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Programs for iTunes

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Programs for iTunes: The best programs for iTunes.

iTunes Duplicate Song Manager

iTunes Duplicate Song Manager it has a name that leaves little room for doubt. It is a free program that allows you to remove duplicates from iTunes library but it also includes other cool features. For example, it allows you to monitor folders specified by the user and automatically add the files saved in it to the iTunes library, remove “orphaned” tracks and add new tracks to iTunes. It is based on Java and is also available for Mac OS. Download from here.



As its name suggests quite easily, iTunes Lyrics Adder is a small free and no-install application (that is, it does not require installations to work) thanks to which it is possible to search for ed add lyrics to songs in iTunes library. The software has an essential user interface but at the same time simple to use and allows you to automatically download the lyrics of the songs contained in the iTunes multimedia library from various online databases. It is only available for the Windows operating system. Download from here.



iTunes allows you to synchronize the songs contained in your multimedia library only with Apple devices, namely iPod, iPhone and iPad. NotPod is a free application for Windows systems that allows you to sync iTunes library with all portable MP3 players in an absolutely easy and fast way. Once installed, the program is positioned in the Windows notification area and comes into action automatically when you connect your portable player to your PC. For more experienced users, a configuration panel is available that allows you to adjust various software parameters. Download from here.

Sync Blocker


Another software with a fairly eloquent name. Sync Blocker is a free program for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you to act on the automatic synchronization carried out by iTunes with the songs on mobile devices blocking the deletion of songs from iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It is extremely simple to use and is 100% free but to start using it you need to enter your e-mail address and register your copy of the software with the serial code received (always at no cost). Download from here.



Syncing songs from iTunes and your Apple portable device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) can be nerve-wracking. SyncITunes makes it easier by giving the user the ability to control every single aspect of song syncing between iTunes and Apple devices. It allows to sync songs contained in certain folders only without going through Apple’s multimedia software, updating tags in iTunes when they have been edited by other programs, deleting songs from your iTunes library, and much more. It is 100% free and is only available for Windows systems. Download from here.



iTunes automatically downloads the information and covers of the songs it includes in the music library from the Internet, but this function does not always perform its duty at 100%. TuneUp is a very effective and easy to use program that fills the gaps in the automatic iTunes system downloading tags, information and covers for all the songs in the library of the Apple Media Center. It also includes a feature to delete duplicates and view artists’ biographies or concert dates. The program is paid but is available in one trial version which finds the information of 50 songs and the covers of 25 albums. Download from here.