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Programs for taking pictures with the webcam

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Programs for taking pictures with the webcam: The best programs for taking pictures with the webcam.

Cyberlink YouCam

CyberLink YouCam it is without a doubt one of the best programs for taking pictures with the webcam available for Windows. In fact, it allows you to take shots and videos with the PC webcam by applying many to the shots special effects including image distortions, frames, animated special effects and video montages in which people in the frame are projected in various animated scenarios. The program is paid but is available in a 15-day trial version that allows you to test all its features thoroughly. Download from here.



Photobooth And the webcam application installed by default on Mac OS X. It allows you to take photos and videos with your computer webcam by applying lots of funny special effects to the shots: image distortions, cartoon effect, fish eye and much more. This is one unofficial version made for Windows 7 which is based on Flash Player and can be used without having to perform any installation. It doesn’t include all the features of the original but it’s really well done. Download from here.



AvaCam it’s a complete solution for webcam which includes video surveillance functions combined with the possibility of taking photos and making videos. It supports the use of multiple capture devices at the same time, motion recognition and image enhancement filters that improve shooting. It can save photos in JPG, JPEG or BMP format and videos in AVI format. Even if its interface has not yet been translated into Italian, it is quite easy to use (at least as regards the basic functions). Download from here.

Prog’z WebcamSpy


Prog’z WebCamSpy is a small free program for windows capable of turn your PC webcam into an image capture tool. It is extremely easy to use and includes four shooting modes: single shot, burst shooting, continuous shooting and timed shooting. The software icon present in the Windows notification area and its description can be changed to keep Prog’z WebCamSpy away from prying eyes and allow the program to operate undisturbed. Unlike other similar solutions, it takes up very little system resources. Download from here.



JellyCam is a very special application that allows you to create stop-motion movies using the webcam Of computer. The application has a very accurate and user-friendly user interface that allows even less experienced users to try their hand at its functions, which also allow you to create stop-motion videos starting from images already saved on the PC. To work it requires that the free Adobe Air software is installed on the PC. It is available for free for both Windows and Mac OS X. Download from here.

Cam to Scan


Cam to Scan Lite is an application thanks to which you can transform the PC webcam into a kind of scanner to scan documents without a real scanner. Using it, it is possible to photograph any type of image or document and refine its digitization with effects and filters that make the quality of the results obtained really very high. The program is available in a free version with limited functionality and a paid full version. Although it has not yet been translated into Italian, it is quite easy to use. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X. Download from here.