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Sites for logos

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Sites for logos: In the end, you have succeeded in making your dream come true and you are finally about to launch your first business project. Having a rather limited budget, however, you have decided to autonomously carry out some preliminary activities regarding your project, including the creation of the logo you intend to use (and then commission a “serious” one from professionals in the sector when you can afford it).

There is only one “small” problem: you do not have the slightest experience in graphic design and, therefore, you are afraid of not being able to complete abusiness of this caliber. If I were you, I would avoid despairing too much: there are so many sites for logos that allow you to create logos in a simple and free way. Of course, the result will not be as optimal as the one that can be obtained by turning to professional graphic designers, but in some cases you have to know how to be satisfied.

So, what do you think? Do you want a demonstration of how these “do it yourself” graphic solutions work? Yup? Very well! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading this guide and, once you have identified the site that you think is best for you, use it by following the instructions below. I wish you good reading and good work!

Free logo sites

Let’s get right into the guide and analyze some of the best sites for online logos that you can currently find “on the square”. They are all here for free, although a cash outlay is often required to download the high-resolution logos.


One of the best sites for making logos it’s surely Canva. It is a web application that allows you to create a wide range of graphic works, including brochures, flyers, business cards and of course logos of course. If, in addition to creating your logo, you are thinking of creating other graphic works, Canva could be ideal, since with a single service you could thus carry out multiple projects.

Basically Canva is free but to take advantage of some advanced features, such as the ability to export files with a transparent background, you need to subscribe to the Pro version (starting from € 8.99 / month after a 30-day trial). I would also like to point out the possibility of using Canva in the form of an app for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without Google services) or iOS / iPadOS.

That said, let’s take action. To use Canva, go to his main pageclick the button Sign up with your email addressprovide all the required data in the appropriate text fields (First name, E-mail And Password), then click on the wording Get started now, it’s free! and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the creation of your account. Alternatively, you can sign up with Google or Facebookby clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Once registered, click on the button Create a projectlocated at the top right, choose the option Logo in the opened menu and, if you want to start creating a logo from scratch, use the buttons Uploads, Photo, Elements, Text And Background, to add the elements and customizations of your interest to the project. Once you have decided on the element to add / customize, all you have to do is act on the work area and customize the color and characteristics of the elements chosen using the buttons and menus visible on the screen.

Alternatively, if you want to start from ready-to-use templates, click on the item Models (top left), identify the category of your interest among those available (eg. Logo for badge, Logo art / design, Fashion logo, Computer logo, etc.) and click on the option that suits you best. Subsequently, act on the elements present in the logo, by clicking on them and applying all the customizations of the case, using the buttons and menus at the top.

If you want to change a text, for example, double-click on the text field of your interest, write the message you want to replace the example text and, if necessary, customize, size, opacity, etc. using the buttons and menus at the top.

Once you have finished creating the logo, you can download it to your PC: to do so, click on the button Download (top right), choose the output format (ex. PNG, JPG or PDF) and click on the button Download. I remind you that the ability to customize output file size and set the transparent background are paid.



Another site for making logos that I recommend you try is FreeLogoDesign, designed specifically for this purpose. Since the free version offers the option to download the created logo in low resolution (it is a PNG file with dimensions of 200 x 200 pixels), it may be fine if you want to create a small logo. In case you need to insert the logo on a surface of more or less important dimensions, it becomes practically obligatory to purchase the logo at full resolution, which costs 34 euros.

To use FreeLogoDesign, go to his home page and provide, through the appropriate text fields and menus, the company name and the category; then click on the button Startlocated on the right, choose the template to start from and click on the button add.

At this point, select one of the elements that are present in the logo and use the tools in the toolbar located on the right to insert additional text (Add text), forms (Add shape), add an icon (Add Icon) and so on. Once you have inserted an element, drag it to the desired point (holding down the left mouse button while doing this), trying to obtain a result that is pleasant to see.

By clicking on the colored squares placed under the heading Main colors you can instead change the colors of the logo by selecting the color that suits you best from the appropriate palette.

When you have obtained the desired result, save the logo you created: to do so, first click on the button Savetop right, and then on the green button Download placed in the box Free. Then indicate in the fields that you see yours on the screen first name and theemail address to whom you want to be sent the logo and, finally, click on the button Ok. In a few moments, you will receive an e-mail containing the logo you have created.



One of the simplest sites for making logos to use is Toolset. It is a free solution that can be compared to a sort of online “toolbox”, containing over 40 tools designed for webmasters, designers and developers, but which can be used easily by anyone who needs them. Among the tools in question, there is one useful for creating logos, which can be downloaded in PNG.

The service interface is somewhat “sparse” and does not integrate many functions, but this can be a “pro” if you were looking for an extremely simple service to use. That said, let’s move on to how it works.

First, go to the Toolset official sitescroll the displayed page and click on the link Create your logo present in the box Graphics. Then type the text to be displayed in the logo in the text field Your textclick on the button Change present in the wording Font preview and select the font of your interest among those available in the various categories offered (eg. Calligraphic, Cartoon, Elegant, Gothic, Modernetc.).

If you want to customize the color of the text, the height, the distance between the writing and the top margin, use the menus placed next to the items Text color, Max height And Distance between text and top margin.

If you want to add an icon to the logo, click the button instead Change placed under the box Iconselect the category of your interest (eg. Environment and nature, Car And motorcycle, Children, Flags, Well being, Business, Food and beverages, Computer, Kitchen, Musicetc.) and click on the thumbnail of the icon to add to the logo.

When you are satisfied with the final result, click on the button Create logoto see a preview and, if the final result is to your liking, press the orange button Download PNGso as to start downloading the logo created.

Other sites for logos


If none of the solutions mentioned in the previous paragraphs were to your liking, try to turn to these other sites for logos. I’m sure at least some of them will be right for you.

  • Logotypemaker – it is a site that offers the possibility to create customized logos for a fee. There basic version it costs € 1.99 / month (annual billing) and allows you to create a logo and download high quality files; there Premium version it costs 4.99 euros / month (billed annually) and allows you to apply unlimited changes, download the logo vector file and include other benefits.
  • Logogenie – it is another online service through which it is possible to start creating a logo in a rather simple way, starting from over a thousand customizable templates. Like all services of this kind, the download of high definition logos is subject to a fee: it costs 18.90 euros.
  • Logaster – this site works in a similar way to those examined in the previous lines. In fact, it too allows you to create logos starting from presets, which can then be customized using an editor containing multiple tools. The logo can be downloaded for free in low resolution PNG format (300 x 215 pixels). To download larger files, you need to purchase one of the available packages, starting at 19.99 euros.