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Torrent sites

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Torrent sites: To quickly download a file from the BitTorrent network it is not enough to use a good client. Often it is not enough even to properly configure the router’s ports. What is needed, more than anything else, are Torrent files with a high number of shares (peer) and complete sources (seed) to their credit.

And how do you find Torrent files that match the features in question? Fortunately, the answer is very simple: just rely on ad hoc portals and search engines, which catalog all the files of this type present online. Using them is really a breeze! All you have to do is search for what you want to download, sort the results according to the number of sources available and proceed with the download of the file with multiple seed / peer assets.

The download can take place via Torrent file or via magnet link. The difference between the two is that the former necessarily require communication with a support tracker (otherwise they do not work), while the latter are direct links to files on the BitTorrent network and act even in the absence of a support server ( factor that makes them safer even from the point of view of privacy). Now, however, let’s go back to the heart of the matter and see which are the best Torrent sites of the moment.

Preliminary information

Photo showing an ethernet cable on a PC keyboard

Before going to the point, or before pointing out the ones that, in my humble opinion, represent the best Torrent sites  of the moment, it seems to me right to provide you with some preliminary information about it.

Unfortunately many of the portals through which it is possible to search for Torrent files on the Net are blocked at a regional level and therefore are not accessible from Italy. This, however, does not absolutely imply the fact that specific measures cannot be put into practice to bypass the complaints that prohibit access to blocked Torrent sites  in our country.

In most cases, in fact, to succeed in the company it is sufficient to replace the default DNS servers of the provider with the international ones of suppliers such as  Google , OpenDNS or Cloudflare , of which I told you in detail in my guide on the best DNS . If you don’t know how to replace them, you can be interested in the instructions to do that I provided you in my specific tutorial on how to change DNS .

Torrent sites not blocked

Without the above clarifications, let’s find out, therefore, which are the best unblocked Torrent sites currently on the square. You can find them all listed below.


Among the first Torrent sites that I recommend you visit is  TorrentSeeker . It is a real search engine that allows you to find files of all kinds on the BitTorrent network using the databases of all the main sites dedicated to peer-to-peer. Using it is a breeze.

All you have to do is connect to its home page , after which you must type the name of the file you want to find, in the text field located in the center of the screen, and start the search by pressing the Enter key  on the computer keyboard.

Once the list of all the files found by the service is displayed, click on the name of the one you want to download and select the option to  start downloading the Torrent file on your PC or the one related to the  magnet link , to start downloading the files in your default client without first having to download its link to your computer. That’s all!



Torrentz2 is another one of the Torrent sites that you can consider using. It is a search engine for files of this type, which, similarly to the service I have already told you about in the previous lines, sifts all the results available online, a bit like how it is possible to do with Google when searches are made on the Net, then returning the relevant links and thus allowing to proceed with the download of the relative files.

To use it, access the relative home page and type the name of the Torrent file you are interested in looking for in the appropriate text field, then click on the adjacent Search button . If you wish, you can help in the search by selecting the relevant suggestions that you see appear as you type in the keywords.

Once the page with the various results is displayed, locate the file you are interested in downloading and click on its name. If you want, you can help in identifying the files that interest you by using the appropriate filters located at the top.

To proceed with the download, however, after viewing the page of the selected Torrent, select the link to the Internet site from which you want to download the file and, in the further page that opens, click on the links to download the Torrent file or to take advantage of the magnet link .



Another of the Torrent sites that I highly recommend you consider is IsoHunt . It has its own database in which it indexes the files and does not rely on external sites. Furthermore, the quantity and quality of the results is noteworthy.

To search for the Torrent files that interest you, therefore, connected to the home page of the service, then type the keyword of your interest in the search bar located at the top left and press the Enter key on the computer keyboard.

Alternatively, you can view the most popular files of the moment by genre of belonging, by clicking on one of the categories listed in the left sidebar ( Anime , Software , Games , Movies , Music etc.). If you deem it necessary, you can also perform an advanced search by clicking on the Advanced search item at the top, filling in the form that is proposed to you and then clicking on the Search button .

When you find a file that you think may be of interest to you, click on its name and choose, via the Web page that is proposed to you, whether to download on your computer the Torrent file to be fed to the client for the BitTorrent network, by clicking on the Download torrent button , or use the magnet link by clicking on the magnet icon .



In an article focusing on what are the best Torrent sites, it is practically impossible not to even mention  1337X . It is another solution with a database, so to speak, autonomous. The average quality of the contents is very high and the navigation between the various sections available proves to be quite intuitive.

To be able to use it, visit the home page of the service and type the keyword relating to the Torrent file you want to search for in the text field located in the center, then press the Search button located on the right. Alternatively, you can search by category, selecting the one you are interested in from the bottom of the page ( Movies , Television , Games , Music , Applications etc.).

In the search results page that will later be shown to you, locate the Torrent file you are interested in, “browsing” the various pages available by selecting the numbers below, and click on its name. If you deem it necessary, you can help you locate the file through the menus located at the top.

Once the page with all the details of the file is displayed, if you want to proceed with the download of the Torrent, click on the Torrent download button located on the right, while if you want to proceed with the download via magnet link, click on the Magnet download button .

Legit Torrents

Torrent sites

Legit Torrents is a site that allows the download of completely legal books, songs and videos: works whose authors have expressly authorized the online distribution at no cost. As easily understood, it does not offer the same amount of material as other sites previously analyzed, but allows the user to be 100% sure about the legality of the downloaded files.

To view the list of files hosted on Legi Torrents, connected to the main page of the site and click on the Torrents item  located at the top left. At this point, choose whether to “browse” all the files using the numbers of the pages located at the bottom or to perform a search by keyword, typing the keyword of your interest in the appropriate bar located at the top and then pressing the Enter key on the keyboard Of computer.

If you deem it necessary, you can also limit your searches to films, books, games and other types of content, by selecting one of the options available in the Category drop-down menu located at the top center.

When you find the Torrent file you are interested in, select its name to view all the details and, in the new page that is shown to you, if you wish to proceed with the download, click on the icon depicting the floppy disk that you find in the Torrent wording .

Software to search and download Torrents

Now I want to advise you on the use of those which, in my humble opinion, represent the best software to search and download Torrents and which you can therefore use to download the files found through the sites that I mentioned in this tutorial.

Among the various solutions of this type that deserve to be taken into consideration, there is undoubtedly some  qBitTorrent , a free and open source Torrent client available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It does not contain advertising banners and does not offer the download of promotional software during installation. Furthermore – more importantly – it includes a practical search function that allows you to find files on the BitTorrent network without opening the browser. I told you about it in depth in my tutorial on how to use qBitTorrent .

Despite the indisputable merits of qBitTorrent, the most used program belonging to the genre in question remains  uTorrent , also available for Windows, macOS and Linux, which, however, does not integrate an internal search engine and presents ads (which may possibly be removed by switching to the paid version, at a cost of $ 19.95 / year, which also includes other benefits). I explained how to download it in my guide on the subject and how to configure it in the best way, in order to make downloads go even faster, in my tutorial on  how to set up uTorrent . If you use a Mac, integrate the advice of the guides that I have already indicated to you with the indications contained in my posts on how to use uTorrent on Mac  and  how to speed up uTorrent on Mac . They will come in handy.

Another software that could make you very comfortable in finding Torrent files is Bit Che . It is a program for Windows operating systems only that allows you to find files on all major Torrent search engines. Once installed and started, just type the name of a film, a music album, a software or a game and in no time you will find files with multiple sources (i.e. multiple seeds and peers) on all search engines Most famous torrents in the world.

To download Bit Che on your PC, connected to its official website and click on the red Download Now button  . Once the download is complete, open the .exe file  obtained and, in the window that is shown on the desktop, click first on the Yes button  and then on the  Next button . Accept, therefore, the conditions of use of the software, placing the check mark next to the item  I accept the terms of the license agreement , and conclude the setup by first pressing the Next button   for four consecutive times and the  End button .

Once the installation is complete, you just have to start Bit Che, type the name of the file you want to find on the BitTorrent network in the search field located at the top left and press the Enter key  on the computer keyboard. To select (or deselect) the search engines to use, use the appropriate boxes located in the left sidebar.

Warning: this tutorial is intended for illustrative purposes only. Abusively downloading copyrighted content from the Internet is a crime. It is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy, therefore I do not take any responsibility for the use that will be made of the information in the post.