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Programs to cut photos online

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Programs to cut photos online: Leafing through some photos you took last weekend, you noticed that some of them have “unwanted” subjects immortalized and so you thought it best to remove them by simply cropping the shots in question. The idea of ​​installing and / or buying photo editing software useful for the purpose, however, does not excite you, and so you are wondering if there are alternative solutions to turn to. The answer, I am happy to inform you, is affirmative!

In the next paragraphs, therefore, you will find listed some of the best programs to cut photos online. All the solutions that I will recommend you to try are free, usable on practically all the main browsers and, which you will surely be pleased to know, do not require the installation of additional plugins (such as the now antiquated Adobe Flash Player). If you are interested, then, I will also recommend apps for smartphones and tablets that could come in handy if you want to cut photos on the go.

So, can you know what are you waiting for? Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next lines and, more importantly, try to put into practice the instructions I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

Free online photo cutting programs

Let’s start this discussion by looking at some of them in detail programs to cut photos online for free. The Web services listed below are compatible with all major browsers (eg. Chrome, Firefox And Safari): you just have to try them and see which of these are right for you.

iLove IMG

One of the first solutions that I invite you to try to cut a photo online is iLoveIMG. If you have never heard of it, it is a web application developed by the creators of iLovePDF (a famous online PDF editing service) that is extremely simple to use, thanks also to its minimal and “clean” interface. Since the service is free, works without installing plugins in your browser, and supports all major graphic file formats, I’d say see how it works.

First though, let me remind you that by creating a free account on iLoveIMG it is possible to edit images that have a maximum size of 90MB (instead of just 50MB), while by subscribing to the Premium version of iLoveIMG, which starts at 6 euros / month, it is possible to raise this limit to 1GB per file. More info here.

To use iLoveIMG, connect to his main pageclick on the button Cropping image and then click the button Select images to select the photo you want to edit or, if you prefer, drag it directly next to the wording drop pictures here. If you want, you can also import a photo saved on Google Drive or Dropbox, by clicking on the icons of the services in question and logging in to the latter to access the files saved in the cloud.

After uploading the image of your interest, use the tools in the iLoveIMG editor to crop the image. To proceed, therefore, move the rectangle with the blue perimeter in the desired position or, if you prefer, move and resize it using the menus in the section Cropping options located on the right.

If you like the crop preview, click on the blue button Cropping image located at the bottom right and wait for the download of the output file to be completed. If you want, you can also share the image on the main social networks by clicking on the icons of Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn.

Pic Resize

Another solution that I invite you to try is Pic Resize: a program for cutting photos online that is not limited only to this function. The service, in fact, allows you to resize digital photos, rotate them clockwise or counterclockwise, flip them horizontally and vertically and apply a wide range of special effects to them, such as the lomo effect, color equalization, oil painting, etc. Various output formats are supported and you can set the quality and size of the images to be obtained.

To use it, connect to the main page Pic Resize, click on the button Browseselect the image you want to cut and press the button Continue (Resize, Crop & Special Effects). When upload is complete, click on the button Crop Selection present on the left and draw the rectangle selection on the photo, to define the area to remove and the area to keep.

If you want to apply further changes to the image, you can do it via the buttons and menus located in the following sections: Rotate Menuto rotate the photo; Resize Your Pictureto select the settings relating to image resizing; Choose Special Effectto select any special effects to apply to the image e Save Asto select options related to saving the output file.

As soon as you are ready to do this, click on the yellow button I’m done, Resize My Picture! to crop and resize the image based on the options chosen just now and, on the page that opens, press the button Save to Disk to download the output file that was generated. Easier than that?

Programs to crop round photos online

You’re looking for gods programs to crop round photos online? If so, let me recommend a couple of services that may be useful for you.

Cut My Pic!

Cut My Pic! is an online service compatible with all major browsers and can be used without registering or installing any additional plugins. Since it allows you to crop round photos quite quickly and easily, I recommend you try it to get your job done.

To crop photos with Cut My Pic! First connect to his main pagepresses the button Choose fileselect the photo you want to cut in a circle and click on the button GO! which is located a little lower (in the center of the page). At this point, you should be in the presence of the Cut My Pic! Editor: move the cursor located under the heading Round Cornersin such a way as to round the photo, and if you wish, customize the other parameters using the menus on the page (for example, you can adjust the shading using the slider Add Shadow Effectincrease the contrast of the image via the menu Contrastetc.).

Now, scroll all the way down the page and, in the box Original Picselect the option 1: 1 or 16: 9 (depending on the type of cutout you want to make), position the square or rectangle in the desired point, resize it using the orange dots that are located on the perimeter of the same and, finally, press the button Preview.

In the box located on the right, you will be shown the preview of the cut made: if you are satisfied with the result, click on the button Done! located at the bottom and, on the page that opens, presses one of the buttons located at the bottom to download or share the output photo.


Also Photopea it can help you to crop round photos online. Its interface is very reminiscent of that of “classic” photo editing programs (like Photoshop), but I guarantee you that using it is not as complicated as it might seem. I remind you that the service is free and functional without resorting to additional plugins, but those who wish can subscribe to the Premium subscription, starting from 9 dollars / month, which allows you to remove the advertising banners (not at all invasive) that characterize its free version.

To use Photopea, connect to its home pageclick on (x) to remove the welcome message to the service and, if necessary, translate the service interface into Italian by selecting the item Italian from the menu More> Language (top right). Now, open the photo you want to circle by clicking on the item You open from the menu File (top left), hover the mouse cursor over the dashed rectangle present in the toolbar on the left and select the tool Select Ellipse.

Now, draw the circle in correspondence with the portion of the image that you do not want to delete (I recommend that you hold down Shift on the keyboard to draw a perfect circle), select the item Reverse from the menu Select and press Del / Backspace on the keyboard. In conclusion, remove the excess background using the tool Cut out present in the toolbar located on the left and save the output image by selecting the items Export as> PNG from the menu File. Simple, right?

App to crop photos

As I told you at the beginning of the tutorial, there are also many app to crop photos which could be useful for carrying out this operation directly from your smartphone or tablet. Below you will list some that, in my humble opinion, are among the best available on the square.

  • Snapseed (Android/iOS) – it is a very famous photo editing app developed by Google which, in addition to allowing you to change the shooting parameters of the photos, allows you to crop them with a certain ease thanks to an ad hoc tool. It’s free.
  • Pixlr (Android/iOS) – is a free and cross-platform photo editing app that also integrates an ad hoc function to crop photos. Even though it’s free, you can purchase its full version for € 3.49 in order to remove the banner ads.
  • Superimpose (iOS) – is a perfect app to crop photos while also making awesome photo collages. Although it is free, to remove advertising and access all its functions, you need to purchase the Premium version, which costs 3.49 euros.

If you want more information about these and other apps to crop photos, I suggest you take a look at the guide that I have linked to you because it will certainly be very useful.