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Play for free online

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Play for free online: I bet that you too, as soon as you have a moment’s break from work or study, open the browser and fall into the temptation to look for some video game site to play online.

By now there are many portals on which you can play for free online , in the thousands, but finding someone valid, well-assorted and that does not annoy the user with requests for subscriptions, like on Facebook and anything else is not simple.

Here is the reason why I decided to publish this post today and to point out some of the best Flash game sites on the Internet: the safest and funniest ones. When you want to give yourself a few minutes of healthy relaxation, trust them and I assure you that you will not regret it.

Before going into this review of sites where you can play for free online , I suggest you check your software equipment and make sure you have everything you need to play video games that are found on the Internet. Here is exactly everything you need.

  • Adobe Flash Player – most online games are based on the Adobe Flash plugin. Most likely you have already installed it on your PC. If not, remedy immediately by following the directions in my post. Be careful though, if you use the Google Chrome browser you do not need to download Flash separately as it is included “standard” in the program.
  • Unity Web Player – is another free plugin, it is used to play all the latest online 3D games. It can be installed on both Windows and Mac and is compatible with all major web browsers. On the Microsoft operating system, to install it just launch its setup ( UnityWebPlayer.exe ) and click first on I Agree and then on Finish .
  • Shockwave Player – plugin dedicated to 3D games distributed by Adobe. I do not recommend installing it unless you deem it strictly necessary. It is now only used for very few video games.

Play for free online

One of the most popular websites where you can play for free online is Kongregate , which hosts thousands of Flash video games of all genres. And by “everyone” I really mean everyone: puzzle games, action games, RPGs, shooters, sports games and much more.

The games are completely free and there is no need to create an account on the site to access them. The only circumstance where Kongregate registration is required (100% free) is when you want to try multiplayer games online . Among other things, registration can be done conveniently via Facebook by clicking on the appropriate button located at the top of the main page of the site.

To browse the list of the best titles on Kongregate, visit its home page, scroll down and view the rankings for all the genres of games available on the site. When a video game “inspires” you, to start it you just have to click on its preview image and wait for it to be loaded.

Play for free online

If you love 3D games , you can’t forget to add 85Play to your bookmarks . It is another online video game site, totally free and without registration, which hosts hundreds of spectacular titles with 3D graphics based on Unity Player.

To browse the list of 3D games available on the site, select the Unity 3D Games item from the left sidebar. Then locate a video game that may interest you and click on its preview image to start it directly in your browser.

You will have it for hours and hours, I guarantee you, but don’t forget to take a look also at the many “traditional” Flash games that are present on 85Play. They are divided by gender and you find them all listed in the left sidebar. For example, by clicking on the Shooting games item you can view all the shooters, by selecting Sports games you can play sports video games, by visiting the 2D platformers games category you can find many fun 2D platformers and so on.

Play for free online

There are sites where you can play for free online also in Italian. One of the best supplied is Y8 which – as well as the other two – is totally free, safe and does not have the obligation to register in order to play.

You can view the complete list of games that houses selecting a genre from the left sidebar (eg. Adventure , Action , Racing , etc.) Or by clicking on the cards the most popular games , new games and games for girls located on top of the screen.

Play for free online

There are both video games to play in single-player mode and online multiplayer titles that allow you to challenge other users around the world. In this regard, if you love to try your hand at long-distance challenges, I remind you that also on Facebook there are many Flash video games through which you can challenge your friends or strangers for free from all over the globe.

From card games to strategy titles, through simulations like Farmville, there is really everything. You can browse video games by genre or view the ranking of the most popular ones of the moment by connecting to the App Center of the social network.