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Programs to warp photos

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Programs to warp photos: The best programs to warp photos.


When you need to warp a photo for professional purposes or just to play a funny joke on a friend, you can’t use a more complete program than Photoshop. It is the most popular photo editing software in the world, available for Windows and Mac, which allows you to twist digital images in any way you want. For the creation of caricatures, the tool is particularly useful liquifies which allows you to deform photos in a few clicks. The software is paid but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all its functions for a period of 7 days. Download from here.



As its name suggests quite easily, Cartoonist is a free application for Windows that allows you to warp photos applying fun cartoon-style special effects to them. This means that, with a few simple clicks, it is possible to distort the photo of any person by inflating their nose, eyes, mouth or distorting other parts of their body in a funny way. To use it, just set the size of the area to apply the effect to and click on it. Easier done than said. Download from here.



ClipYourPhotos it’s a online service free through which it is possible to modify digital photos by acting directly from the browser (without installing any particular software on the PC, the very common Flash Player is enough). Its function called Face Bender allows you to deform faces of people portrayed in photos using various distortion filters. To use it, just connect to its home page, click on the button Browse to select the photo to alter and choose the effect you want to apply to the image. Try it from here.



Distortity is a small free application for Windows systems ideal for anyone who wants to warp a photo but they don’t have enough time or skill to try their hand at more advanced photo editing software, like Photoshop. To use it, just select the image to be altered, adjust the parameters of the distortion effect to be applied and click on the point of the image to be deformed. It supports all major graphic file formats and works on all major versions of the Microsoft operating system. Download from here.



FotoSketcher is a free software for editing photos that does not allow you to create caricatures, like other programs in this selection, but to turn any photo into a drawing or a painting using various editing styles and various distortion effects. It is possible to choose among many filters in cartoon style, drawing, painting and adjust the parameters in a meticulous way, in order to obtain excellent results with minimal effort. Download from here.

6pho-to_.jpg it is one of the best online services free for photo editing that allows you to customize digital images using a huge range of customizable filters. Its function for warp photos allows you to transform (and if necessary animate) people’s faces by applying expressions of various kinds to them: happy, surprised, sad, etc. It is also possible to connect the service to Facebook and share your works directly on the social network. Try it from here.