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Programs to turn photos into comics

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Programs to turn photos into comics: The best programs to turn photos into comics.


Even if you are not familiar with computer science or digital graphics, it is impossible not to know Photoshop. We are in fact talking about the photo editing program most complete and famous in the world through which you can do practically everything with digital photos, including turn photos into comics. From version to version, it becomes more and more simple to use and full of interesting features both for professionals in the photographic sector and for simple enthusiasts who want to have fun with their images. The software is paid but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all its functions for a period of 7 days. It is available for PC and Mac. Download from here.



Finding all the ultra-professional features of Photoshop in a free program is impossible, but GIMP is very close. It is, in fact, the best photo editing software in the open source world through which it is possible to modify digital photos having almost all the tools, brushes and special effects present in commercial solutions, such as Photoshop. It has a very simple user interface to use and includes many customizable filters, including the one for turn photos into comics. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download from here.

Paint .Net


Despite its name, it has nothing in common with the classic Windows Paint, except the fact that it is available exclusively for the Microsoft operating system and is very easy to use. Paint .Net it’s a free photo editing software completely in Italian that allows you to modify digital images by correcting the most common errors present in them (eg red eyes, low light, etc.) or transforming them into small digital works of art. It takes very little to learn how to use it well and be able to turn photos into comics with its filters. Download from here.

Instant Photo Sketch


Instant Photo Sketch is a free application that allows you to turn digital photos into black and white drawings acting in a totally automatic way and taking away from the user the burden of having to find the right filters to obtain this effect. In the free version it supports only one type of effect (that of the pencil sketch) and it is extremely easy to use: just move the two adjustment bars at the top, depending on the level of black and white you want in the drawing. The paid version includes many other effects and allows you to turn photos into colorful drawings. Download from here.



As its name suggests quite easily, FotoSketcher is free software that allows you to turn photos into comics, pencil sketches and oil paintings by providing the user with 20 dedicated filters to obtain this type of results in the fastest and easiest way possible. To use it, just select the image to be transformed into a cartoon, select the desired transformation effect from the drop-down menu with drawing styles and adjust the intensity of the filter using the appropriate adjustment bars. No knowledge of graphics or photo editing is required. Download from here.



BeFunky it’s a Web Application dedicated to photo editing that allows you to edit your images in an incredibly easy and fast way by applying a huge range of special effects to them. Among these is also the effect for turn photos into comics and cartoons, and to apply it just a simple click. It works on all computers, operating systems and web browsers without requiring the installation of additional software on the computer. Try it from here.