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The best widgets for Android to install

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Also thanks to my indications regarding the best free Android applications and the best Android games to download, the smartphone you bought a few days ago has become your inseparable “companion” for work and games, which fully satisfies your daily needs. But why not make it even more yours?

If you are wondering how, stop and take a look at what I am about to offer you: a nice list with all the best widgets for Android to install and to “place” on the home screen of the phone. What is it about? Of boxes or icons that update dynamically and allow you to always have all the information you need under control: from the weather to the calendar commitments, passing through updates regarding social profiles.

What do you say, what interests you? Yup? Very good! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next lines and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

Best Android Widgets

Let’s get right to the point and see which are the best widgets for Android that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. I have divided them by category, so that you can more easily identify the ones that are right for you.

Android clock widget

Do you want to customize the Home screen of your Android device with a nice clock widget ? Sounds like a great idea to me! Below are some solutions that I am sure you will like.

  • Clock – this Google app, integrated into most Android devices, has a handy widget that you can set on the home screen of your terminal.
  • Clock – this application has been specially designed to set one or more fully customizable clock widgets on the Home screen. To unlock all the customizable elements, however, you have to buy the paid version (4.89 euros) or be willing to view advertising videos.
  • onca Clock Widget – widget characterized by a “clean” design, which constitutes a sort of mix between a digital and an analog clock. Basically it is free, but the modification of some graphics is reserved for users who have purchased its Pro version, which costs 1.53 euros.
  • Alarm clock for me free – is a very popular alarm clock app for Android, which includes a handy widget. In addition to remembering the current time, of course, the latter also remembers the time when the alarm is set. The free version features advertising, which you can remove by purchasing its paid version, which costs 3.49 euros.

Widget meteo Android

Widget meteo

If you want to keep an eye on the weather conditions to know when you need to arm yourself with an umbrella, take a look at the following weather widgets .

  • 1Weather  – is one of the most popular apps for weather forecasts by Android users, which also includes a widget to be inserted in the home screen of your device, with which you can check the temperature and some data relating to the weather forecast “on the fly” . It’s free.
  • Amber Meteo  – this is an app that allows you to view a lot of information regarding the weather conditions of the location where you are, which also includes a customizable widget. Free.
  • IlMeteo  – this popular weather forecast visualization app includes a customizable widget that allows you to view the temperature and weather conditions in real time. Free.
  • 3B Weather – is among the most popular weather apps for Android users. It also includes a handy widget to set on the Home screen.
  • Yahoo Meteo  – Yahoo’s meteorological app makes design with attention to the smallest detail its great strength. The same also applies to the widget included in the latter, which shows the current weather conditions, complete with animations. Free.
  • Wheater Underground  – this is an app to view the weather forecast that integrates various customizable widgets to add to the Home screen of your device. Free.
  • 14 day weather – this free app also offers the ability to see the weather forecast (for 14 days, as its name suggests), using its fully customizable widgets.

Android calendar widget

Calendar widget

If you use your phone for work or, in any case, to organize your personal commitments, it will be useful to have calendar widgets . Consider setting one of those listed below.

  • Google Calendar – I don’t think it needs much introduction. This is the famous calendar app developed directly by Google (also available as an online service, as I have already explained to you in this other guide), which allows you to manage your commitments in an extremely simple and intuitive way, synchronizing them on all devices. associated with your Google account. It has a handy widget to use as a “mini-calendar”.
  • aCalendar – if you are looking for a calendar widget that can be used in a professional environment, perhaps to manage commitments with your customers, this app could be for you, since it includes 7 widgets that can be used for this purpose. Its paid version, which costs € 3.99, allows you to remove advertising and access all the calendar customization functions.
  • Calendar widget – as its name suggests, this app offers a calendar widget to use as an agenda. One of its most interesting features concerns the ability to see not only the events, but also their description, which makes it a particularly functional widget.
  • Month  – another app belonging to the category in question, characterized by an interface in Material Design with attention to the smallest details. It includes over 70 different widgets – one more beautiful than the other.

Android data connection widget

Data connection widget

Do you want to monitor the data connection of your device at a glance, so as to see in real time how many Giga you have consumed? Well then try the following data connection widgets .

  • My Data Manager – is an app that allows you to monitor consumption related to the data connection of the mobile network and Wi-Fi.
  • Data counter widget – is an app with an operation similar to the one I told you a little while ago, which allows you to view the consumptions inherent in the data connection of both your mobile and Wi-Fi networks. By making in-app purchases, starting from € 0.79, you can take advantage of some extra functions, such as the one that allows you to customize the appearance of the widget.
  • MyTIM , My Vodafone , MyWind , My3 , Kena Mobile , MyFastweb  – the official apps of the main mobile phone operators all integrate practical widgets with which to monitor your consumption, including data connection.

Widget social Android

Widget social Android

Do you make a purely social use of your Android device ? If so, you may find the widgets built into some social networks and messaging apps useful.

  • WhatsApp – the most famous instant messaging app in the world integrates several widgets: one of these allows you to preview received messages, another allows you to insert shortcuts to your favorite contacts on the Home screen and another widget allows you to access the camera , so as to create content to share in your state.
  • LinkedIn – also the official LinkedIn app integrates a widget, which allows you to have a toolbar on the home screen of your device to access the feed of your account more quickly, the section dedicated to messages and that dedicated to notifications.

Android music widget

Android music widget

Are you a music lover ? If you answered affirmatively, the following widgets can not be missing in the waning Home of your device.

  • Spotify – the famous music streaming service includes, in its official app, a very practical widget that acts as a music player. Really very convenient to manage the songs to be played.
  • Apple Music – are you an Apple Music subscriber? Even the official app of the music streaming service of the Cupertino giant integrates a widget that allows you to find and control the songs being played.
  • Amazon Music – as in the case of the streaming music services mentioned in the previous points, even the one offered by Amazon has an app complete with a widget that works as a very practical player to have on the Home screen if necessary.
  • YouTube Music  and  Google Play Music – the YouTube Music and Google Play Music apps also offer a widget to use as a music player.
  • Shazam – the official Shazam app, through which you can search for a song without knowing the title, integrates a widget that allows you to call up the app’s listening function more instantly, which is useful for identifying “al I fly ”the title of a song, especially when you are listening to it by accident.

Widget Internet Android

Widget Internet Android

If you are looking for some widgets belonging to the Internet category , you cannot ignore those attached to the apps listed below.

  • Google Chrome – the famous Google home browser offers a very practical widget that allows you to quickly access your favorites and carry out searches “on the fly”.
  • Microsoft Edge – even the Microsoft mobile browser offers a widget through which you can perform web searches on Bing, the search engine of the Redmond giant.
  • Mozilla Firefox – if you use Firefox on your mobile device, you can use the widget integrated in it, to call up the Mozilla browser and immediately search for what interests you.
  • Feedly – it is one of the most famous and appreciated RSS feed apps in the world and through its very practical widget you can stay constantly informed about the news on the sites you follow.

Android productivity widget

Android productivity wIdget

If you want to improve your productivity , perhaps for work or study reasons, consider using the widgets made available by the following applications.

  • Evernote and Google Keep – these are two note-taking apps that, while they work differently from each other, can help you manage your notes by syncing them across multiple devices. The respective widgets will be useful for you to access your notes faster: make good use of them!
  • Google Drive  and  Dropbox  – these are two very popular cloud storage apps. Using the respective widgets you can quickly access your files saved in the cloud.
  • Memorigi  and  Todoist – having a to-do list can have a profound impact on your productivity and these apps that allow you to create to-do lists allow you to view them on the Home and edit them using their handy widgets.

Widgets for Android: how to set them

Insert Android widgets on the Home screen

After identifying the widgets for Android that are right for you, how about if I also explain how to set them ? You will see, succeeding is very simple.

First, take your smartphone or tablet, unlock it and then keep your finger pressed in an “empty” point of the Home screen (therefore in an area without icons). Subsequently, tap on the Widget button that you should see at the bottom of the screen and, after identifying the widget of your interest, make a long tap on it and drag it to the desired point.

If necessary, then, use the special sliders on the widget itself to resize it and tap again in an “empty” point on the Home screen to save the changes made. Repeat, therefore, the operation just described to insert all the widgets you want to add to the Home screen (without exaggerating, since these could consume a huge amount of resources, thus slowing down the system and negatively affecting autonomy) and the game is done.

If you want to delete a widget from the home screen, then, all you have to do is make a long tap on it and drag it near the x or the dustbin symbol (depending on the device in use) which should be at the top. Simple, right?