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Train games

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Train games: Who among us, during childhood, has not played at least once with the trains? Most of us did it. Today, however, I want to talk to you, that you are still a huge fan of trains, pointing out some video games that I bet you will love. It’s about train games, free and not, which can be downloaded to your computer or used directly online (as appropriate) to simulate real-time driving of the much-loved means of transport.

Their level of difficulty is variable, although most of them tend to extreme realism and, therefore, are not very intuitive on first use. To make them even more interesting there is the possibility, in some cases, to download trains and additional scenarios from the Internet, which can be used to simulate railway routes in every corner of the world and extend the fun practically indefinitely. Simulators aside, there are also many titles that involve trains but belong to other categories.

So, can you know what are you still doing there impaled? Below are the names, links and instructions to download some of the best titles in the category available for Windows, macOS, Linux and even for portable devices. Take five minutes of free time and try the ones that seem best suited to your tastes. You are spoiled for choice!

Train games for PC

Let’s start this excursus among the best train games starting from those that can be downloaded on PC. Below, therefore, you will find the titles that in my opinion are the best of the kind for Windows, MacOS is Linux. Good fun!

OpenVBE (Windows / macOS / Linux)


The first of the games in the category in question that I want to suggest you try is OpenVBE. It consists of an extremely realistic 3D train driving simulation. It is open source and is available for all major operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux. Its development is no longer as active as it once was, but it can still count on a vast community that produces scenarios and trains to be used in the game.

To download OpenVBE to your PC, connect to his official site and if you are using Windows, Click on operating system logo and, subsequently, on the connection Download 7z (vx.x.x.x Development). Afterwards, also download the component OpenAL and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (if they are not already present on your computer, of course), necessary for the game to function, by clicking on the appropriate links on the right.

When the download is complete, extract both ZIP archives obtained in a folder of your choice, start the file oalinst.exe and, in the window that appears on the screen, click in sequence on the buttons Yup is OK (twice in a row) to install OpenAL.

Then start the file dotnetfx45_full_x86_x64.exe to install the .NET Framework 4.5 and, in the window that opens, click on the button Yup. Then affix the check mark next to the item I have read and accept the license terms, click on the button Install, wait for the download of all the files necessary for the software to work (it will take a few minutes) and complete the setup by clicking on the button end.

Now, start the file OpenBve.exe, click the button Options placed on the left of the game screen that appeared and select theItalian from the drop-down menu at the top for choosing the language, in order to translate the game interface.

At this point, press the button Start new game that you always find on the left, select the scenario and the train to be used through the fields Route is Train (in the first you have to choose the file rw or csv of the scenario and in the second the folder containing the train files) and click on the button Start to start a new game.

If, on the other hand, you are using MacOS, after logging in on the program website click on Apple logo and on the link Download 7z (vx.x.x stable). Also click on the link OpenAL and on that SDL on the right to download the related components.

When the download is complete, open the .dmg package OpenAPL, double click on the .pkg file contained within it and follow the setup procedure that is proposed to you. Next, open the .dmg package of the SDL component and drag the icon to SDL.framework in the folder / Library / Frameworks by macOS.

Then, take out theZIP archive of the game and start it by double-clicking on it executable. The rest of the steps to start to play are the same as seen for Windows.

I also point out that you can download many scenarios and trains related to the Italian railway network for free from the site Trenomania. Just click on the button Download located in the left sidebar and choose the scenario or train to download to the PC. Once the download is complete, extract the downloaded contents in the OpenBVE folder respecting the path indicated in the archive and start the game by choosing the path and train as seen above.

Open Rails (Windows)

Open Rails

Open Rails is one of the best train games available for free on the Net. It is open source, compatible with all major versions of Windows and can count on a huge range of trains and additional scenarios that can be taken from the Internet (always at no cost).

To download it to your PC, connect to his official website, click on the button first Download the installer and on the one with written on it Download. Considering that the simulator is supplied without trains or scenarios, to start taking your first steps with the latter, I suggest you also download the trial package of the Edinburgh-Glasgow route that you can find from this other web page by clicking on the link downloading this model.

Download is complete open, il file .exe you have just made and, in the window that appears on the desktop, click on the buttons Yup, OK is Forward. Then put the check mark next to the entry I accept the terms of the license agreement and finish the setup by clicking on the button first Forward four consecutive times and then on those with written on Install, Forward is end. If during the setup you are offered to download the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, you agree to the thing as indispensable for the operation of the game.

Now that you see the game options window on the screen, go to the tab Contents and click on the button add. Then, take out theZIP archive containing the files with the trains and the scenarios downloaded from the Internet in a folder of your choice, select the latter by pressing the button Add and click on the buttons OK is Start to start playing.

With regard to trains and additional scenarios, on the Open Rails site find a series of links to sites that allow you to download them for free, under the heading Communities Supporting Open Rails. There is also a forum for Italy TrainSimHobby which contains material for all the main train simulators: take a look and you will not regret it.

Train Driving Simulator 3D (Windows)

Train Driving Simulator 3D

Another nice train game that I invite you to try if you are using a PC with su installed Windows 10, is Train Driving Simulator 3D. It is a title available on Microsoft Store, the digital store of Microsoft to find applications and games on the company’s latest operating system, where the user is called to drive steam locomotives and modern trains. As can be guessed from the name itself, it also has nice 3D graphics. It’s free, but it offers in-app purchases to unlock extra content.

To start playing, visit the related section of the Microsoft Store and click the button Get / Install and then on the button Plays to start the game.

Once the main screen of Train Driving Simulator 3D is displayed, click on the button Play to start playing right away. Then move the lever on the right upwards to start the train. If you want to change the display mode, however, click on the button with the camera that you always find on the right.

At the top there is the speed indicator and the button to pause the simulator. At the bottom left, however, you will find the buttons to play the train’s horn and the one to brake, taking into account the traffic light indications that you always find at the bottom of the screen.

High-speed 3D trains (macOS)

High speed 3D trains

Another title dedicated to the world of trains and specific for MacOS that in my opinion you shouldn’t miss it is High speed 3D trains. It is a simulation game that allows you to drive high speed trains in various countries around the world. It can be downloaded from Mac App Store, the official Apple store through which to find applications and games, and it’s free, but with in-app purchases (starting from € 2.29) to unlock additional content.

To download it to your Mac, visit the related section of the Mac App Store, click the button See in the Mac App Store and, in the window that opens on the desk, press the button Get / Install. If necessary, authorize the download and installation of the game by typing the password of yours Apple ID or through Touch ID, if the Mac you are using supports the above technology. Then press the button You open appeared on the screen to start playing.

Once the main game screen is displayed, select the train of your choice by clicking on the arrows on the screen, press the button Start, wait for the passengers to board the train and move the lever on the left in the control cabin upwards to get on the road.

After starting the train, at the top of the screen you can view information such as speed, Km traveled, the current time and the time scheduled for arrival. If you want, you can also change the display mode by clicking on the button with the camera placed on the right and you can play the train horn by pressing the button with the trumpet which is always on the right.

Other train games for PC

The train games I have already told you about didn’t convince you in a particular way and are you looking for other titles belonging to the category? Then try to take a look at the sections dedicated specifically to the video games you find on Microsoft Store It is on Mac App Store, the official stores of Windows 10 is MacOS which I have already mentioned in the previous lines.

As far as the Microsoft Store is concerned, to locate and download additional train games, first start the store by clicking on the relevant icon (the one with the shopping bag and the Windows logo) that you find on taskbar.

Microsoft Store

In the window that will later open on the desktop, select the item Games located at the top and then press on the item Show all, corresponding to the category Most popular paid games or Most popular games for free. You can also search by keyword by clicking on the item Research at the top right and typing the keyword in the box that appears.

Next, click on the drop-down menu Category (above) and choose the item Simulators, or the category in which most of the games dedicated to trains are present.

Once you find the title of your interest, click on its title and install it by pressing the button Get / Install (if it’s a free game) or on the one with the price (if it is a paid title). Once the download and installation procedure is complete, start the game by pressing the button Plays.

To find other train games on the Mac App Store, however, first start the latter by clicking on the relevant one icon (the one with the “A” and the blue background) that you find on Dock bar. In the window you see appear on the desktop, then click on the item Games placed in the menu on the left, scroll to the new screen that is shown to you and click on the link Complete list that you find in correspondence with the various categories available.

Mac App Store

If in doing so you cannot find the titles of your interest, you can search by keyword by typing the reference one in the appropriate box at the top left.

Once you have identified the title of your interest, click on its name and download it by pressing the button Get (in the case of free games) or on the one with the price (in the case of paid games) and on the button Install. When the download is complete, start the game by pressing the button You open appeared on the screen.

I also suggest you take a look at the titles available on Steam, the famous free gaming platform developed by the Valve software house, available for both Windows that for MacOS through which you can find many exciting games in the category.


To download the relevant client to your computer, connect to Steam website, press the button Install Steam located at the top right and then on the one with written on it Install Steam now. Then proceed with theinstallation and with the account creation to use the service by following the instructions on what to do that I have provided you in my guide on a how to download Steam.

Afterwards, you can find the train games you like most directly from the client window. To do this, click on the menu Games at the top and select the category Simulation, that is, the one where you can find most of the titles dedicated to trains. Alternatively, you can search by keyword using the appropriate field located at the top.

When you find a game to download, click on its title and press the button Launch game. After that, to install it, press the buttons Forward come on I accept.

Below are some of the main train titles available on Steam.

  • Train Valley 2 – game belonging to the puzzle-management genre in which you have to build an efficient railway, upgrade the locomotives and drive trains. It costs 12.49 euros and is for both Windows and macOS.
  • Conduct Deluxe – game in which you find yourself driving many trains to bring passengers safely to their destination, changing tracks and avoiding collisions with other locomotives. It is for both Windows and macOS and costs 9.99 euros.
  • Train Simulator 2019 – famous train game in which you can master a wide range of locomotives around the world. It costs 29.99 euros and is only for Windows.
  • Train Sim World – another simulator that brings to life the experience of driving powerful and realistic trains on the most incredible railways. It is only for Windows and costs 29.99 euros.
  • Simutrans – game where you have to take command of a transport company and build roads, railways, canals etc. to bring passengers, mail and goods to their destination. It is not specifically dedicated to trains but it is still worth trying. It’s free and it’s for Windows and macOS.

Online train games

Online <a href=><noscript><img class=You don’t want or can’t download and install train games on your computer? Then take a look at the website immediately RailServe, which includes a very large list of free titles.

The games are in Flash, so to be able to have fun with them you will need to make sure you are using an Internet browsing program with integrated “standard” Flash Player, such as Google Chrome. In case, however, you want to use a different browser, make sure you have previously downloaded is activated the plugin Flash Player.

That said, to start playing, connect to service web page, click on the name of the game you are interested in at the section Free Online Train Games and also start having fun on the page that will open.

You can also find games dedicated to trains – not only simulations but also other video game genres that deal with this theme – on GamesXL, a portal that offers many games (always in Flash) and on which there is a category dedicated to trains, and on the portal Minigames, which also includes a category specifically dedicated to trains, all free and extra-fun.

If you don’t want or can’t use Flash Player, take a look at the website, who only offers titles in HTML5, usable without the slightest problem from any browser and operating system. It does not include a section dedicated specifically to trains, but doing a keyword search shows up numerous titles belonging to the genre.

Train how to play checkers on the Internet and iOS

Play Store and App Store

If, however, you are looking for some nice game dedicated to trains for Android is iOS, I inform you that through the Play Store and theApp Store, the official stores to download apps on the platforms in question, you can find many titles of this type. How? I’ll explain it right away.

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, first start the Play Store by tapping on the relevant one icon (the one with the colored triangle) present in drawer (the screen with all the apps installed on the device).

Next, select the item Games which is at the top, then the entry Categories is that Simulation, in order to view the category of most of the games dedicated to trains.

Alternatively, you can do a keyword search by tapping the button with the magnifying glass at the top right and typing the reference keyword in the field that appears.

Once you have identified the game you are interested in downloading, tap on its icon and install it by pressing the button Install (in the case of free games) or on the one with the price (in the case of paid games). Once the download is complete, start the game by pressing the button You open.

On iPhone or iPad, on the other hand, open the App Store, by tapping on his icon (the one with the “A” on a blue background) located on the home screen. Then select the item Games placed at the bottom and locate the game of your interest by tapping on the item See all that you find next to the wording Top categories. Then select the Simulation category, which is where most of the train games are located.

Alternatively, even in this case, you can find interesting titles by keyword, by tapping on the item Search for bottom right and typing the reference keyword in the appropriate field that appears.

When you find a game you want to download, tap on its icon, then press on Get (in the case of free titles) or on the one with the price (in the case of paid games) and, subsequently, on the button Install. Then confirm the operation using the Face ID, the Touch ID or typing the password of your iCloud account. Then start the game by tapping on the button You open appeared on the screen.

Below, you will find some of the most interesting train games for Android and iOS.

  • Trainz Simulator (Android/iOS) – it is no longer very recent (it was released in 2011) but still enjoys a rather large community. It is a 2D graphics game in which you have to build and manage a railway network. It costs 6.49 euros for Android and 7.99 euros for iOS.
  • Train Driver (Android/iOS) – train simulator that offers a highly immersive experience, while not being 100% realistic. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting from 1.99 euros) to unlock extra content.
  • Train Sim (Android/iOS) – is one of the most popular train simulators for mobile devices. It includes over 50 types of trains and has very realistic graphics. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at 79 cents) to unlock additional content.
  • Go train (Android/iOS) – game with cartoonesque graphics in which you have to build a customized railway network by placing tracks, joints and even creating elevated lines. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at 1.09 euros) to unlock additional content.