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Selfie app: Ever since you bought your new smartphone, you have been taking selfies all the time: at the seaside, in the mountains, at home … practically everywhere! If this is actually the case, most likely you will already be bored with the usual shots and now you would like to try some applications that can give a little something extra to your selfies. Did I guess? Perfect, because in today’s guide I’ll introduce you to a few selfie app which, I bet, will meet your taste.

Almost all the solutions you will find listed in the next paragraphs are free. Some have been designed to improve the quality of the shots taken with the smartphone, while others have been made for pure fun and allow you to “wear” virtual masks or add special filters and effects. All you have to do is try each of these apps and see which one is right for you.

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial, make yourself comfortable in your armchair, take a few minutes of free time all to yourself and read the following paragraphs carefully. I am convinced that you will have a lot of fun with all these apps!

Sweet Selfie (Android / iOS)

One of the best apps you can try right now for taking selfies is Sweet Selfie. Available on both Android than on iOSthis application allows you to take really interesting selfies thanks to the addition of some filters that also eliminate any defects that are present on your face.

After downloading Sweet Selfie on your device, open the application by tapping the button You open or by pressing the icon located in the home of your smartphone / tablet and, as soon as the app is opened, press on thecamera icon to take your selfie. Both during and after shooting you can apply some filters by tapping on thegirl icon (lower left) and choosing the one you like best.

To take the selfie, all you have to do is press on red button. To save it, however, you have to press on check. Of course, you can also share your selfie on the main social networks, just press the icon of any social network and follow the instructions on the screen.

Sweet Selfie is totally free, however some additional filters can be purchased separately by paying for each package individually.

Retrica (Android / iOS)

If you are looking for aselfie app that is full of filters, stickers and other tools that can make your selfies unique, you absolutely have to try Retricaa free solution that is highly appreciated by both users Android than from those iOS.

After downloading the app on your smartphone, open it and use the central button in the shape of orange circle to take your selfies. To apply one of the multiple filters included in Retrica, press thebottom right icon and select the filter you like best. When you have finished taking your selfies, press the icon of orange arrow to save your self-timer.

In addition to the “classic” selfies, Retrica allows you to create selfie collages, animated GIFs, etc. To access these features, return to the home screen of the app and tap on one of the available options: Collage (if you want to make a photo collage), GIF (to create a nice animated picture), Video (to create a movie) or Photo (to take a simple self-timer).

CandyCamera (Android / iOS)

Another interesting free app that you can install on your device Android or iOSAnd CandyCamera. This app is very reminiscent of Retrica: the interface is quite intuitive and you can use many filters and stickers to make your shots original in order to share them on social networks.

After completing the CandyCamera download on your smartphone, open the app and swipe your finger on the screen to apply filters in real time. If you wish, you can also search for the countless filters included “standard” in this app by pressing the button Filters (bottom right) and scrolling through the list to find the one you prefer. By pressing the button Adhesive (located at the bottom right) you can insert cute stickers that make your selfies even more fun. As soon as you have managed to win the embarrassment of choice, press the icon in the shape of green circle to finally take your picture. The image will be automatically saved in the gallery.

At this point, press the green button Share (bottom left) if you intend to publish the selfie you just took on your social profiles or, if you want to edit it, use one of the customization options available on screen. If you are not satisfied with the selfie and want to delete it, press thetrash can icon. Have you seen how simple it is to use CandyCamera?

YouCam Perfect (Android / iOS)

If you want to make a good impression with your selfies you must definitely try YouCam Perfect, a free application that automatically eliminates any defects that may be present on your face: pimples, blackheads, skin spots, etc. This app is also very versatile and offers the possibility to make photo collages, shoot videos and so on.

After downloading YouCam Perfect on your device Android or iOSopen the app and on the home screen press oncamera icon to take your selfies. If, on the other hand, you want to modify a photo already present in the gallery, press on Edit photos and select the image of your interest. Or tap on Collage and create a photo collage.

If you decide to take a selfie, press thecircle icon and, in the screen that opens, use the various filters to embellish your new photo. You can adjust the intensity with which to apply the various filters using the sliders in the center of the screen. Also, by pressing on the option Abell. face you can eliminate any defects on your shot. When you are satisfied with the result, press on the option Save to save your new selfie in the gallery of your smartphone / tablet.

YouCam Perfect, despite being a free app, allows you to access some special effects through some in-app purchases starting from € 0.99 (Android) or € 2.99 (iOS).

MSQRD (Android / iOS)

One of selfie app most interesting and fun ever is MSQRD. This free app, available for both Android that for iOSowes its popularity to the fact that its algorithm is based entirely on augmented reality and allows you to virtually “wear” real masks, sometimes even very realistic ones, which give your selfies a touch of originality.

After downloading MSQRD on your smartphone / tablet, open the app and start having fun with the many masks that are at your disposal. To start, tap the button Log in with Facebook, if you want to link your account to the app, or alternatively use the app without logging in. Once you have done this, press the button Camera (the blue icon that you find in the center of the screen) to take a photo or, if you prefer to record a short movie, press the button Video.

The app will do everything automatically: it will detect your face and show you in real time the funny faces you will make as you scroll through the various masks. The only care you need to have to make the app work correctly is to position your face in the perimeter that is outlined on the screen. Also, while using MSQRD, I recommend that you take off your glasses: I have encountered some malfunctions when wearing them, especially when it comes to important frames. If you want to try all the masks in MSQRD, click on Catalog and then select one of the available categories to find the funniest ones!

Other apps for taking selfies

Selfie app

There are tons of other interesting applications that you can install on your device that allow you to take spectacular selfies. These apps, which you can download from both the Google Play Store and the App Store, deserve to be taken into consideration as much as the ones I recommended previously, so let’s ban the chatter and analyze it quickly.

  • Facebook (Android/iOS/Windows) – Facebook has acquired MSQRD and included most of the filters available in it in its camera. By recalling the camera of the Facebook app (via a swipe from left to right) and pressing the magic wand icon located at the bottom left you can browse all the available filters and “stick” them to your face.
  • Prism (Android/iOS) – while not really an app for taking selfies, I would highly recommend Prisma, which allows you to apply spectacular artistic effects to all the photos in the smartphone gallery or taken in real time with the device’s camera.
  • FaceTune (Android/iOS) – this app is one of the most popular with users, especially those who want to hide the defects of their skin at all costs: wrinkles, blemishes, freckles and so on. FaceTune can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at a price of 3.39 euros and from the App Store at a price of 4.49 euros.
  • BestMe Selfie Camera (Android) – this free app offers a wide choice of filters that allow you to embellish your selfies. Furthermore, its interface is free of “frills” and this facilitates its use.
  • Selfie Camera Expert (Android/iOS) – this free application is also an excellent alternative if you want to improve the quality of your selfies. To use it, all you have to do is let yourself be guided by the minimalist interface that distinguishes it.