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Sites to chat

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Sites to chat: You have a lot of friends and you are always in good company, it doesn’t rain on that. However, if from time to time you still need to have a chat with new people, use sites to chat it may be a good idea. On the net there are in fact several and specific Internet sites thanks to which it is possible to converse with other users in a simple and fast way. If you are interested in this, then I suggest you focus on reading this guide.

In fact, in the following lines I will go to show you which ones I believe represent the best chat sites of the moment. There are so many solutions and the choice of which to adopt among those proposed is up to you alone, based on your needs and preferences.

Then choose which of the sites to chat that I’m about to show you what you think can do the most for you and follow my instructions to immediately start chatting with other users. Are you ready? Yup? Very well, then let’s proceed.

Note: For some of the chat sites that I am going to propose you require the use of Flash Player and Java. If you don’t know what it is, I invite you to consult my guide on how to download Flash Player and the one on how to download Java.

Tiscali Chat

At the top of the list of sites to chat there is certainly Tiscali Chat. If you have never heard of it, know that this is the chat service offered by Tiscali which everyone can access and which is really very simple to use. The Tiscali chat can also be used without spending a penny and without having to register for a specific account.

To chat on Tiscali Chat click here to connect to the main page of the service, type the nickname you want to use by filling in the text field placed under the heading Nicktype your real name (you don’t need a surname!) by typing it in the text field under the heading First name and then click on the button Walk in.

Then wait for the chat window to open in order to view all the rooms available to chat. Identify the room that best suits your needs by scrolling through the list displayed or try to find one by typing in keywords and pressing the button Search for and then double-click on its name.

Once the actual chat window is displayed, you can chat with other users by typing your text message in the appropriate field and sending it by pressing the Send button.

You can also customize your writing style by choosing a different color by first clicking on the black square next to the field in which to enter your text message and then clicking on the color you prefer. You can then let others know what you’re doing beautifully by clicking on the entry what are you doing? at the bottom of the page, selecting one of the available options with the mouse cursor and then clicking on the button Send.

Free Community

Another excellent solution to chat with other users is Free Community. This is Libero’s chat site through which it is possible to exchange ideas and opinions with people of all ages and from all over Italy. The service is totally free and in order to take advantage of it it is not necessary to create an account.

To start chatting on Libero Community click here in order to connect immediately to the main page of the portal and then click on the orange button enter as a guest placed under the bold lettering Not registered?.

Screenshot of the chat on Libero Community

Once logged into the chat you can then start chatting with other connected users by typing your messages in the appropriate field next to the button Send and pressing on the latter to make them read by everyone.


In the list of sites to chat can not be missing eChat. This portal allows you to chat in full Web 2.0 style, for free and without having to register. The site is very simple to use and also has a nice interface.

To chat on eChat click here to connect to the homepage of the service and then press the vertical banner Chat for free present under the writing Welcome to and Chat. Then wait for the opening of the new web browser window, fill in the field Enter your nickname typing the username with which you want other users to identify you in chat and then click on the blue button Enter the chat.

Screensot eChat

To chat with other users, write your message in the appropriate field under the chat window and send it by pressing the button Enter present on your computer keyboard. You can also speak privately with another user by sending him a message without having it read to other people online by simply clicking on his name in the appropriate list on the right side of the chat window.


Were the chat sites that I have already proposed you not to your liking? No? Well then don’t throw the sponge away and try to take a look at Bazoocam. This is a service that allows you to chat with other users in full Chatroulette style and which therefore allows you to chat with other users via video, using the webcam connected to your computer. The service is free and requires no registration.

To start chatting on Bazoocam click here in order to connect to the main page of the chat, then indicate whether or not you want to chat with people from your region and if you intend to authorize the service to indicate approximately the city in which you are by leaving or removing the check mark next to the ‘appropriate item and then click on the blue button Chat!.

Bazoocam chat screenshot

Then press the button Allow attached to the popup window displayed to allow Bazoocam to use the camera and microphone to chat and start chatting with other connected users.


As a last resort, I suggest you take a look at Baddo. If the name does not tell you anything, know that it is one of the most popular chat sites of the moment and that, unlike those I have already indicated, it also integrates various social networking features. In fact, Badoo allows you to get to know and meet new people but also to share photos and videos with friends.

To start chatting on Badoo click here in order to connect to the main page of the service, immediately create your account by answering the questions in the form on the right, filling in the fields relating to your personal details that are proposed to you and clicking on Create account. Alternatively, you can register for the service through Facebook, by clicking on the appropriate button below or through the other social networks that you can select by placing the cursor on the wording Other access options.

How to chat online

After registering with Badoo, follow the instructions in my guide on how Badoo works to start chatting with other registered users and to discover all the other interesting features offered.