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Programs to tile photos

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Programs to tile photos: The best photo tiling programs.

Paint .Net

Paint .Net it’s a free basic photo editing program which is an enhanced alternative to the classic Paint but does not have all the advanced features that software of the caliber of GIMP or Photoshop can have. It is very light and its extreme ease of use – also given by the Italian translation of its interface – makes it perfect for “jobs” such as the side-by-side of two digital images. It supports all major graphic file formats and is compatible with all major versions of the Windows operating system. Download from here.



PicPick it’s a free graphics program (for personal use only) characterized by a user interface practically identical to that of the Windows 7 Paint. Among its functions, in addition to those included in the original Paint, there are the possibility of capturing screen snapshots, adding writings and annotations to the desktop, zoom the screen, manage color palettes and much more. The software user interface is completely translated into Italian and includes an initial wizard with a list of all the functions that can be used. Download from here.



Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, GIMP is what is referred to by many as the best free Photoshop alternative. It is therefore a very feature-rich photo editing software that allows you to perform many different operations, from the most basic ones (such as placing two photos side by side) to the most advanced ones (correction of defects, application of special effects, etc. ). Its user interface is completely translated into Italian and although quite different from that of Photoshop or Paint, very easy to use even for less experienced users. Download from here.



Defining it as a photo tiling program is very simplistic, but Photoshop can do this too! The most powerful and famous photo editing software in the world allows you to modify and manipulate digital images in any way, applying simple corrections to bad photos (correction of brightness, colors, contrast, etc.) or creating real digital works of art full of special effects. The software is paid but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all its functions for a period of 7 days. Download from here.

Shape Collage


For those who are not looking for simple programs for tiling photos but of solutions capable of creating more artistic and elaborate works by putting two or more images together, Shape Collage is ideal. We are in fact talking about a program that allows you to create photo collages with various forms in an extremely simple and fast way on all major operating systems: not only Windows but also Mac OS X, Linux and even the Web, since a fully functional version is available online. The free version applies a watermark to the generated collages, to remove the limitation you need to purchase the Pro version. Download from here.



Photofiltre it’s a free and lightweight photo editing program which is characterized by a fairly assorted range of functions and an ultra-essential user interface. It supports all major graphic file formats and allows you to edit photos in various ways, correcting the most common defects of digital shots and applying various effects to them. It is also available in a no-install version which does not require installation in order to function. It is in English but it is possible to translate it into Italian by downloading the language file from the official website of the software. Download from here.