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Programs to equalize music

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Programs to equalize music: The best programs to equalize music in all major formats.


One of the best programs to equalize music free which allows you to level the volume level for multiple MP3 files at the same time. Simply essential for all those who have a portable music player and are tired of having to lower or raise the volume with every change of song. The software is completely in Italian and operates on the songs in direct mode, this means that it does not need re-coding to complete its work. Allows you to undo the changes made to mp3 files at any time. Download from here.



One of the best alternatives to MP3Gain. It is, in fact, a free program that allows you to normalize and equalize the volume of audio files in MP3 and WAV format in batch mode, thus operating on multiple songs at the same time. It allows you to adjust various parameters, such as volume levels, compression and volume, and is very fast in processing files. It is also available in one version no-install which works without the need for installations. Download from here.



iGain is a program based on AACGain, a modified version of MP3Gain that allows you to equalize the volume of music files in MP4 and M4A format. It is very easy to use and integrates perfectly with iTunes, the Apple player is in fact required for the program to work properly. To use it, just follow the same procedure necessary to normalize the volume of the songs with MP3Gain, i.e. import the files to be equalized into the program, set the desired volume level in the appropriate adjustment bar and start the song editing process. Download from here.



As can be easily guessed from its name, mp3DirectCut is a free program whose main function is that of cut MP3s and save them in direct mode (without recompressions). However, it has a number of advanced features that allow you to edit MP3 songs in various ways. Among these there is one that equalizes the volume level with customized settings, but there are also those for applying effects such as fade-in, fade-out, etc. Lightweight and easy to use even for the less experienced. Download from here.

The Levelator


Another software whose name is all a program. The Levelator is a great free tool through which it is possible equalize recordings in WAV and AIFF format simply by dragging them with the mouse in the main program window. Thanks to a special algorithm, The Levelator is able to intelligently adjust all the audio levels of the recording, eliminating the typical noise of podcasts and PC recordings. It is very effective and fast in processing files. Download from here.



Nowadays there are few who do not know him. Audacity and the best free audio editing program available for all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). It is open source and has an infinite range of functions that allow you to edit audio files by applying various corrections and filters to them. Among the options available, there are also those that allow you to equalize music and normalize the volume of files in WAV, MP3 and more. Download from here.