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Portable programs for the USB stick for free

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Portable programs for the USB stick for free: Hey, where are you going with that camping backpack on your shoulders? How do you say? Have you just been called by a friend of yours who is having difficulty with your PC and is that your work equipment to help him? Stop it! Maybe nobody has told you yet, but they invented USB sticks, you can put everything you need in one of them.

Do not you believe it? Then let’s do this: take a few minutes of free time all for yourself and concentrate on reading this article of mine entirely dedicated to the topic. No, not at the pendrive but at the portable programs for the USB stick for free. Well yes, you must in fact know that there are a myriad of special programs at zero cost designed specifically to be inserted inside the keys (which is why I take the name of “portable software”) and that they can be used directly from these last without having to perform any installation on the PC used. In short, a real panacea.

There are programs of this type for all tastes: for productivity, for leisure and for those who have more. In short, whatever the need of your friend you will see that you will be able to find software for pens useful for the purpose. Then? Can I know what are you still doing with them? Position yourself comfortably in front of the computer and immediately start reading all the information about it that you find right below. I am sure that in the end you will be able to say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned. Good job”!

Suite of programs

If you are looking for an application park with which to best fill the memory of your pendrive so that you always have the resources you need at your fingertips, the advice that I feel of data is to take advantage of one of the suites of portable programs for Windows used for this purpose.

These are essentially complete packages of applications complete with a launcher in tow which can be added directly to the stick and recalled on the fly through the relative menu visible once the pendrive has been inserted in the computer. Here below you will find the ones that in my humble opinion represent the best in the category.


Portable programs for free USB sticks

The first software suite that I want to invite you to try is that of winPenPacks. It is a collection of portable programs for the free USB stick that can be used on any Windows PC without the need for installation on the computer. All you have to do is copy them to your trusted stick and start them! It includes dozens and dozens of programs suitable for every need, from the Firefox browser to the suite of programs for the OpenOffice office, passing through an infinite number of software dedicated to the Internet, graphics, IT security, file sharing, PDF viewing, multimedia and much more. Let’s see in detail how it works.

First, connected to website winPenPack and click on the link for the version of the program package you wish to download. The best size / quality ratio is offered by the package Essential, which needs approximately 590 MB of free space on the USB stick. The package Full, on the other hand, includes a greater number of programs but needs about 790 GB free on the USB stick.

After making your choice, on the page that will open click on the button with the blue arrow on the left, next to the name of the executable file of the selected package, and click on OK in response to the notice you see appearing on the screen in order to start the download procedure.

When the download is complete, connect the USB stick on which you intend to copy the winPenPack programs to the computer, drag the compressed archive obtained inside, extract it and open the .exe file contained therein. Once this is done, you will see the winPenPack launcher appear (which is automatically shown on Windows every time the pendrive is connected if the AutoPlay function it is enabled, otherwise just double-click on the executable file contained inside it) in the part above the Windows notification area (near the system clock).

You can then add the programs part of the downloaded package to the launcher by right-clicking on an empty point on the tab list of the same, selecting the option Install Software … and then choosing the reference program from the previously extracted winPenPack folder.

Once installation is complete, the program will be added to the launcher and you can start it by double-clicking on it. You can also search for a specific program by going to the tab Search of the launcher and typing in the search field that appears the name of the resource you need. I also point out the possibility of organizing the programs into categories. You can create your own ones by clicking on an empty spot on the card list and selecting the option Add category from the menu that appears.

In the tab stats, always attached to the launcher of winPenPack, you can find instead all the information related to the programs used, the space available on the USB stick and much more. If, on the other hand, you need to adjust the use settings of winPenPack, right-click on its icon added to the notification area and click on the item Option attached to the menu that opens.


Portable programs for free USB sticks

winPenPack has not convinced you in a particular way and are you looking for another alternative? Then I can not help but invite you to test LiberKey. It is a resource at no cost and once added on the pendrive it allows access to a vast archive of portable applications organized in suites. Just select the one of interest to copy on the stick and you’re done. Similarly to the above resource, all the applications installed on the pen can then be managed through an ad hoc launcher.

To use it, first connect to download page LiberKey then presses the button Download at the top right to download the file for managing the programs to be added to the pendrive and the relative launcher.

When the download is complete, start the .exe file obtained and in the window that you see appear on the desktop press the button Forward, select the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and still presses on Forward twice in a row. Click on Browse …, indicate your pendrive as position, click again on Forward and chased on Yes. Finally, press once more on Forward worrying first to remove the check to create a shortcut to LiberKey on the desktop, then on Install come on end.

Click now on the button Download the list of available suites in the window that appeared on the desktop to view the list of the various portable programs available. Select the suite of your choice from the list above by choosing from Basic, Standard or Ultimate, check if among the programs offered there is something that you are not interested in so as not to install them by removing the check from the relevant box and click on the button Install all applications in the selected suite.

Once the procedure is complete, you can access the programs from the LiberKey menu above the notification area (which is automatically shown on Windows if the AutoPlay function is enabled, otherwise simply double-click on the executable file contained in the pendrive).

In the left part of the menu you will find the list of all the software organized by categories, preferences and based on the opening date as well as the search bar to find everything you need on the fly. On the right there are buttons to access any documents saved on the key on the fly, the one to manage the use settings of the suite and the commands to close the program, to view the space occupied on the pendrive and to close the menu.

Single programs

Do you not want to “clog” the memory of your pendrive with entire software suites and then you prefer to download individual portable programs for free USB sticks according to your actual needs and requirements? Then let me advise you those that in my opinion are the best software in the category, depending on the type of membership. There are both for Windows and for Mac. Here they are.

Audio, video and images

Portable programs for the USB stick for free

  • Audacity (Windows/Mac) – Famous open source audio editor in portable version for pendrives. It supports various audio formats and numerous filters and settings to intervene on the tracks.
  • VLC Media Player (Windows/Mac) – Known and appreciated multimedia player for audio and video, open source and portable version.
  • mp3Tag (Windows) – Portable program to automatically insert tags to MP3 tracks.
  • IrfanView (Windows) – Famous image viewer very useful to be able to open any photo in comfort.
  • foobar2000 (Windows) – Famous and appreciated portable audio file player. Various advanced encoding functions, skins and audio ripping supported.

Internet and communications

Portable programs for the USB stick for free

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows/Mac) – The famous email client from Mozilla in a portable variant.
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows/Mac) – The famous “red panda” web browser in a portable variant that can be used directly from a pendrive.
  • Skype (Windows) – Practically the number one application for VoIP in a portable capacity to communicate without problems with your contacts.
  • Pidgin (Windows) – Popular portable salsa program for chatting through all the most well-known and established messaging services.
  • uTorrent (Windows) – Practically the undisputed king when it comes to clients to download files from the BitTorrent network.


Portable programs for the USB stick for free

  • LibreOffice (Windows/Mac) – Famous portable and open source office suite for reading and editing documents, presentations and spreadsheets.
  • AbiWord (Windows/Mac) – Program practically identical to Microsoft’s Word for word processing.
  • Jarte (Windows) – Light and complete word processor with support for Office documents and the possibility to export in PDF format.
  • Foxit PDF Reader (Windows) – The portable version of a popular program for reading documents in PDF format.
  • Notepad ++ (Windows) – Famous text editor with many functions. It is also highly appreciated by programmers.


Portable programs for the USB stick for free

  • AdwCleaner (Windows) – Famous and very effective tool for the removal of malware and viruses present on Windows.
  • Roadkil’s Disk Wipe (Windows) – Software to completely eliminate the computer’s memory units making the previously stored files unrecoverable.
  • Tor Browser (Windows) – The browser to surf the Internet in full anonymity without the possibility of being tracked through the use of the TOR network.
  • PWGen (Windows) – Portable program capable of randomly generating random passwords.
  • RKill (Windows) – Small program through which it is possible to remove running malware in a very simple and fast way.