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Skype programs

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Skype programs: The best programs and add-ons for Skype.


Vodburner is a very powerful program that allows you to record webcam video calls on Skype in the form of videos that can be played on any PC (even where Skype is not installed). It allows you to record the webcam footage of both participants in the conversation and to edit the result obtained with a powerful integrated editor. Generate videos in ASF / WMV format perfectly compatible with YouTube standards. In the free version it adds a small logo to the recordings. Download from here.



Skype allows you to chat, make phone calls all over the world, make video calls and exchange files between two PCs via the Internet, but why not use it also to have fun with your friends who are on the other side of the world. Chess4Net is a Skype add-on that allows you to do some great fun chess games on Skype on a really well made virtual chessboard. In order to start the game, both users who want to start a new game must be connected to Skype and have the plug-in installed on their computer. It is also available for Linux. Download from here.

Multi Skype Launcher


Sometimes, for business reasons, the same person creates two different Skype accounts to use depending on the circumstances. Too bad, however, that the Skype desktop client does not allow you to log in with two different identities or to start two instances of the program at the same time. The free program Multi Skype Launcher solves this problem by allowing each user to start multiple Skype sessions at the same time using different login credentials. The software remembers the profiles created, allowing you to quickly start all the Skype sessions you want with your favorite identities. Download from here.

MorphVOX Junior


Prank lovers have found bread for their teeth with the massive spread of Skype, but in the long run, even making pranks on Skype can get boring. Unless programs like MorphVOX Juniorwhich allows you to disguise the voice on Skype and other programs that support voice calls by simply following a practical guided procedure that is proposed to the user when the software is first started. In its free version, MorphVOX Junior only allows you to change your voice from male to female or vice versa, for other more sophisticated effects you have to turn to the paid version of the program. Download from here.

Athek Skype Recorder


As its name suggests quite easily, Skype Recorder is an application that allows you to record Skype calls automatically. It comes with a very accurate and simple to use graphical interface through which you can record all calls made on Skype with a very high quality, monitor calls made by underage users, store and upload the audio of captured calls to the Internet ( subject to the consent of the persons registered, obviously). The free version of the program allows you to make recordings of a maximum duration of 10 minutes, after which the recordings are stopped. Download from here.

Skype Chat History


When using Skype for work, it can be useful to have a chronological list of calls made. SkypeHistoryViewer is a small application that allows you to do just that by viewing the Skype call history in a convenient list that can be exported as a text file. The software allows you to view the history based on your username (if Skype is used by several people on the same PC, different histories are displayed) and faithfully reports the dates and times when the calls were made. Download from here.