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Programs to identify songs

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Programs to identify songs: Programs to identify songs: Have you had a tune in your head for days but you just can’t remember its title? Have you heard a beautiful song on the radio, would you like to search for it on the Internet to be able to listen to it again in streaming but did you miss the name of the artist who sings it? Don’t panic! You can easily deal with this by resorting to the use of special ones programs to identify songs. How do you say? Have you heard of it but don’t have the faintest idea of ​​which ones to use and how to use them? Well, don’t worry… I can explain everything to you.

With today’s guide, in fact, I will go to show you which ones, in my humble opinion, represent the best solutions of this type, explaining how to use them best. I’m sorry to inform you that there are very few programs to install on your computer, while the selection of resources available in the form of online services or apps for smartphones and tablets is much more extensive.

In all cases, these are extremely simple tools to use even for those who – a bit like you – do not consider themselves exactly a great expert in new technologies. So take a few minutes of free time and find out how to identify the songs of your interest thanks to the solutions listed below. Happy reading and … good listening!

Programs to identify songs from the PC

As already mentioned, of programs to identify songs from the PC there aren’t many. In particular, if you have a PC equipped with Windows you will find practically no solution to install; you will need to use the online services listed further on always in this guide. If, on the other hand, you have a Macyou can count on a couple of very interesting solutions.

Shazam (macOS)

Shazam it is without a doubt the most famous instrument of its kind. If you’ve never heard of it, I’ll “enlighten” you right away. This is a free and extremely simple service – currently owned by Apple – that allows you to identify songs by simply activating the microphone of your device while a song is playing.

Once a song is recognized, Shazam shows its title and artist and allows you to listen to it on services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The program also allows you to buy songs on the iTunes Store and other digital stores, view videos on YouTube and much more. It is available as an application for macOS: once it was also usable on Windows, but at the time of writing this article it is no longer.

To use this, go to this page of the Mac App Store and (if the store does not open automatically) click on the button View in the Mac App Store. In the MAS window that opened, click on the button Get / Install which is on the right and, if necessary, confirms the operation using the password Apple ID or the Touch ID.

Having done that, after installing and starting Shazam, decide if open Shazam on startup by clicking on the appropriate button or if not (button No thanks). Next, she clicks on hers icon pop-up in the macOS menu bar (top right) and click the button depicting the Stylized “S”. Grant access to the microphone, if necessary.

The software will recognize the song that is playing, showing you its title in its main menu, which you can call up by clicking on its icon in the Mac menu bar. Simple, right?

For more information on how Shazam works, do not hesitate to read the guide I have dedicated to the topic.

Siri (macOS)


If you have a Macyou can identify songs by simply exploiting SiriApple’s virtual assistant who, relying on Shazamis able to locate the titles of a song being played in an extremely simple and fast way.

All you have to do to succeed is to launch Siri (by clicking on his icon present on the bar DockIn the Launchpad or in the macOS menu bar; saying the sentence “Hey Siri” if you have a recent model of MacBook or, again, by holding down the key combination cmd + space on the keyboard) and say the command “What song is this?”. Hopefully, within seconds Siri will tell you what song it is.

Programs to identify songs online

Let’s see, now, some programs to identify songs online. These are easy-to-use web applications that work on all major browsers.



If you are looking for a program to recognize songs by singing them, Midomi is what is right for you. This portal, in fact, allows you to identify songs by humming or playing them, in an extremely easy and, of course, free.

How to use? First, go to its home page, clicking on the link I gave you a moment ago, click on yellow button which is located in the top center and then up Allowto authorize the site to use the microphone Of computer.

Now, hum the song whose title you want to find, or bring the device on which the song is playing close to the computer, and see if Midomi is able to identify it (if you hum it, there may be some difficulty at times, especially if you are not very precise in doing that is).

If everything went well, Midomi will propose you the song which, according to its algorithm, corresponds to the one that has been hummed or played by you (at times, it could offer you more than one song, if there are doubts about which one it is the right one). Press the button Play attached to the cover of the right one to reproduce it in order to listen to a short preview. Easier than that ?!



AudioTag it’s great program to recognize songs from YouTube and from other video / music streaming sites, as its database, containing millions of tracks, allows you to get results pretty fast.

After connecting to the AudioTag main page, click on the button Enter link and paste the link (which of course you must have previously copied) in the text field Enter external URL. If you want, you can also indicate the minute of the video to be analyzed, using the appropriate text field (the one located to the right of the wording at:), so that the AudioTag algorithm examines the 60 seconds before and after the point of the video you have indicated.

When you are ready to do this, click on the button Analyze URL and let the AudioTag algorithm do the rest (you may be asked to check the box I am not a robot and click on the button Analyze). If the song is identified, you will see not only the title of the song, but also any additional information available, such as the name of the artist and the album in which it is contained.

Alternatively, you can also upload a locally saved song to see the title (if you don’t know it). In this case, you need to click on the button Select or drop file (on the main page of AudioTag), select the file to upload, wait for the upload to be completed, tick the box I am not a robotclick on the button Analyze and hope that the AudioTag algorithm can find the song of your interest.

App to identify songs

Google Assistant

I conclude the tutorial by listing a few app to identify songs. If you want to act as a smartphone or tablet, the solutions listed below will certainly help you.

  • Google Assistant (Android) – if you have a device equipped with the famous “Big G” operating system, you can take advantage of the proprietary service Sound Searchintegrated in the Google Assistant, which can very well recognize songs that are hummed, whistled or played on another device, using the simple voice command “What song is this?”. More info here.
  • Siri (iOS / iPadOS) – Apple’s virtual assistant, which I also told you about in one of the previous chaptersbases its operation on Shazamthus allowing to recognize the titles of the songs in a quite precise way, also in this case using the voice command “What song is this?”.
  • Shazam (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – famous app owned by Apple dedicated to music recognition, available for both iPhone and iPad and for Android, which allows you to identify song titles thanks to its powerful algorithm. It is totally free.
  • SoundHound (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is a very famous application that allows you to identify the music played on another device and also the songs that are hummed: a feature that makes it particularly interesting. Basically it is free, but the removal of advertising and access to all functions requires the purchase of its paid version, which costs 7.99 euros.

For more information about the operation of these and other apps to recognize songs, I refer you to reading the guide I have dedicated to the topi