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Pen drive programs

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Pen drive programs: The essential programs to have on your pen drive.



WinPenPack it is a hugely popular collection of free applications for every taste and need that can be copied to any pen drive and performed without requiring installation. Come on browser to surf the Internet to email, passing through the graphics programs, i P2P client and file managers, there is really everything. The suite is available in three versions: the Essentials with the essential programs, the Full with all the programs and the Personal with personalized programs. All software can be started via a practical launcher divided into folders. Download from here.

PortableApps Platform


PortableApps Platform is a menu to copy to pen drive (very similar to the Windows Start menu) which allows you to access the vast archive of, one of the most famous sites in the world with the no-install versions of all free software more popular. Initially it does not include any application but through its functions, you can download and organize your favorite programs on pen drive in a few clicks. Download from here.

Wolf Pen Suite


As its name easily suggests, Wolf Pen Suite is a collection of portable applications to be copied and used on any pen drive without the need for installation. It includes all kinds of software, from those for surfing the Internet to those for productivity, and is available in three different versions. That Full 250MB with the complete suite of applications, that Quarrel at 95MB with essential applications and that Zero without applications (programs can be downloaded later). It is distributed in 28 languages, including Italian. Download from here.



LiberKey is a free platform which, once copied onto your USB stick, allows you to access a vast range portable application archive divided into suites. Just select your favorite suite, based on your needs and the space available on the destination drive, and in a few clicks you can copy dozens of free software suitable for every need onto a pen drive. The Windows Start menu-style launcher is very convenient. Download from here.



ASuite it’s a launcher customizable that allows you to quickly manage and start programs, files and folders from any pen drive. It is extremely flexible and is available in various languages, including Italian. It does not include programs but allows you to start those on the USB stick, organizing them into folders and categories. It includes a function for automatic start when the pen drive is connected to the PC. Download from here.



PStart it’s a launcher very light and easy to use that allows you to organize and start programs, files and folders on your PC or pen drive. It is available both in the portable version, to be copied directly onto USB sticks, and in the version with installation to be used on the PC to organize and launch the programs installed on Windows faster. It includes a function for automatic start when the pen drive is connected to the PC. Download from here.