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Programs for writing on photos

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Programs for writing on photos: The best programs for writing on photos.

FastStone Photo Resizer

As its name suggests quite easily, FastStone Photo Resizer is a free application that allows you to resize digital images in batch mode, that is, operating on multiple files at the same time. Among its functions, however, there are also those that allow you to apply watermarks, frames, shadows, adjust colors, brightness, contrast and write on photos resized. The ideal solution for those who need to imprint an abbreviation or writing on a large amount of images and do not want to waste time modifying them one by one. Download from here.



IrfanView it is one of the best programs to view images on Windows. It stands out from other similar products due to its extreme lightness and the wide range of supported file formats. It includes numerous basic editing functions that allow you to change brightness / colors / contrast of images, apply blurs, crop, resize, convert and apply custom lettering on photos. It also supports plugins that further extend its functions and allows you to fine-tune all settings for the output. Download from here.

Paint .Net


Paint .Net it’s a free photo editing program which is an intermediate solution between the very simple Paint and more structured programs like GIMP or, if you want to exaggerate, Photoshop. It includes all the basic functions for photo retouching, from adjusting colors and brightness to managing image levels, and among these could not miss the possibility of write on photos using custom fonts and colors. It supports all major graphic file formats and has a very refined user interface, vaguely similar to that of Photoshop, completely translated into Italian. Download from here.

FastStone Capture


FastStone Capture is a small (but powerful) free utility for the screen capture. Using it, you can take snapshots of the Windows desktop and create screenshots of individual windows or portions of the screen. Once captured, the images can be edited with an internal editor that allows you to resize the screenshots, adjust their colors / brightness and add custom arrows and writings to them. The latest versions are only available for a fee while the 5.3 version is still free without any type of expiry or limitation. Download from here.



PickPick it’s a photo editing program very similar to Windows 7 Paint also compatible with XP and Windows Vista completely in Italian with many interesting features. Among these there are the classic ones to resize, cut and adjust the properties of the images but also the one to add custom writings to photos. Not essential on Windows 7, as it is very similar to the Paint included by default in the operating system but if you want some more functions it can be useful. It is also available in a paid version with additional functions. Download from here.



DVD Slideshow GUI is a free program that allows you to create video DVDs from videos and photos in different formats. Ideal for create DVD with photo slideshows complete with background music, transition effects and writings to describe the content of the images. Its interface is not very advanced but, for this reason, it is very immediate and simple to use even by the less experienced. Download from here