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Programs to zoom photos

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Programs to zoom photos: The best programs to zoom and enlarge digital photos.


It is an excellent free and no-install program (which does not require installations to work) thanks to which it is possible zoom photo and save them in their enlarged form without encountering major qualitative losses. All thanks to some filters integrated in the program which provide automatically compensate for artifacts which, inevitably, appear in digital photos after having enlarged them from their original resolution. It is not in Italian but it is very intuitive and easy to use even for users who are not very expert in graphics. Download from here.



AND one of the best free photo viewers available for Windows. It has a very basic user interface but has enormous capabilities, is able to open all major graphic file formats, supports the addition of numerous plugins and includes several filters that allow you to make small changes to photos without using complicated solutions to photo editing. Among its many functions, obviously could not miss the one for zoom photoeven if the quality of the images after zooming is less good than that which can be obtained with similar software. Download from here.

Magnifying Glass


As the name abundantly suggests, Magnifying Glass is a small free program that brings a real one magnifying glass on the desktop Windows. Once installed, it is positioned next to the clock ready to be recalled at any time (via mouse or keyboard key combinations) and zoom in on any element pass under the mouse pointer: not only photos but also programs, Web pages, documents, etc. It supports various degrees of zoom and can be used via convenient keyboard key combinations that can be found on the program’s website. Very useful on Windows XP, less so on Windows 7 which already integrates a similar tool. Download from here.



This is the hugely popular program for managing, viewing and editing photos made by Google. It is available for free for all major operating systems, is completely in Italian and among its main functions are those that allow you to view all the main graphic file formats, zoom photocorrect imperfections, create collages automatically and add any type of information to the images, including the geographical position in which they were obtained (via Google Earth). Download from here.

Windows Live Photo Gallery


Windows Live Photo Gallery is Microsoft’s answer to Picasa. It is, in fact, an extremely complete and easy to use software thanks to which it is possible to view, catalog and edit photos in all the main graphic file formats. It is part of the free application package Windows Live Essentials and among its many features there is also that for zoom photo. It also allows you to correct errors and defects in photos (eg red eyes) with automatic filters that can be applied with a simple click. Download from here.

FB Photo Zoom


This is not a real one program to zoom photosbut an add-on for browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox And Safari which allows you to zoom the photos on all Facebook pages by hovering the mouse. Just install it in your trusted web browser, connect to Facebook and let the mouse pointer pause for a few moments on the photo to be zoomed: the latter will be displayed in full size without having to open the gallery or having to click on it. Download from here.