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Virtual battery

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Virtual battery: Are you a music lover, would you like to have one virtual battery to play on your computer but you don’t know how to get it? Don’t worry: if you want, I can help you find one. There are, in fact, software, online services and even apps for mobile devices that allow you to play the drums freely and to try your hand at creating rhythmic backing tracks in a totally free way: you just have to choose the one you like best!

In case you were wondering, all the solutions I am going to tell you about are 100% free. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in using them, as their interface, simple and intuitive, greatly facilitates their use even by the less experienced. Now I’ll point out some of those that I think are the most interesting: find out the one that suits you best and use it immediately to give life to your musical creations.

If you’re ready to get started, I’d say don’t waste any more time chatting and jump right into action. Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and put into practice the instructions I will give you, so as not to have problems using the online programs and services listed below. I wish you good reading and have fun!

Virtual drums for PC

First of all, let’s see some useful solutions for playing the virtual battery on PC. In the next few lines I will talk specifically about some applications for Windows and macOS that I am sure you will find useful for this purpose.

Drums (Windows 10)

If you use a PC Windows 10I suggest you try Drums, a free application that allows you to play drums directly on your computer. It offers 12 different types of drum sounds that can be played by touching the screen with your fingers (if you have a PC with a touch screen), by clicking with the mouse pointer on the various drums and cymbals displayed on the screen or by pressing some keys on the keyboard.

To download Drums to your computer, open the Microsoft Store by clicking on the icon Shopping bag present on the Windows 10 taskbar or in the Start menu and, after clicking on the button Research located at the top right, write “drums“in the appropriate text field. Alternatively, if you are reading this article from the PC on which you intend to download the application in question, go to This Page and click the button Getto open the Microsoft Store.

Once you are in front of the Drums download page, click on the button Getwait for its installation to start and, when the procedure is completed, click on the button Startto open the program.

How Drums works is so simple that you don’t even need to explain how to use it. However, if you have a PC equipped with a touch screen, to play the various drums and cymbals that make up the drums, you simply have to tap on them, otherwise you can click on them with the mouse to reproduce the sound.

As I told you, Drums also allows you to play the drums by pressing a few keys on the keyboard, which is much more convenient as a solution than using the mouse. Each drum and each drum plate corresponds to a specific key (e.g., keys h And j allow you to play the drums Tomsthe button s allows you to reproduce the sound Crash and so on).

You will see: the more you practice playing Drums drums, the better you will become at mastering this instrument, even if virtual.

GarageBand (macOS)


If you use a Macinstead, I recommend you try GarageBand: an application that is included “standard” in macOS and that allows you to play various musical instruments, including drums. I remind you that GarageBand also allows you to make recordings to listen to and share with other users.

To start GarageBand, all you have to do is open the Launchpadby clicking on the rocket located on the bar Dockand click the icon of GarageBand (there electric guitar resting onamplifier).

If for some reason you have uninstalled GarageBand from your Mac, instead, reinstall the application: to do this, go to This Pageclick the button View in the Mac App Store and, on the download page of the program present in the Mac App Storeclick on the button Get / Install.

If necessary, verify your identity via password Apple ID or Touch ID (if your Mac has such a component) and then click the button You opento start GarageBand.

Please note that if this is the first time you start the application, you may be asked to install a collection of sounds necessary to fully use its features: you agree to do so.

After starting GarageBand, select the item Empty project and then click on the button You choose located at the bottom right. In the window that opens, select the tab Software tool and click on the button Createlocated at the bottom right.

Then select the item Drum Kit from the menu located on the left and, after choosing the starting track from the second menu located on the left, use the keyboard on the right to play the drums, by clicking on the virtual keys TO, S., D., etc. or by pressing them directly on the keyboard.

If you want to record the track you are creating, remember to press the button Rec at the top left before you start playing. More info here.

I would also like to point out the possibility of automatically accompanying your song by adding a drummer: when choosing the type of tracks to create, in fact, just select the tab Drummer and click on the button You chooselocated at the bottom right.

Virtual drum kit online

Virtual Drumming

If you want to have some fun playing the drums, but don’t want to install new programs on your PC, contact an online service that is suitable for the purpose. One of the best solutions of this kind is VirtualDrumming which allows you to use the computer keyboard to play a drums that can be used directly in the browser.

In addition to allowing you to play the drums, the service also offers the possibility of taking advantage of lessons and scores designed to help beginners learn the basics necessary to learn to play the instrument.

After connecting to the main page of the siteclick the link Drum Games at the top right and start playing the drums by pressing the keys R., Y, U, D., F., G., H., J, Z, X, C., V., B., No., M., etc. (depending on the drums and cymbals you want to reproduce the sound of).

To view the key press map, click the button (≡)located at the top left, and select the item Keys. I would also like to point out the possibility to change the type of drums to play: just click on the button (≡) located at the top left, select the item Drumset from the menu that opens and, after identifying the genre of your interest (eg. Rock Drums, Metal Drums, Jazz Drumsetc.), choose one of the drums among those available, by clicking on the name of one of the famous drummers among those present in the menu (eg. Steve Gadd, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams and so on).

To access the drum lessons, instead, click on the link Drum Lessons or on the link Advanced Lessons (both located at the top) and, on the page that opens, choose one of the available lessons and follow the instructions you see on the screen to learn how to play the drums.

Virtual drum app

GarageBand for iOS

As I told you in the introduction of the article, by installing the app right, too smartphone and tablet they can turn into one virtual battery usable both by enthusiasts looking for a little fun and by professionals who want to experience music production on the go.

  • Drums Droid – is a 100% free app for Android, thanks to which you can indulge yourself by playing 18 different types of drums on your device.
  • GarageBand – this is the iOS version of theMac application of which I told you in the previous lines. It allows you to play various types of drums, record your creations and process them using the many instruments available within the app.
  • Ratatap Drums Free – this app is ideal for a decidedly more playful experience by playing various types of drums faithfully reproduced on the screen of your mobile device. Basically the app is free but, to access all its functions and tools, you need to purchase its Pro version, which costs € 2.29.