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Tips to Use Instagram Video for Marketing

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Instagram is a phenomenal social media platform with full-fledged features and tools for marketing. According to Statista, Instagram will have nearly 1.2 billion users by 2023. As it is no longer just a photo-sharing app, brands and businesses have benefited from Instagram. Businesses that have strengthened their presence on the platform connect better with the target audience. Instagram video is an incredible addition that has helped businesses and brands market themselves creatively. There has been a major shift in the trends observed in the past few years in how video is used as a strong marketing tool in the past few years. People engage more with video content as it is visually appealing and send out a crisp message.


Instagram is aware of the changes and has rolled out video features that support consumer behaviour. Most brands have embraced video marketing, and Instagram seems to be the right platform for marketing and growth. Here are some solid tips on using Instagram videos as marketing for business.

In-built Instagram tools make it easy to create video


It is no surprise that the Instagram video features have gained a lot of positive response. The short-form video features called Reels, which is the most successful, has provided a brand with the opportunity to deliver a message in just 30 seconds. For long-form content, the Instagram video tool promises to allow a video of 60 minutes. However, an Instagram class apart is its in-built tools, including those in-built ones.

  • Trim and cut video with the in-built editing tools. You can put together snippets of multiple videos or trim a single video to keep the relevant portion, all from Instagram. Hence, it is convenient to delete a segment from the video.
  • The editing tools on Instagram help with colour correction, adjusting saturation, brightness, hue, vignette etc.
  • Instagram has its unique set of filters for the video tools, and hence adding the filter accelerates the video outlook.
  • Instagram offers the flexibility to choose a cover photo for the video or a thumbnail to create a first impression on the audience.

Behind the scene videos 


Marketing and reaching out to a target audience means better engagement with the customers or clients. Leverage the power of Instagram video marketing by posting behind the scenes videos and letting people know what happens in the background. The best Instagram feature for posting behind the scene or random days at work is Instagram stories. The content remains only for 24 hours and creates a sense of urgency. The higher the number of views on the stories, the higher the engagement and a chance to connect with the audience. Make sure the stories are aesthetically pleasing or just spontaneous ones.


Tutorial and How-to Videos 


How-to videos and tutorials are the most common types of videos people view. Most people look for a product demo or review video before making a purchase decision. The Instagram Video features allow 60 minutes long videos on Instagram. Post product demo, tutorial or how-to videos to showcase the unique features of the product or service. Make sure you manage to grab the audience’s attention within the first few seconds. Use an appropriate thumbnail to give the audience a hint about the video and keep it relevant.


Instagram Live with Q&A Session 


Businesses should not only provide market through Instagram video but connect with the audience on a more personal level. The best way to do it is through Instagram Live. Go live and talk to the audience or organize a Q&A session to answer questions. The Q&A videos are crucial instruments to stimulate conversation and answer questions live.

Edit the Video Professional before Posting 


Although Instagram has its in-built editing tools creators can even consider external editing tools for a professional-grade video. The editing tool give depth to the videos. You can cut video unwanted part and keep the video crisp and to the point. Adjust the colours and background, add suitable music or voiceover and use the relevant hashtags while posting the videos. Instagram’s latest algorithm backs the short-form videos or Reels, making it a strong tool for businesses.


Create Instagram Video Ads 


One of the best ways for brands to get discovered by the target audience is by investing in sponsored Instagram video ads. Create engaging videos with the right hashtags and sponsor the video by setting a certain budget. Sponsoring a video through paid ads would fast forward the process of visibility. Sponsored video ads allow brands to add links directly to the video ads that redirect the target audience to the appropriate website. It is easy to target Instagram video ads to the relevant customer or demographics and create a sales funnel.


Instagram Influencer Collaboration 


The best way to use Instagram videos for marketing and business promotion is through Influencer marketing. Instagram influencers with millions of followers can easily promote the business or brand through videos and reach out to the followers. Teaming with an Instagram influencer is an affordable yet effective way to grow the target audience and increase sales.

Stay Active and Hop on the Trend 


Trends are the gush of wind which come and go but offer an opportunity to create viral content. With the Instagram algorithm favouring reel content creators, brands must participate in viral trends and get higher audience views. However, add a fresh perspective to the trending reels to give them a new twist for the audience.




Marketing was a complex and time-consuming process for businesses but not anymore. Instagram is indeed an excellent platform for brands to market their products or services and connect with a genuine audience base. Instagram videos are a powerful instrument for marketing as it is visually appealing, send out a crisp and entertaining message, and are supported by the app’s algorithm. Instagram allows you to publish video content in multiple variable length formats and is an effective marketing strategy.