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Super Mario games

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Super Mario games: A good game of Super Mario is a perfect cure-all to release tension and relax the nerves in moments of stress. Do you agree? Then I bet you would like to have it also on your PC or on your smartphone to be able to give you moments of leisure as soon as you feel the need.

Yes I know. The real Mario is only available on the Nintendo home platforms but on the Net there are many alternative Super Mario games that perfectly match the original game and ensure the same fun rate. Try it for yourself!

If you are looking for Super Mario games to download for free on your PC, I highly recommend you take a look at Secret Maryo Chronicles . It is an open source clone of the legendary Nintendo game characterized by colorful 2D graphics and a truly excellent sound compartment. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

To download the game to your computer, connected to its official website and click on the Download button located at the bottom of the left sidebar. Next, select the name of the operating system installed on your PC and click on the link to start the download of Secret Maryo Chronicles. For Windows there are two versions of the video game: the one with the installation package ( Setup ) and the one that can be used without installations by simply launching the application with the .exe extension ( Zip package ).

Explaining how to play Secret Maryo Chronicles is superfluous, if you love Super Mario you already know everything. To view the complete list of commands (and possibly modify them as you wish), click on the Options item in the game’s initial menu and select the word Controls which is located on the left in the screen that opens. You can use both the keyboard and the joypads.

Secret Maryo Chronicles

Among the Super Mario games that I recommend you install on your computer there is also Super Tux , another open source clone of Mario featuring Tux, the Linux mascot penguin. Also characterized by beautiful 2D graphics and a varied and fun gameplay that can satisfy even the most demanding fans of the mustachioed plumber designed by Shigeru Miyamoto,

Super Tux is available for free for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. To download it to your PC, connected to the game’s website and click first on the Download item located at the top and then on the link to start the download of the game (eg supertux – 0.1.3-setup.exe for Windows).

After downloading Super Tux, proceed to install the video game (on Windows just start the exe package and always click Next while on Mac just drag the game icon to the Applications folder ) and start it to start having fun right away. To adjust the controls, select the Options item and click on Setup keyboard or Setup joystick (depending on whether you use the keyboard or the joystick to play).

Super Tux

If you prefer to play on your smartphone or tablet, you can find a very valid Super Mario alternative in Lep’s World 3 . It is a fun 2D platformer inspired by the adventures of the Nintendo mascot. It features a cute elf and features a very comfortable control system optimized for touch-screens.

You can download Lep’s World 3 for free on both Android and iOS. Just do a quick search on the App Store or Google Play . The game includes 120 levels and can also be played in multiplayer with your Facebook friends (mode that must be unlocked for a fee).

Lep's World 3

You can find several Super Mario games and platformers that remember them very closely on Y8 , one of the most famous Flash game sites on which you can find hundreds of games of all kinds to be used directly online without downloading additional software on your PC.

The same goes for Kongregate , which hosts dozens of platforms and other titles of various kinds inspired by the most famous Italian plumber in the videogame world. To play on this site, however, a free registration is required which you can quickly make through Facebook by clicking on the appropriate button located at the top.