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PC strategy games

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PC strategy games: Almost all games released today, regardless of their genre and target platform, include support for online multiplayer modes that allow you to challenge other users around the world. Appreciable, however it is not always a good choice.

Some titles include such features in a forced, uninteresting way, probably just because it’s in fashion. Others, however, such as PC strategy games structured entirely on online challenges, manage to make the best of the possibilities offered by the Net today and to provide an always varied and stimulating gaming experience.

How about if I point out someone to play for free? There are quite a few that are worth trying, some to download and install on your PC and others to use directly online (the so-called browser games). Take a look at them and I assure you that you will not regret it. Good fun!

Dota 2

It is the most representative title of the genre MOBA (acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), that is of those PC strategy games in which two teams of players fight in closed arenas trying to conquer the opposing headquarters. Dota 2 is a free-to-play game developed by Valve, the company known for having created the digital Steam store. It has excellent 3D graphics and is based on the Source Engine. It includes a wide range of characters and various game modes, such as All Pick (ap), All Random (ar), Captain’s Mode (cm), SIngle Draft (sd). It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download it from Steam .

League of Legends

It is certainly among the most popular real-time strategy titles in the world, also free-to-play and equipped with clients to be installed on the computer (Windows or Mac). It is based on the “Defense of the Ancients” map of “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne” and sees the players divided into two teams made up of three or five champions. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opponent’s nexus. It includes various game modes, such as the Co-op one it is possible to deal with 5 or 3 bots controlled by the server and the Custom one that allows you to create customized game sessions. Download it from here .

<a href=><noscript><img class=Infinite Crisis

If you love PC strategy games and DC Comics heroes, this is the game for you! It is a MOBA featuring Batman, Superman, Joker, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and other characters from the same editorial universe. It allows you to impersonate heroes and criminals in challenges that see various places and historical periods as scenarios. The graphics are excellent. It is currently in the open beta phase and requires the download of a client, currently compatible only for Windows. Download it from here .


Another MOBA that is absolutely worth downloading and trying. It is characterized by an epic setting that sees the protagonists of the gods (eg Ra, Odino, Zeus, Thor) instead of the classic heroes and a third person view much more similar to that of action titles rather than that of others strategic. The graphics are in 3D, very accurate from all points of view, and the gameplay is very varied thanks to the different game modes available. For Windows only. Download it from here .


Khan Wars is a competitive strategic with medieval setting. It allows you to choose between 12 nations, 4 types of Knights and 17 battle units and the fights are characterized by a very addicting battle system that allows you to show off up to 13 different skills. An important role, within the game, also have the collection of resources to build your castle and the training of your army.



If you love space-based titles, you absolutely cannot miss the chance to try  Nemexia . It is a spatial strategy where you have to try to conquer the universe by choosing one of the three available races (the Confederation of humans, Terteri robots or Noxi aliens) and allying with the colonies of other players to expand their own more and more territories.



If you prefer browser games to PC strategy games that require the installation of a client on your computer, you cannot fail to try Wartune which mixes the best of the strategic world with fantasy atmospheres in a very skilful way. It offers the opportunity to try your hand at PvP clashes, campaigns and even in practices such as crafting. Play here .

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Another browser game to be taken seriously is this, which brings the world of the legendary saga of Command & Conquer online. In the video game, each player must select a sector of the map, create a base and protect it by trying to expand their power to other territories. Play from here .