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Puzzle online: As well as card games and other traditional pastimes, puzzles are also experiencing a second youth thanks to their digital transpositions.

There are, in fact, many free sites that allow children (but not only) to have fun composing online puzzles based on photos of landscapes, animals, famous paintings and other subjects of all kinds.

Now I would like to point out some that I think is worth considering for all puzzle enthusiasts and children who are looking for healthy entertainment in front of the PC screen.

Let’s start with Jigidi , one of the best online puzzle sites that allows you to play with hundreds of illustrations divided by topics and dimensions (number of pieces). Registration on the site is free and optional: puzzles can be solved even without making it, but registered users have several advantages, such as the possibility of saving progress in completing puzzles and creating personalized puzzles starting from their own photos.

To play on Jigidi, connect to the home page of the site and use the drop-down menus located next to the Filter puzzles item to indicate the topic and level of difficulty of the puzzles you want to solve. The topics available are many: animals, art, buildings (buildings) objects (objects) etc. and the same goes for puzzle difficulties, ranging from a minimum of 0-60 pieces (small) to a maximum of over 400 pieces (huge).

Once you have identified the puzzle you want to try, click on its preview image first, then on the Solve puzzle button and use the mouse to “fit” the pieces of the photo. You can also increase or decrease the zoom level of the image by using the + and buttons (located at the top right) and pause the game when you need a moment’s break. You need the Adobe Flash Player to access the puzzles.

Online puzzle

Another very interesting site dedicated to online puzzles is Jigsaw Planet which allows you to try your hand at recomposing hundreds of different images without having to register and – unlike Jigidi – it does not require Flash Player to work. This means that you can also use it from tablets and other portable devices.

To browse the illustrations available on Jigsaw Planet, connected to the main page of the site and position the mouse cursor on the Explore tab . At this point, select the item Total most played from the menu that appears to view the list of the most popular puzzles or select the item Popular tags to view the puzzles based on the type of photos on which they are based: animals, landscapes (landscape) , paintings and so on.

Once you have identified the puzzle to be composed, click on its preview image (on which you will also find the number of pieces from which the illustration is composed) and use the mouse to solve the game. At the bottom of the page, you will also find buttons to remind you how the image to be composed is made (those with the photo and ghost icon ) and order the puzzle pieces at the edges of the screen ( Arrange item ).

Free online puzzle

Among the online puzzle sites in Italian, I recommend JS Puzzles which is completely free and does not require registration to be used. It works on any browser, operating system and device. In fact, it does not even need the presence of Flash Player to be used.

Connect to its home page and select one of the categories listed under the heading Our gallery (puzzles inserted by the editors of the site) or under the heading User album gallery (puzzles uploaded by registered users) to browse all the available illustrations. Next, click on the thumbnail of the puzzle you intend to try and choose the type / number of pieces in which you want the image to be broken down. Finally, click on the Play button and start having fun!

Do not forget to take a “stroll” also on the National Geographic website which houses virtual puzzles inside it based on some spectacular illustrations dedicated to nature, important events and all the most beautiful places in the world. To play, first click on the preview of one of the photos available on the site and then on the play button .