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Programs to customize photos

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Programs to customize photos: The best programs to personalize photos.


Phantasmagoria is a small free program that allows you to customize photos through a series of filters and adjustments that can be easily used even by less experienced users. Among its functions are also contemplated the creation of photos from the webcam, the capture of desktop screenshots, the creation of professional-looking texts and the upload of one’s work to Flickr. To work properly, it requires the software to be installed on the PC Java. Download from here.



iPiccy it’s a Web application free dedicated to photo customization which allows you to edit, correct and “adorn” digital images directly online, without installing programs on your PC. It is characterized by a very user friendly user interface structured in tabs, in each of which there is a different category of tools: special filters, frames, corrections, etc. It supports all major graphic file formats and allows you to share your own creations on all major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc .. Works on all browsers and operating systems, just have the Flash Player Adobe installed on the PC. Try it from here.

Paint .Net


Paint .Net it’s a free photo editing program for Windows that combines the ease of use typical of Paint with some advanced features of fancier software, such as Photoshop And GIMP. It has an extremely intuitive user interface (fully translated into Italian) and allows you to work on images using multiple layers. In addition to essential drawing tools, such as brushes and selection accessories, it includes numerous special effects and corrections for digital photos, including red eye removal. Download from here.



PhotoScape is an all-in-one solution for digital photos that allows you to view images and customize them thanks to a wide range of integrated filters. Among its main functions are the resizing and cropping of photos, the adjustment of colors, contrast and brightness, the removal of the red eye effect, the painting effect and the conversion of RAW images to JPG. It allows you to batch work on multiple photos at once, print images, search for faces in photos, and take desktop screenshots. Download from here.



GIMP is a very popular free and open source photo editing program considered by many the best free alternative to Photoshop. In fact, it includes most of the Adobe software functions enclosing them in a very intuitive interface even for beginners (fully translated into Italian). It supports all major graphic file formats and is compatible with all major computer operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download from here.



In a review of programs to personalize photos could not miss Photoshop, the most popular photo editing software in the world. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, it allows you to edit digital images in all possible and imaginable ways, from simple correction of brightness, colors, etc. to the creation of real digital works of art. Its ease of use makes it both indispensable for professionals in the photographic sector and useful for novice users who want to learn more about the world of photo editing. The software is paid but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all its functions for a period of 7 days. Download from here