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Selfie app: Are your selfies becoming more and more monotonous and “banal”? Would you like to find out how to give a touch of originality to your self-portraits? Well, if that is indeed the case, you are in the right guide at the right time! Today, in fact, I want to bring to your attention some selfie app which will make your shots more fun and, in some cases, may make you look even more photogenic!

Almost all the apps that I will report to you are free (at least as regards their basic version) and, in most cases, they can be installed on both Android and iOS / iPadOS. I assure you that, even if you are not a photography expert, by carefully reading the information I have written for you, you will be able to use these solutions without running into problems of any kind.

Now all you have to do is get comfortable, take five minutes of free time to read this post and try out the apps that interest you the most. I am convinced that in the end you will find the most suitable solution for you, thanks to which you will be able to take fantastic selfies to share with all your friends! Happy reading and have fun!

Retrica (Android / iOS)

One of the best selfie app And Retrica, a free solution that allows you to apply numerous filters, effects and stickers to your selfies to make them more original. The operation of the app is really simple. After downloading Retrica on your device Android or iOSstart the app by pressing the button You open or by tapping on its icon located on the home screen and, in the screen that opens, tap on thebottom right icon.

At this point, choose one of the many filters available, presses the central button in the shape of orange ring and take your selfie. In the screen that opens, you can choose whether to save the shot as it is or to modify it further by selecting one of the available options. Then tap onscissors icon to cut a portion of the photo and move it wherever you want; presses on emoji symbol to add a “smiley” sticker to your shot; press on the option Aa to add custom text; tap onpencil icon to draw on the photo, or press on thestamp icon to add a stamp. When finished, tap on orange arrow and you can share your self-timer on one of your social profiles.

I remind you that Retrica, in addition to allowing you to take “standard” selfies, also allows you to create video-selfies, animated GIFs, selfie collages and so on. You can access these shooting modes by returning to the app home screen and tapping the option Collage (to create a selfie-collage), on the option GIF (to create an animated image) or on the option Video (to shoot a video-selfie). Not bad, right?

Sweet Selfie (Android / iOS)

Another one selfie app which I highly recommend you try is Sweet Selfiea semi-free solution that can be downloaded on both Android than on iOS. I say semi-free because Sweet Selfie offers numerous filters that can be used for free, but also allows you to download others through in-app purchases starting from 1.09 euros for each item on the Google Play Store and starting from 2.29 euros for each item on App Store.

After completing the download of Sweet Selfie on your device, start the app and press oncamera icon to take a self-timer. To apply a filter before or after the shot, press thethree colored circles icon (bottom right) and, in the menu that appears, tap on one of the available filters. To apply the effect that mitigates skin defects, press ongirl icon (lower left) and choose one of the available levels.

As soon as you have finished choosing the various settings, press on red button located in the center of the screen to take the photo and, in the screen that appears immediately after taking the shot, presses on check to save the selfie. Finally, press the icon of one of the social networks available to share the shot with your friends.

CandyCamera (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

CandyCamera is another selfie app that has received positive feedback from both smartphone and tablet users Android than by device owners iOS / iPadOS. The “clean” interface that characterizes CandyCamera, as well as the numerous filters that are included, make it the perfect solution for those who want to edit their selfies quickly and easily.

After downloading CandyCamera on your device, start the application and choose one of the many filters available by swiping your finger on the screen and selecting the effect you like. To access the complete list of filters made available by the app, tap onthree interlocking circles icon (bottom right) and scroll through the menu that appears.

If you want to embellish your selfie further by inserting hearts, kittens, bunnies and other cute stickers in it, press thecircle icon folded on itself and, in the menu that appears, tap on a sticker to insert it in the photo. Now all you have to do is take the selfie by pressing thegreen ring located in the center and the self-timer will be automatically saved in the gallery. Have you seen how simple it is to use CandyCamera?

MSQRD (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

If the solutions I proposed in the previous paragraphs seem a bit “monotonous” to you, I suggest you try MSQRDa free app for Android And iOS / iPadOS which uses augmented reality to make the user “wear” virtual masks representing animals, superheroes, fictional characters, VIPs and so on. It works like the camera of the Facebook app, in fact the application is now owned by the most famous social network in the world and the effects included in the latter use the MSQRD technology to work.

That said, let’s take action! After installing MSQRD on your device, start the app and have fun customizing your selfies with the many masks that are included. As you can see, in the MSQRD home screen you are asked to press the button Log in with Facebook so connect your account to the app. If you wish, then press the button in question or, alternatively, skip this step by pressing the button Use MSQRD without logging in. Then, tap the button Camera to take a selfie or press the button Video to shoot a short movie.

Now all you have to do is choose one of the many masks available at the bottom of the screen and, as if by “magic”, the MSQRD algorithm will “paste” the chosen mask to your face. After deciding which mask is right for you, press oncamera icon (or the icon of the video camera if you have chosen to shoot a short video) to take the selfie and, if you wish, share it on one of the social networks available.

If you want some advice, while using the app, remove the glasses or other accessories that cover your face, otherwise the algorithm may struggle to identify your face and, consequently, may not apply the mask correctly. that you have selected.

Prisma (Android / iOS / iPadOS)


Another particularly fun and original solution for making beautiful selfies is Prism: it is a semi-free solution which, thanks to the use of an “intelligent” algorithm, transforms photos into real artistic paintings. The only real “flaw” of this app lies in the fact that it requires an active Internet connection to work (in fact, the processing of the shots takes place via the cloud). Also take into account the fact that saving the output photos in HD and accessing all filters is reserved for those who subscribe to its Premium version, which starts at 7.99 euros / month.

After downloading Prisma on your device Android And iOS / iPadOSstart the app, tap the button Next twice in a row and presses on (x) at the top right, to close the screen that advertises the paid version. Next, tap on the white dot placed at the bottom to take the selfie or on the item Gallery to take a selfie that is already saved in the Gallery.

Now, all you need to do to give your selfie a touch of art is to choose one of the multiple filters included in the app – Daily, WATO, Curly Hair, Disk, Comic, surf, Mosaic, Dallas and so on – and wait a few seconds for the algorithm to apply the selected filter to the photo.

When loading is complete, swipe right to increase the strength of the filter, or swipe left to decrease the strength. Once you have finished “playing” with all Prisma filters and after choosing the one that best suits your photo, tap the share button and save the edited image on your device or share it on any social network.

More selfie apps

I’m sure you were happy with the selfie app which I told you about in the previous paragraphs. In any case, I recommend that you also evaluate the following applications which, in my opinion, deserve to be also taken into consideration.

  • YouCam Perfect (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – are you reluctant to take selfies because your face is battered by blackheads, acne, blemishes and other skin defects? Don’t panic! This app could solve your problem. YouCam Perfect allows, in fact, to virtually eliminate facial imperfections, returning a “perfect” shot, as the name of the app indicates.
  • FaceTune (Android/iOS) – this free solution is ideal for those who are not particularly photogenic, since it allows you to easily hide wrinkles, freckles and other aesthetic defects. Unlike the apps I’ve told you about so far, however, FaceTune is not free: it can be purchased from the Google Play Store for € 3.39 and from the App Store for € 4.49.
  • Selfie Camera Expert (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – essential but useful: Selfie Camera Expert is a free app that allows you to take high quality selfies thanks to filters and effects that can be applied in real time or after taking your shot. It also includes editing tools that allow you to adjust the brightness, color and other parameters of the photos after taking them. It is characterized by a very “minimal” interface that facilitates its use and allows the user to concentrate better while taking the photo.
  • BestMe Selfie Camera (Android) – this app offers numerous filters that can be applied in real time to reproduce effects of various kinds, add emojis, create collages and much more, all in a few simple taps.