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PC games: the best games

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PC games: the best games: Do you love spending time playing video games on your PC but have you noticed that you are buying too many titles thus “going beyond” your monthly budget? Maybe you should start using digital game distribution services, which guarantee very affordable prices compared to traditional stores and allow you to have access to a vast catalog of independent titles (sometimes for free).

If you want, I will suggest you some right away. Take a few minutes of free time and you will know where to get the best PC games at the cheapest price. I clarify that I am not only talking about titles for Windows but also for other operating systems, such as Mac OS X and Linux. Good fun!

It is now impossible to talk about PC games without starting from Steam . The digital delivery platform by Valve is the most famous in the world and in its catalog there is really everything: from the latest triple A titles to the best video games of the indie scene, paid games and free video games for all tastes. The service is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms and allows you to synchronize your game library on multiple devices.

To enter the world of Steam, connect to its website and download the official client of the service on your computer (just click on the Install Steam item located at the top right and confirm the operation via the Install Steam button now ). Download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded ( SteamInstall.msi ) and, in the window that opens, click on the Next button .

Therefore accept the conditions of use of the program, putting the check mark next to the item I accept the license agreement AND I am 13 years of age or older , and click on Next twice in a row. Finally, put the check mark next to the Italian flag and click successively on Next , Install , Yes and Finish to complete the setup.

When the procedure is complete, click on the Create a new Steam account / Accept button and fill out the form that is proposed to you to create your free account with Steam and start downloading / buying video games on your computer. To browse all the genres of the catalog, use the appropriate buttons located at the top of the window.


If you are particularly interested in online multiplayer PC games (the so-called MMOs), take a look at the MMOBOMB website which offers a constantly updated list with the best games of this type divided by genre: shooter, fantasy, strategy titles , Sports MMOs etc. All free-to-play.

To browse all the games in the MMOBOMB ranking, position the mouse pointer on the DOWNLOAD GAMES button located at the top left and select the game genre you prefer from the menu that appears. Then click on the title of the game you are interested in and download it by clicking on the PLAY FREE NOW button first ! and then on the link on the official video game site.


If you are not interested in Steam’s triple A PC games or MMOs but prefer to dedicate your body and soul to indie titles (i.e. video games made by independent developers), I recommend another couple of sites that you would do well to bookmark.

The first is called GameJolt and offers a wide selection of games for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that can be downloaded at no cost. To use it, just connect to its main page and select a type of video game from those listed under the wording Find Games by Category (e.g. action, arcade, platformer, shooter). Then click on the image of the game to download and on the Download game button to complete the download. Easier than that?

The other site that allows you to download indie games for free is called IndieDB and offers a practical search engine that allows you to track the titles in the catalog by their name. In addition to video games, there are also trailers and screenshots of projects still under development, maps, skins and other content for games already released.


To conclude, I also point out the Origin services of Electronic Arts on which you can find free or paid games made by the well-known American software house and GOG which is instead a digital distribution service of videogames owned by CD Projekt. I explained to you in detail how to use them in my guide on free games to download .

If you then go in search of simple pastimes with which to try your hand in moments of pause, forget the video games to download and install on your PC and head to the Flash games that can be played directly online from any browser.