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Photo album programs

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Photo album programs: With the advent of technology, browse through photo albums paper has become somewhat unusual. On the other hand, thanks to technology, it is possible to create digital albums in which to collect memories of a whole life and browse them easily, using computers, smartphones, tablets and many other devices.

How do you say? Does this idea appeal to you a lot and would you also like to create a digital photo album? Well, then I know so much that you are in the right place at the right time! In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will have the opportunity to recommend some photo album programs that I’m sure will help you. Also because most of them are free and do not require advanced knowledge to be used. The same goes for apps for smartphones and tablets, which I will tell you about in the last part of the tutorial.

Since I already see you “pawing”, I would say not to waste any more precious time in small talk and to immediately take action. Strength and courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next lines and, more importantly, try to implement the indications that I will give you. I wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Free photo album programs

Let’s start this discussion by starting with some free photo album programs for use on Windows and macOS.

Windows 10 photo

Windows 10 photo

If your PC is equipped with Windows 10, I suggest you use Photo, the integrated “series” application in the Microsoft home operating system, which allows you to organize photos in albums in a rather simple way.

To take advantage of it, double click on the preview of the image of your interest or, if you have modified some system settings and Photos is no longer the default image reader on the PC, right click on the image in question and select the items Open with> Photos from the menu that opens.

Then click on the button add to located in the upper left corner, click on the item New Album, assign a name to the album you intend to create (using the appropriate text field you see on the screen) and then click on the button Create album. If you wish, you can also select one of the albums from those already available, through the menu located under the item Or add it to an existing creation.

Alternatively, start the application Photo (just search for it through the appropriate search bar located at the bottom left and click on the first available occurrence), click on the tab Album, then on the button Create album located at the top right and, after selecting the photos of your interest, click on the button add located at the top right. To rename the album, click on the icon of the pencil located next to the album name set by default, write the name of your interest in the appropriate field and confirm the operation by clicking on the symbol (✓) located at the top right.

If you need to import photos to insert in your albums, however, in the main window of the Photos application, click on the button It matters, select the item From a folder or From a USB device from the menu that opened and then select the folder or USB device from which to take the images.

MacOS. Pictures

MacOS. Pictures

Also on Mac you can make photo albums for free and without installing third-party software. To do this, you can take advantage of the application MacOS. Pictures, which is installed “standard” in the operating system and is very simple to use.

Maybe you can think of using this program together with the function ICloud photo library (of which I told you in detail in this other guide), to upload your multimedia gallery online and synchronize it on all devices associated with the same Apple account. Free storage is only 5 GB, but you can still expand by paying for a subscription starting at 0.99 euros / month.

To take advantage of the Photos application, start the latter by clicking on its icon (that of the stylized flower) on the bar Dock or in Launchpad, open the menu File (top left), select the item New album from the latter and insert the photos of your interest in the album, using the section Photo located in the left sidebar: just right click on the thumbnails of the images to be imported and select the items add to > (name of the album) from the context menu.

To import images into the Photos application, so that you can then insert them into an album, instead, open the menu again File, select the item It matters from the latter and select the folder in which there are the images that you intend to import or, if you prefer, select and drag them into the Photos application window. Simpler than that ?!

Other programs for photo albums


There are other photo album programs which could be right for you, if the solutions natively included in Windows and macOS have not satisfied you.

  • Publisher (Windows) – is an application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite, thanks to which it is possible to create photo albums starting from numerous free, ready-to-use models. As you may already know, Publisher is only available in the version of Office for Windows and not in that for macOS.
  • Cewe (Windows / MacOS) – software dedicated to the creation of photo books, which makes their printing possible, starting from € 8.50 (depends on the format of the album you intend to make).
  • FlipSnack (Online) – allows the creation of digital photo books, which you can browse online or even print. The free version of the service allows you to create 30-page flipbooks, to which a watermark is applied. To remove these limitations you need to subscribe to its Premium version, which starts at $ 14 / month.

Programs for photo albums with music

Are you going to make some photo albums with music? Then I think I have solutions that are right for you.



A solution that I recommend you to use, to make photo albums with music, is Sharalike: a web application that can be used for this purpose for free. Keep in mind, though, that it applies a watermark to the jobs generated.

To avail yourself, connect to Sharalike home page and click the button Get Started placed in the center. Next, decide whether to register using your email address or your Facebook account by clicking on the buttons respectively Signup with email or Signup with Facebook.

Once registered, click on the button (x) Exit help, to close the tutorial that illustrates how the service works, and click on the green button Create an album, top left. Then type in the title you want to give to the album, writing it in the text field Album Name, click the button Choose files …, select the photos you are going to add to your project and click on the button Upload, to load it.

When the upload is complete, select your album from the service editor and arrange the photos in the order you prefer most. So click on the button Smart Show located at the top right and, using the sidebar on the left, select the theme to be applied to the video (through the section Style), the speed image reproduction (through the section Speed) and the music to be used as substrate (through the section Music).

Then choose one of the video models available from the menu Style, Located at the top left, use the adjustment bar placed immediately under the wording Speed, to adjust the speed of the slideshow, and use the field Music to choose the audio track to be used as the background of the presentation.

When finished, click the button Save located in the right sidebar, type in the appropriate text fields first name and the Description of the movie, click on the button Save, to save it, and you’re done.

Other programs for photo albums with music

Programs for slideshows

While you’re at it, take a look at these too other programs for photo albums with music. I am sure they will help you to carry out your projects.

  • PhotoStage Slideshow (Windows / MacOS) – is a free software (if used for non-commercial purposes), which allows you to use your digital photos for the realization of photographic presentations.
  • Adobe Spark Video (Online) – is a tool dedicated to the creation of photo slideshows accompanied by music, which can be used after free registration.
  • Magisto (Online) – is a paid service which, starting from $ 4.99 / month, offers the possibility of making videos with photos and music using an easy-to-use editor. You can test its functionality for a short trial period.

Programs for photo albums to be printed

Are you a lover of paper albums? Well, then let me recommend you some programs for photo albums to be printed. In this case, I am going to recommend some services thanks to which you can order the printing of photo albums at very advantageous prices: you will find everything explained in detail right below.



To make photo albums to print, I suggest you contact Canva: very famous web application that allows you to create various graphic works, including photo books. The service can be used free of charge, upon registration.

To make use of it, go to the main page di Canva, click on the button Start creating a photo book and, on the page that opens, you decide whether to register through yours email address, your account Google or your account Facebook.

After registration, choose one of the ready-to-use models from the sidebar on the left and then select the template to be applied to the first page (which will constitute the album cover).

To upload the photos to be included in the album, click on the item Uploads (on the left), click the green button Upload your images and upload the ones you intend to use for your photo book. Next, drag each photo to the desired point and, after uploading all the images of your interest, personalize the album using the options listed on the left: Text, to insert text; Background, to customize the color and / or texture of the background and so on.

To insert new pages into the album, however, click the button (+) Add new page, go to the card Layout placed on the left and then select the model you want to apply to it. Then repeat the steps just shown, so as to complete the creation of the album with the photos uploaded to Canva.

When finished, click on the button Download, at the top right, select one of the formats available for download (e.g. PDF) and confirm the operation by clicking once more on the button Download. Once the document has been downloaded, you can print it using the specific function offered by the program in use (e.g. generally by going to the menu File> Print).

Other programs for photo albums to be printed

Digitalpix photo books

Here other photo album programs to print that they can do for you, especially if you are going to order their print dealing only with the work of realization of the same.

  • Photosi (Online) – allows you to create photo books using an easy-to-use editor and order their printing from € 8.50.
  • Digitalpix (Online) – this service allows you to order the printing of photo books in a very simple way: just register on the site, select the type of album you want to create and, after uploading the photos to be included in it, place the order to be received at home. The purchase price of the albums starts from € 6.50.
  • 12Print (Online) – is another service that can be used free of charge to make photo albums and order their printing, starting from € 4.90.

App for photo albums

IOS photos

You want to make photo albums by acting directly from smartphones and tablets? So here are some photo album app that might be right for you. Make good use of it!

  • Google Photos (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – the photo manager developed by the Mountain View giant also integrates a feature thanks to which it is possible to create and manage photo albums that are also created automatically based on the places visited, the people immortalized and so on.
  • Photo (iOS / iPadOS) – this is the app included “standard” in Apple devices (practically the mobile version of the macOS Photos application), thanks to which it is possible to create photo albums on the move.
  • Canva (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is the mobile transposition of the online service I told you about in the previous lines, which allows you to create photo albums and possibly order their printing.