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Programs to enlarge photos

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Programs to enlarge photos: The best programs to enlarge photos.

FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is an extremely light and easy to use program that allows you to resize images in batch mode (i.e. processing multiple files at the same time). Among its functions, in addition to that of enlarging or shrinking digital photos in a very simple way, there are the application of borders and shading to images, the superimposition of writings and graphic watermarks and much more. The software also supports file name changes and is available in a no-install version that works without installation from USB sticks and external drives. Download from here.

Image Tuner


Image Tuner is a small free program that allows you to resize images in all major formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PCX and RAW) and apply various modifications to them, such as rotation, flipping and color adjustment, operating in batch mode. It includes various predefined profiles that allow you to create images optimized for portable devices such as iPad and iPhone and sites, such as Facebook. It has a very basic user interface and for this reason it is very easy to use even for those who are not PC experts. Download from here.

Fast Image Resizer


As his name implies, Fast Image Resizer is a free program that allows you to resize images in a very simple way. Just drag the photos to enlarge or reduce within its window after setting the desired resolution for the output files and that’s it. It supports all major graphic file formats (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG with BMP and JPG output) and includes advanced options for automatic cropping. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Download from here.



IrfanView And one of the best free image viewers for windows, not only because it is lightning fast and supports a huge range of graphic file formats (including RAW digital camera formats) but also because it includes a number of advanced features that make it a useful all-round tool. Among the many basic photo editing operations that are based on performing there is also image resizing. Furthermore, it is possible to operate in batch mode by cropping, resizing and converting multiple files at the same time with absolute ease. Download from here.



XnView it’s a powerful free image viewer which allows you to view and manage an infinite number of graphic file formats. Like Irfanview and other similar solutions, it includes a very wide range of functions for photo retouching including the ability to zoom in or out images. It is also capable of capturing your computer desktop, creating image galleries for the web, adjusting more advanced photo features, and much more. It is also available in a no-install version. Download from here.



Fotosizer is a free application for Windows that allows you to resize multiple images at the same time through an easy-to-use interface. Thanks to it, it is possible to easily enlarge or reduce digital photos in all major formats having the opportunity to act on many advanced parameters and apply numerous special effects, such as black and white conversion, rotation and much more. Proven for novice users. Download from here.