by ticking the appropriate box and then clicking on the button Sign in.

Then go to your e-mail box, open the message that was sent to you by CloudItalia and, on the page that opens, fill in the section Registry of the form displayed on the screen, providing yours first name, last name, fiscal Code, date and place of birth, cellphone number and so on.

Next, click on the tab Authenticationclick on the button Request Code then Send SMS, in order to receive the activation code of your number. Once received, enter it in the appropriate text field and click on the button Verify.

Now you simply have to wait for the service to be activated by the CloudItalia team: as soon as this happens, you will receive a communication via email and you can start receiving faxes directly to your mailbox, providing your contacts with the fax number that has been assigned to you. .

Other virtual fax services

fax it

Let me point you out other virtual fax services that one way or another could come in handy. Among these there are also paid services, which still deserve to be taken into consideration.

  • TIM – TIM’s Virtual Fax service, reserved for business users, costs money 4 euros / month (to which you must add 15 euros to be paid one-off) and includes a fax number with a prefix of your choice, a limit of 100 pages to be sent for national and international destinations and unlimited fax reception. More info here.
  • Vodafone – Vodafone business users can use the service Vodafone Digital Fax which, against a monthly expense of 5 €, allows you to send and receive faxes digitally. The option has a contractual duration of 24 months with tacit renewal. More info here.
  • Fax it – it is a service that, in its free version, allows you to send 3 faxes per day to all national numbers (excluding some special numbers, such as those starting with 800), up to a maximum of 20 faxes per month . To increase the number of monthly mailings, you need to subscribe to the paid version, which starts at € 1.99 / month.
  • Faxapp – is an online solution completely in Italian that offers a virtual fax number through which it is possible to send and receive faxes via the Internet. It is paid (the subscription starts at $ 5 / month), but you can use it for free for 10 days by sending up to 20 pages and receiving incoming faxes via email. A promotional message is printed at the end of the faxes.

Virtual fax with number portability

Online fax portability

Are you looking for services of virtual fax with number portability? Well, even in this case there are several solutions suitable for the purpose. The operation of these services does not differ much from those I mentioned in the previous lines, but unlike the latter they allow you to carry out the portability of the fax number, continuing to use the latter for receiving documents.

  • FAXin Messagenet – it is an online fax service offered by Messagenet that allows you to receive faxes quickly and easily. It includes the free number portability option that can only be done if you have the migration code issued by the current landline telephone provider that manages the fax line and only if there is a single number on an analog line traditional or single ISDN line (without an ADSL line physically or contractually present on the fax line). Furthermore, keep in mind that the portability request must be made by the holder of the line and all invoices relating to the line subject to portability must already be paid. The service costs 61 euros / year.
  • Faxator – it is a service belonging to the category in question that allows you to send free of charge up to 10 pages per month to numbers throughout Italy. Faxes can be sent from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays the service is active from 08:00 to 13:00 (on other days and times it is still possible to use Faxator, but the sending is carried out in the first useful moment). Regarding the receipt of faxes and the sending of several pages per month, it is necessary to subscribe, which starts from € 4.90 / month. As for number portability, however, know that it is possible to request it by filling out this module and faxing it to the number 059 73 53 301 or at the address The cost of the operation amounts to € 14.90 one-off.
  • Ehiweb – this “minor” provider operating in the fixed telephony sector also offers a virtual fax service, called Fax Onthrough which it is possible to manage the sending and receiving of faxes via email starting from 4.95 euros / month. To continue receiving faxes to your number, thus making the same portability, you must be willing to pay an expense of € 49.99 one-time fee (during promotional periods it is possible to take advantage of a large discount on this expense). Portability can only be requested on a Fax On reception number, the old fax number must have the same prefix as the new one and the service includes cancellation from the old operator.

Keep in mind that, in all the aforementioned cases, it is possible to wait even a few weeks before the portability procedure is completed.