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The best Android games to download from the Play Store

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The how to play checkers on the Internet to download from the Play Store: You recently purchased a new smartphone with Android, you had fun “stuffing” it with indispensable apps – like the ones I mentioned in my article with the best free Android applications on the Market  – but now the time has come to think about serious things … the games !

Do you want some advice on where to find how to play checkers on the Internet to download from the Play Store  and I’m here to give them to you. With today’s tutorial I will in fact offer you a list with all the essential games for the green robot mobile platform, those that cannot be missing on every mobile phone equipped with the Google operating system. The prices of the games are the most varied: they range from totally free titles (often with banner ads) to those that cost over € 10.00 (but fortunately they are few!). Most of the titles are freemium, that is, they can be downloaded and used at no cost but include extra content that can be unlocked by making purchases directly from the application.

So tell me, are you ready to discover and download those that in my opinion ward off (and at the end of the guide I hope yours too) are the best games for mobile devices based on Android? Yes? All right, so take a few minutes of free time to devote to reading the following lines, grab your smartphone and … give yourself the crazy joy! You will see, you will not regret it at all.

Puzzles and sports

The <a href=><noscript><img class=We begin our journey among how to play checkers on the Internet to download from the Play Store with puzzle games and sports titles , the two most loved and represented genres on the Google mobile operating system. You will find the best titles listed in the aforementioned categories listed below.

  • Angry Birds  – Do you really need no introduction? It is the most popular mobile game in the world. That’s right, the original one where you have to throw colored birds with a slingshot to eliminate bad pigs. It is also available in various other versions with some variations on the theme. It’s free.
  • Ants Crusher  – This is a very fun video game in which you have to use the touch-screen of your mobile phone to crush ants and flies that run on the screen. Beware of bees if you don’t want to play over! It’s free.
  • Slice It  – It is one of the most original and fun games available on the Play Store, a puzzle game where you have to cut the elements proposed on the screen and solve other puzzles. It’s free.
  • Football Kicks  – This is a game where you have to take penalties with beautiful 3D graphics. It’s free.
  • Glow Hockey  – It is a very fun table hockey where you have to put the puck in the opponent’s net. It’s free.
  • OpenSudoku  – The classic sudoku. It certainly can not miss among how to play checkers on the Internet to download from the Play Store. It’s free.
  • Pinball Deluxe  – The pinball machine for Android, graphically beautiful and fun to play. It’s free.
  • Doodle Grub  – This is an updated version of the famous Snake to be played using the smartphone accelerometer (i.e. moving the phone in various directions). It’s free.

Action and platformer

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Instead of puzzle games and sports games, do you prefer  action games and the movement of platformers ? Then here’s another rundown with how to play checkers on the Internet to download from the Play Store with titles belonging to these two categories of video games.

  • Rayman Fiesta Run  – It is one of the most compelling mobile chapters of the Rayman series, in which some elements of endless running have been expertly mixed with those of the classic platformers. It costs 2.99 euros.
  • Lep’s World 3 – This is a very well made platform that has been defined by many as the best Super Mario alternative for smartphones and tablets. It follows all the mechanics of the super-classic Nintendo, but instead of the famous plumber there is a nice elf. It’s free.
  • Extreme Droid Vai  – It is a nice platformer where you have to move your phone to make the Android mascot robot jump higher and higher. It’s free.
  • Goat Simulator  – This is the famous title where you have to play a goat. The aim of the game is simply to have fun! It is also available in other versions with some variations on the theme. It costs 4.99 euros.
  • Paradise Island  – This is an original and appreciated game on the Play Store where you need to create and manage a holiday island, being careful to be good managers. It’s free.
  • Jetpack Joyride  – It is one of the most popular smartphone games ever. The aim is to guide your character, armed with jetpacks, along the levels and collect as many coins as possible. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Badland  – This is another famous title, very accurate from the point of view of the artistic sector, in which you have to lead a fleet of black birds at the end of various routes avoiding all the obstacles along the way and solving puzzles. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Subway Surfers  – This is an endless running salsa game with 3D graphics. The protagonist is a boy and the setting is that of a railway station. It’s free with in-app purchases.

Strategy and RPG

The <a href=><noscript><img class=Now let’s move on to how to play checkers on the Internet to download from the Play Store dedicated to the world of strategy . In the list there are also some  GDR simply unmissable.

  • Castle Clash  – This is a very popular strategic title in which you must set up an army of elves, dwarfs, animals or robots and build your empire by conquering various cities. It’s free.
  • 1941 Frozen Front  – This is an unmissable free war strategy title set in 1941, during the Second World War. It presents a vast and varied gameplay and a very accurate graphics. It’s free.
  • Zenonia 5  – A nice RPG for Android characterized by a well written plot, cartoony graphics and a fighting system that can be operated via touch-screen. It’s free.
  • Clash of Clans  – It is a practically unmissable strategy game for Android. You have to build a village and set up an army of barbarians, sorcerers, dragons or other warriors to build a real empire. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Plants vs Zombies 2  – One of the best tower defense available on Android. In the game you have to keep your garden safe from zombies. It is free-to-play.
  • Final Fantasy V  – A real milestone in the world of role-playing games, also available on Android in a version translated completely into Italian. It costs 14.49 euros.
  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon  – It is a classic roguelike-style role-playing game based on the open source title Pixel Dungeon. It is characterized by “pixelated” 2D graphics. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • MinuteQuest  – This is a minimalist RPG belonging to the “hold school” genre where you have to get rid of the enemies on the screen by making a simple tap. The funniest thing is that it is possible to make an infinite number of combinations with weapons and armor. It’s free.


The <a href=><noscript><img class=If instead you are a lover of the shooter genre then you will certainly be happy to know that on the Play Store there are also various titles belonging to the category in question. Below are listed those that I deemed worthy of being included in this guide dedicated to how to play checkers on the Internet to download from the Play Store. Take a look!

  • ProjectINF  – This is a top-down multiplayer shooter. It’s free.
  • Zombie Frontier  – This is a first person view shooter where you have to face hordes of zombies. It includes good 3D graphics and a wide range of weapons to choose from. It’s free.
  • Metal Slug 3  – A historical masterpiece of the videogame world. Sure, it doesn’t have the 3D graphics of some of today’s titles, but it still manages to have a lot of fun with its gameplay. It costs 2.99 euros.
  • Into the Dead  – This is a title that goes between endless running and first person shooter. The aim is to be able to escape the horde of zombies in front of you. It is free-to-play.
  • Dead Trigger 2  – It is a shooter with first-person view and an exceptional 3D graphics in which you have to exterminate as many zombies as possible by completing the missions available in the various levels. It is free-to-play.
  • Frontline Commando  – An excellent shooter with third-person view and three-dimensional graphics. Its main strengths are fast-paced action and the vast number of weapons available to the player. Other chapters of the saga are also available on the Play Store. It’s free with in-app purchases
  • Major Mayhem  – A fun war shooter with 3D cartoony graphics. It is freemium.
  • NOVA 3  – This is an excellent futuristic salsa FPS featuring fascinating 3D graphics and fast-paced gameplay. It costs 6.99 euros.


The <a href=><noscript><img class=Are you a fan of solitaire, broom, poker and various other card games ? Then you certainly can not miss the best titles, listed below, belonging to the genre in question and downloadable directly from the Play Store. Check it out now!

  • 250+ Solitaire Collection  – This is a collection of over 150 solitaire cards. It’s free.
  • Fresh Deck Poker  – This is a free poker game with truly spectacular 3D graphics and customizable avatars. It is based on a virtual chip system and supports online challenges. You can also play as a guest without signing up. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Scopa Jogatina  – It is an impeccable digital transposition of the Scopa game with card decks and customizable game tables. Supports 2 or 4 player challenges. It’s free.
  • Buraco  – This is without a doubt the ideal title for all Buraco fans. It offers the possibility to play both in single mode and in online multiplayer against users from all over the world. It’s free.
  • Briscola  – It is a game entirely dedicated to Briscola with three difficulty levels and over 15 objectives to unlock. It supports both single mode and online multiplayer. It’s free.
  • UNO & Friends  – This is the online multiplayer version of the world-famous UNO card game. It’s free with in-game purchasable content.
  • Tressette  – Another unmissable title for card game lovers. Practically the tressette within smartphone reach. The game allows you to play both alone and in multi player mode. It’s free.
  • Pyramind Solitaria Saga  – This is a fun card game in which you have to solve hundreds of solitaires organized in levels, all set in an adventurous and distant world. It’s free with in-app purchases.