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Soccer games

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Soccer games: Are you, like so many millions of Italians, a football fan? So I bet you also love video games dedicated to this beloved sport. Did I guess? Well, because today is exactly what I want to talk to you about: football games .

On the Internet you can find many free football video games, both online and offline, which for the degree of fun guaranteed manage not to regret the game blockbusters available in stores. A few examples? Here you are served.

If you go in search of online football games to play directly in the browser, without downloading programs on your PC, I suggest you take a “ride” on which offers a selection of over 300 free titles dedicated to the most famous sport in Italy . There is really something for everyone: with 2D and 3D graphics, challenges on penalties, training with punishments, puzzle games dedicated to football and whoever has more.

To start a game, click on its preview image and wait a few moments for it to finish loading. The only requirements necessary to play all the games hosted on the site are an active Internet connection and a browser with support for Flash Player.

<a href=><noscript><img src=Now let’s move on to some indie soccer games available for free on the Net. To download to your computer and install (or start, as appropriate). If you don’t have too many claims from the point of view of graphics, I bet you will have a lot of fun!

As its name suggests quite easily, Soccer World Cup 1986–2010 Series is a free video game for Windows dedicated to the world championships held from 86 to 2010. It has very nice retro 2D graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Perfect for the nostalgic who had their first contacts with the videogame world a few decades ago but also appreciated by the youngest.

Slam Soccer is a free and open source soccer game released a few years ago for Windows and Linux. It is characterized by beautiful 3D cartoonesque graphics and allows you to play in 20 virtual stadiums choosing from 80 different teams. It can also be played in two.

Garra Futbol is a free Uruguayan video game for Windows systems. It allows you to choose between some fantasy teams and is notable mainly for the excellent 2D cartoon style graphics. Even if in the Uruguayan language, you can play without problems. To download it to your PC, you must connect to the Internet site of the videogame, click on the Descargar button , enter your name in the form that is proposed to you, put the tick on PC and click on the Enviar y descargar button .

If you like original and fun titles, don’t miss the opportunity to try Rounded Soccer . It is a video game in which some balloon-shaped characters play football giving life to fun 2 vs 2 challenges. The 2D graphics are very colorful and are made with extreme care. For Windows and Linux.

Indie <a href=><noscript><img src=Finally, here is a short review of soccer games that you absolutely must install on your smartphone, to have fun with your favorite sport even on the move.

  • Fifa 14 ( Android / iOS ) – the football simulation par excellence. It has all official licenses and top-level 3D graphics. It is free in its basic version, which allows you to perform online challenges and offline penalties. The Coach, Tournament and Kick-off modes can be unlocked by paying € 4.49.
  • Soccer Manager ( Android / iOS ) – a free manager game that allows you to challenge other users online. It includes over 50,000 players, 2,000 teams and supports the transfer market. It allows you to manage every aspect of your team meticulously.
  • Dream League Soccer ( Android / iOS ) – one of the best free alternatives to FIFA, has excellently crafted 3D graphics and four leagues to prove you are the best in.
  • Stickman Soccer ( Android / iOS ) – nice free football video game in which instead of the players there are stickman, that is, little men drawn with elementary shapes.
  • Real Football ( Android / iOS ) – the free FIFA alternative by Gameloft that combines game on the pitch and managerial aspect. It stands out for its excellent 3D graphics.
  • Soccer Superstars ( Android / iOS ) – beautiful free football title with four different game modes and Japanese anime style graphics.
  • Top Eleven ( Android / iOS ) – another very popular online manager worldwide. It allows you to manage your team, form, stadium and transfer market in all their aspects.
  • Football Kicks ( Android / iOS ) – excellent 3D graphics for a free game dedicated entirely to punishment.