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Photoshop app

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Photoshop app: Are you a photo editing enthusiast and Photoshop is your daily bread. In this period, however, your busy schedule often takes you away from home and therefore you go in search of a version of the famous Adobe software to use on the go, perhaps on smartphones and tablets. Well, sorry, unfortunately there is no app that can completely replace Photoshop, but there are app for Photoshopmade by Adobe itself, thanks to which it is possible to retouch images via smartphone and tablet, achieving excellent results.

The applications in question can be downloaded and used for free and, thanks to technology Adobe CreativeSync, allow you to synchronize your projects with the cloud, so that you can access them from any device. Would you like to know more? Well, that’s what I’m here for. Take five minutes of free time and read the directions I am about to give you.

In the next few paragraphs, I will detail the official Photoshop apps and explain how to best use them on Android and iOS / iPadOS. I assure you that, even if these solutions are not as powerful as the “classic” version of Photoshop for PC, the results you will be able to obtain using them will leave you speechless!

Adobe Photoshop (iPadOS)

Photoshop for iPad is the most advanced transposition of Photoshop in the mobile environment. It is, in fact, an application that combines most of the functions of Photoshop for computers with the flexibility of the touch-screen and exclusive iPad accessories, such as the Apple Pencil. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and also includes 100GB of Adobe cloud space but, after the first month of trial, it costs 10.99 euros / month.

To be able to use it, after downloading and starting the app, you need to log in with an account Adobe, Apple, Google or Facebookafter which you have to press the button Start 1 month free trial and confirm the activation of the trial, via Face ID, Touch ID or entering the Apple ID password.

At this point, all you have to do is choose whether to create a new image (Create new) or open an existing one (Import and open), by selecting one of the options available below. This will open the actual editor with, on the left, the various tools for editing the image and, on the right, the tools for managing layers, masks, etc.

To export photos, press the icon with the square and arrow located at the top right. To deactivate the automatic renewal of the subscription, instead, go to the menu menu Settings> iTunes Store and App Store> Apple ID: [tuo indirizzo email] > View Apple ID> Subscriptions> Photoshop on the iPad iPadOS and press on the item Cancel subscription.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Photoshop Express

Let’s continue with Adobe Photoshop Express, an app that allows you to retouch photos in 6, maximum 7, steps ensuring a very high output quality. In addition to the possibility of editing your shots by acting directly on their parameters (brightness, contrast, exposure, etc.), Photoshop Express also allows you to create fantastic photographic collages through a specific functionality integrated in the app.

If you’ve already finished downloading Adobe Photoshop Express on your smartphone or tablet, launch the app (which is available for Android And iOS / iPadOS and press the Next button 10 consecutive times, so as to read the information sheets that briefly illustrate its characteristics. Then tap on the button Adobe ID and log in with your Adobe account or, if you prefer, log in with your account Google or your account Facebookby pressing the relative buttons. Access with Adobe ID is preferable, as it allows you to take advantage of additional functions, such as that relating to digital noise reduction, the fog effect, as well as allowing the use of some additional filters.

Once logged in, tap the button OK and grant the app permissions to function properly. Then, tap onpreview of the photo you intend to retouch from those saved in the Gallery; if you want to take them from the camera, from Creative Cloudetc, instead, expand the menu All the pictures and select the option you prefer to use.

To retouch the photo of your interest, press on the symbols that are located at the bottom: tap on the symbol of three intertwined circles, to apply a filter to the image; presses the icon of two concentric circles, to apply some “special” effects; tap on the instrument symbol crop, to cut it out; tap on the symbol with the adjustment rods, to act specifically on its parameters; tap on the bandaid, to repair some of its defects; presses on the symbol ofeye, to automatically correct the red-eye effect; tap on the symbol of T., to add text to the image; tap on the little heartto insert stickers or press the del symbol rectangleto add vignetting, frames, and other decorative elements.

When finished, tap the button Export (top right) and, in the screen that is shown to you, select one of the saving or sharing options from those available.

If you have chosen to make a collage, instead, in the main screen of the app, you have to press on the symbol of square with the two rectangles (bottom right), in order to select the collage format. Then select the photos to include in the project, tap on the symbol of arrow pointing right (bottom right) and select one of the presets listed at the bottom of the screen. Now, press the icon of pencilto replace a photo in the collage or to retouch it.

When finished, press the button Forward located at the top right and, in the menu that appears, select one of the available saving or sharing options.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (Android / iOS)

Photoshop Lightroom Android

Adobe Photoshop Lightroomapp available on both Android than on iOS, is another free solution that you should seriously consider if you want to retouch your shots. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, in fact, in addition to allowing the processing and sharing of images, offers the possibility of taking photos in the DNG format, as well as importing and editing files in the RAW format. To access this last function, however, you need to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography planwhich starts at 12.19 euros per month (VAT included).

I also want to tell you that some advanced features, such as the one that allows you to take pictures in RAW, DNG or HDR format, are accessible only to those who are in possession of a latest generation device (eg Galaxy S8 / S8 + and later, Google Pixel / Pixel XL and later, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and later, iPad Pro 9.7 ″ and later, etc.).

After downloading Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC on your device, start the app, scroll through the information cards that appear when it starts and press the button Log into log in with your Adobe ID or, if you prefer, log in with your account Facebook, Google or Appleby pressing the relative buttons.

Once logged in, click on the icon magnifying glass (top right) and press the icon of theimage with symbol (+)to retouch a photo in the Gallery or on the symbol of camerato take one at the moment.

Then tap on the preview of the imported image in Lightroom and use the tools located at the bottom to act on it: Selectiveto select the portion of the photo to be edited; Healing brushto correct or clone a portion of a photo;Cut outto crop a portion of the image; Profilesto correct the shot using one of the many presets available; Carto use the automatic editing tool; Lightto correct the exposure, contrast and other parameters of the photo; Colorto modify the temperature, the vividness, the saturation, etc .; Effectsto change the clarity of the image, to remove the haze effect or to blur it; Detailsto increase the sharpness of the shot, or Opticsto activate / deactivate the lens correction tool; Geometryto use the prospective corruption tool e Defaultto correct the colors of the photo with some preset filters.

When the work is finished, presses on the symbol of sharing located at the top and save the work done by selecting one of the saving and sharing options from those displayed on the screen.

Alternatives to Photoshop apps

Did the applications developed by Adobe not convince you? Do not lose heart and take a look at the following list of apps: maybe you will be able to find some solution that is to your liking thanks to which you can retouch your shots.

  • Snapseed (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – this application is developed by Google and allows you to use numerous tools thanks to which you can act on the main parameters of your photos. The minimal interface that characterizes Snapseed makes it perfect for those looking for a complete and at the same time easy to use solution.
  • Pixlr (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – this free solution not only allows you to retouch your shots and act on their main parameters (exposure, contrast, brightness, etc.), but also to create fantastic photo collages.
  • VSCO (Android/iOS) – those looking for an app to retouch photos quickly and easily, cannot fail to consider VSCO, a free solution that allows you to edit images with multiple presets.
  • Afterlight (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – this app allows you to act on the parameters of the photos through the use of numerous tools, filters, shapes, frames and so on. Afterlight can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS, although to access all the tools you need to take out a subscription, which starts at € 3.49 / month.
  • Pixelmator (iOS / iPadOS/macOS) – those who own an Apple device cannot fail to consider this app which costs € 5.99 on iOS / iPadOS and € 32.99 on macOS. The tools included in Pixelmator, its “clean” interface and the intuitive gestures that characterize the mobile version of the app make it one of the best alternatives to Photoshop.