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Truck games

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Truck games: There are those who go crazy about motorcycles, who would do everything to drive a sports car at least once in their life and those who prefer … trucks. Oh yes, even the “beasts” of the streets have their charm and, among other things, the many video games that have been dedicated to them also testify. Well yes! There are simulators that allow you to drive beautiful trucks and run around highways all over the world in a super-realistic way.

A few examples? There are as many as you want … right below. Here is a collection with the best  truck games available on Windows, Mac OS X and for all major mobile platforms. If you don’t want to install new software on your PC, don’t worry, there are also games that you can play directly from the browser without registration and without paying a cent.

The only recommendation I make is the following: before downloading a game for Windows or Mac OS X, consult its data sheet and make sure that your computer has the hardware requirements necessary to make it work. For online titles, however, there are no problems: they also work on older PCs and to use them just use any browser with Flash Player support. Good fun!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Windows / Mac OS X)

Truck games

If you are looking for a “serious” game with all the trappings of a driving simulator, don’t think twice and buy  Euro Truck Simulator 2 .

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the most recent version of Euro Truck Simulator, a title considered by many to be the truck game par excellence. It has excellent 3D graphics, extremely realistic gameplay and a series of DLC that allow you to increase the fun beyond the contents of the starting game. All this of course has a cost.

The video game can be purchased on Steam at a price of 19.99 euros in a single version or 35.99 euros if combined with all the DLC currently available. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X and can be tried in a free trial version that allows you to learn the basic mechanics of the game.

Not yet a Steam member? Then fix it right away. Connect to the website of the service and download the official Steam client (i.e. the program to access all the games available on the platform) by clicking first on the Install Steam button   located at the top right and then on the Install Steam button  now .

Then open the SteamSetup.exe  file  you just downloaded and click on Yes first   and then on  Next . Then put the check mark next to the item  I accept the license agreement  and conclude the setup by pressing in sequence on the Next  (two consecutive times),  Install  and  Finish buttons  .

Now wait for all the components necessary for the operation of Steam to be downloaded from the Internet (they are about 115MB of data) and click on the  Create a new account / Accept button  to create your free account on the service.

Note: if you use a Mac, to install the Steam client on your computer all you need to do is the dmg package   that contains the software, copy its contents to the Applications folder   of OS X and proceed as seen above for Windows.

Finally here we are. To download the demo of Euro truck Simulator 2, connected to the Steam page hosting the video game (the one I linked to you) a little while ago and click first on the  Download the demo for PC button  and then on  Yes, Steam is installed .

Then wait for the Steam client to open and click first on Next  twice in succession and then on  Finish to start downloading the game. At the end of the download, press the Play button  in your personal library and enjoy the demo of ETS2.

In case you find Euro Truck Simulator 2 too expensive, I point out that the first chapter of the saga (which still remains very enjoyable) is available on Steam at the price of 7.99 euros. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

Truck games online

Truck games

We continue with some sites that allow you to play truck games directly from the browser (just use any browser equipped with Flash Player). The first one I recommend is called Truck Games XL and hosts dozens of video games dedicated to trucks divided into categories. In the left sidebar you will find links to view all the titles dedicated to standard size trucks ( Truck Games ), to those with 18 wheels ( 18 Wheeler Trucks ), to vehicle parking ( Truck Parking ) and so on. To start a game, first click on its preview image and then on the Play now button ! present on the page that opens.

Another site of the same type is Truck Games Parking which also includes various titles dedicated to trucks: there are classic driving games but also nice variations on the theme, such as platform and horror. By selecting the tabs at the top you can switch from one category of video game to another, while clicking on the preview of a game you can start the game instantly.

POG is a generic Flash game site (with video games of all kinds) which, however, offers a huge range of titles dedicated to trucks. To start one, click on its preview image and wait a few moments for the upload to complete.

Truck games for smartphones and tablets

Truck games

Would you like to try some truck games on your mobile too? No problem. Here is a nice roundup of titles compatible with Android and iOS.

  • Truck Simulator 3D – as the name suggests, it is an excellent truck driving simulator with 3D graphics. It includes 11 American cities and 8 different vehicles. It is available for free for Android and iOS .
  • Truck Driver 3D – another excellent 3D driving title in which you have to maneuver a truck. It includes 4 large maps with 3 levels each and allows you to drive various vehicles, such as a wood picker, a bulldozer and a forklift to load large trucks with different loads. It is available for free for Android and iOS .
  • Monster Truck Destruction – fun 3D game in which you have to carry out challenges between Monster Trucks by performing stunts and destroying the opposing vehicles. It is available for free on Android and iOS .
  • Renault Trucks Racing – 3D driving game in which you can maneuver Renault trucks in 3 different scenarios. It is available for free on Android and iOS .