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Online strategy games

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Online strategy games: Are you a big fan of strategy games and, as such, are you constantly looking for new titles to have fun with on your PC, smartphone, tablet and console? Then let him say: you came to the right place at the right time.

In today’s article, in fact, I want to talk to you about some of the best online strategy games available on the square: these are multiplayer titles (but not only) that can be played directly from the browser, through special clients to be installed on the PC or, again , from mobile and console. There is really something for all tastes, for sure you will be able to find something that will satisfy you.

Then? Can I know what are you still doing there impaled? Position yourself comfortably, take a few minutes of free time just for yourself and immediately start concentrating on reading the following. I am sure that in the end you will be able to find at least one game that can attract your attention and that you can also say that you are happy and satisfied. How about we bet?

Online strategy games for PC

Are you looking for online strategy games to have fun with from your PC ? So why don’t you go to Steam , the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store ? Certainly “sifting through” the various titles available in these digital showcases you will find something fun and at the same time exciting. To find out more, read on.


Strategy games on Steam

Have you ever heard of Steam ? No? Bad, very bad indeed: you’re missing a lot of interesting things! Anyway, there is no problem, let’s fix it immediately: it is the digital store of Valve which, in a short time, managed to earn the title of market leader thanks to its boundless library of games, both paid and free , belonging to practically every possible genre. To access the various games available on the platform, you need to download the appropriate client for Windows, macOS and Linux and register for the service.

That said, in order to download Steam to your computer, go to its website and click on the Install Steam button located at the top right, then press the Install Steam button now .

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows , open the obtained .exe file , click on the Yes button in the window that is shown on the desktop and press the Next button . Then, tick the box located next to the item relating to the use of Italian , click again on the Next button and complete the setup by pressing the Install and Finish buttons .

If you are using macOS , instead, open the downloaded .dmg package and, in the window you see appear on the desktop, press the Agree button . Then drag the Steam icon to the Applications folder of the Mac, right click on it and select the Open item from the menu that is shown to you, so as to start the client, however, going around the limitations imposed by Apple towards applications from non-certified developers (an operation that must be performed only at the first start). For more information, refer to my article on how to download Steam .

At this point, regardless of the operating system used, wait for all the components necessary to run Steam to be downloaded from the Internet, then create your account (if you do not, you will not be able to use the service) by pressing the Create a button new account in the window displayed and providing the data you are asked for.

After logging into Steam, through the window visible on the screen, click on the item  Shop in the main menu of the client, select the word Games and choose the Strategy category , to view all the strategies on the platform.

If you want advice on the titles to download, below you will find a short list of games that, in my humble opinion, you would do well to consider.

  • Pitfall – tactical game of turn-based duels set in a post-apocalyptic world in which two contenders face off in quick matches by controlling a team of four heroes. The goal is to conquer the enemy and claim the loot: it is a free-to-play and is available for Windows and macOS.
  • Dota 2 – is one of the most famous strategists around. The players are divided into two teams and the main objective is to destroy the opposing fortress. Each player controls a hero and must participate in the game by coordinating with the other members. Also note that it has beautiful 3D graphics. It is free-to-play and is available for both Windows and macOS.
  • War Thunder – military-themed strategic game in which you find yourself in control of armored vehicles, naval units etc. of the second world war and the cold war. It is free-to-play and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

After identifying the game you wish to download, if it is a free title, press the Start game button . However, if it’s a paid game, press the button Add to cart , on that purchase for me , is the payment method you prefer to use (card or PayPal) and provide the appropriate information, then click on the button Continue to view the order summary and confirm the purchase.

Then, access the  client’s Library section , press on the name of the game in the left sidebar, click on the Install option and follow the instructions that are shown on the screen to start the download and to finally start playing. If you feel you need more details, you can refer to my guide specifically focused on how Steam works .

Microsoft Store

Strategy games on the Microsoft Store

If you are using a PC with Windows 10 installed , you can also download many beautiful online strategy games from the Microsoft Store , the official store for video games and applications that the Redmond company has made available on its latest operating system: inside you will find both free and paid titles. If I were you I would immediately take a look!

To use it, access the store by clicking on its icon (the one with the shopping bag and the Windows logo ) that you find in the bottom left part of the taskbar . Alternatively, open the Start menu by clicking on the relevant button (the one with the Windows flag ) located at the bottom of the taskbar, type “Microsoft Store”  in the search field displayed and select the most relevant result.

Now that you see the Microsoft Store window on the screen, select the Games tab located at the top, scroll down the screen displayed, until you find the Categories section , and click on the Strategy item , to view all the strategy games present on the store. If you want, you can filter the various games displayed using the drop-down menus at the top. Additional filters are available by clicking on the More Filters button .

If you want some tips on the titles to download, below you will find a list of games that, in my opinion, you would do well to consider.

  • Instant War – strategic war game in which you need to develop your resources and attack enemies using a unified world map and focusing on geography. Troops must be recruited, new technologies developed and confronted with enemies. It’s free, but it offers in-app purchases.
  • Siegefall – strategic where an army consisting of valiant heroes, brave spirits, troops and magic cards must be set up, facing the other players in real-time PvP battles. It’s free, but with in-app purchases.
  • The Rise of Empire: Defending Kingdom – strategy and fighting game, multiplayer and in real time in which you have to create bases and cities, attack enemies and defend against their raids. Free, but with in-app purchases.

When you find a strategy you are interested in, to proceed with the download, click on its title and then on the Get / Install button (if it is a free title) or on the button with the price (in case it was a payment) and wait for the download and installation process to complete. Then, click on the Play button to start the game immediately, or call it from the Start menu , selecting the relevant link just added.

Keep in mind that if you have not added your Microsoft account to the Microsoft Store, after starting the download of a certain game you will be invited to do so, so that you can play with the chosen title also on the other devices to which it is possibly connected. profile. To log in, click on the Login button and enter the required data. If this doesn’t interest you, click on the No button instead , thanks .

Mac App Store

Mac App Store

An official store, the Mac App Store , is also available on Apple-branded computers , through which it is possible to download applications and games of various kinds, including those of strategy.

To connect to the Mac App Store, click on its icon (the one with the “A” and the blue background ) located on the Dock bar . Alternatively, you can recall the store via Spotlight , Siri or by accessing the Mac Applications folder .

Once the Mac App Store window appears on the screen, select the Categories item on the left and the Games item on the right. Then, click on the word Complete list  located in the Paid Top and Free Top sections , to view the classic of all paid and free games. Unfortunately there are no filters available to display only the strategic titles, therefore to find them you have to scroll through the list with all the games and identify them personally.

Alternatively, you can try to see if in the section of the Mac App Store dedicated specifically to games there is some strategic title in evidence: to access it, click on the item Play that you find on the left and take a look at the contents proposed on the right .

If you want some advice about strategy games to download from the Mac App Store, see the following list.

  • Tactical Monsters – strategic where you have to take part in fast turn-based battles by deploying monsters of various kinds on the battlefield. Among the main features of the game, there is the possibility to progress in the main campaign to recruit new creatures, challenge other players in real time and claim rewards. It’s free, but it offers in-app purchases.
  • Stronghold Kingdoms – strategic game set in the Middle Ages in which you have to expand your village, build an army and challenge enemies in breathtaking battles. It’s free, but it offers in-app purchases.
  • Total War: WARHAMMER – strategic fantasy-themed game that offers hundreds of hours of gameplay. You can have fun with the complex plot in campaign mode and face the enemy armies in exciting turn-based battles. It costs 54.99 euros.

When you find a game you want to download, click on its title and then on the Get / Install button (if it is a free game) or on the button with the price (if it is a paid game), then authorize the download via password of ‘ Apple ID or by Touch ID (if your Mac that supports this technology).

Online strategy games from browsers


If you are looking for online strategy games that can be used directly via the browser and that are worth trying, I suggest you take a look at MMOBOMB immediately  . As easily understood by its name, it is a portal entirely dedicated to MMO titles (online multiplayer games) in which it is possible to find substantial rankings with the best video games divided into categories.

To start playing right away, go to the MMOBOMB website and start scrolling through the game rankings. When you find a title that interests you, click on it, consult the relevant tab and press the Play Now button on the new page displayed, in order to start the title.

Another site on which you can find many online strategy games accessible directly via browser is Kongregate : it is a portal part of the GameStop network and represents one of the main websites worldwide in terms of free games that can be used directly from browsers. The only thing to keep in mind is that the games are in Flash , so in order to use them you must have installed and enabled the plugin in your browser.

To start having fun with one of the many strategy titles available, visit its website , scroll through the list of available games and, when you find one that you think you may like, click on it and wait for it to be loaded into the player in the center.

If you are asked to register, fill in the appropriate form that is proposed to you with the required data (email address, nickname etc.) and press the Create My Account button . Alternatively, register via the Facebook account by pressing the button with the logo of the social network .

If you do not have time to “comb through” the lists of games on the sites that I have just mentioned, here is a brief review of titles that I recommend you try.

  • Vikings: War Of Clans – game with an interface in Italian in which you can manage a Viking village, gradually expanding it and unlocking stronger and stronger combat units with which to raid other villages and repel external attacks.
  • Legends of Honor – title in which you find yourself managing a medieval empire, conquering new territories and accumulating wealth to guarantee safety and well-being to your people. As you progress through the game, you can also unlock new units to add to the army and additional war machines.
  • Khan Wars  – very interesting competitive strategy set in the Middle Ages where you can start your campaign to conquer enemy lands by choosing from 12 different nations, 4 types of knights and 17 battle units. To make the gameplay always tantalizing there are the activities that concern the collection of resources to build your own castle, the training of your army and the simulation of the battles to see each action of your soldiers and adapt their position in the best way.
  • Wartune – another browser-based strategy game that combines the best of the industry’s titles while offering an original, fun and very broad gaming experience compared to browser game standards. It offers PvP fights, many dungeons, campaigns and even the possibility of farming / crafting. Free-to-play.
  • The Settlers Online – an excellent browser-based MMORTS produced by UbiSoft in which you have to play the role of a king and monitor your empire trying to expand it as much as possible. You can expand your territory in order to collect materials needed for construction, exploration and combat. Free-to-play, with a medieval setting.
  • Elvenar – fantasy fantasy strategic title set in a world populated by two races: elves and humans. You have to choose one and build and carry on a lush and colorful empire. The highlight is undoubtedly the possibility of witnessing the fighting in cross-linked battlefields where to position and move the troops.

Online smartphone strategy games

Screenshot of strategy games on the Play Store and App Store

As anticipated at the beginning of the guide, there are also online strategy games for smartphones (and tablets), both for Android and iOS devices . You can find them, respectively, through the Play Store and the App Store , which are the official digital stores for downloading apps and games on the platforms in question.

So, if you are using an Android smartphone , first start the Play Store by tapping on the relative icon (the one with the colored triangle ) present in the drawer (the screen where all the apps installed on the device are present). Next, select the Games item located at the top, then the wording Categories and Strategy , so as to display only the games belonging to the category in question.

On iPhone or iPad , on the other hand, open the App Store , by tapping on its icon (the one with the “A” on a light blue background ) located on the home screen . Then select the Games item at the bottom, scroll the new screen displayed until you find the Top categories section and press on the Strategy item , then scroll the list of the various titles available to search for those that interest you.

Below, you will find a short list of the most interesting strategy how to play checkers on the Internet and iOS.

  • Clash of Clans ( Android / iOS ) – it’s practically a milestone in strategy games on smartphones and tablets. You have to build a village and set up an army of barbarians, sorcerers, dragons or other warriors to build a real empire, attacking the territories of others. It’s free, but with in-app purchases.
  • Castle Clash ( Android / iOS ) – another very popular strategic title where you have to set up an army of elves, dwarfs, animals or robots and build your own empire by conquering various cities. It’s free, but it offers in-app purchases.
  • 1941 Frozen Front ( Android / iOS ) – a war strategy title set in 1941, as can be guessed from the name itself, during the Second World War. It has a fairly vast and varied gameplay and the graphics are really well cared for. It’s free, but it offers in-app purchases.

Once you find the game you are interested in downloading, tap on its name. After that, if you are using Android , press the Install button  (in the case of free games) or the one with the price (in the case of paid games) and start the game by tapping on the Open button that has appeared on the screen or on its icon , which has been added to the drawer.

If you are using iOS , instead, press on the name of the game, then on the Get button (in the case of free games) or on the one with the price (in the case of paid games) and, subsequently, tap the Install button . Then confirm the operation using the Face ID , the Touch ID or by typing the password of your Apple ID and start the game by tapping on the Open button that appeared on the screen or by selecting the relative icon on the home screen.

Online strategy games for consoles

Download games on Xbox One

To conclude in a nice way, as they say, I want to explain how to find interesting online strategy games even on consoles , more precisely on PS4 and Xbox One . Before anything else, however, check that the console in your possession is connected to the Internet through its settings menu, following the instructions that I have provided you in my specific guides on how to play online with the PS4 and how to connect to Xbox Live .

Once this is done, go to the default virtual store of your console and locate, through the same, the online strategy games you are interested in downloading, then select them and press the button to proceed with the download. More details on what to do, in particular regarding free and free-to-play titles, you can find them in my specific tutorials on how to download free games on PS4 and how to download free games on Xbox One .

Below, however, I proceeded to insert a short list of strategic games for PS4 and Xbox One that in my opinion you would do well to consider.

  • SMITE ( PS4 / Xbox One ) – turn-based strategic title that includes a large number of characters belonging to mythology and the divinities of numerous religions. It offers various game modes (Arena, Conquest, Clash etc.) and has spectacular graphics. It is free-to-play.
  • AirMech Arena ( PS4 / Xbox One ) – another strategic title in real time in which you need to form platoons and destroy enemy fortresses by exploiting AirMech units, war machines present in different types that stand out for their ability to transform from land units to by plane at the push of a button. It is free-to-play.
  • Paladins ( PS4 / Xbox One ) – free-to-play game with a strategic and shooter character and fantasy theme in which you clash with other online players joining in special teams. The fights also have objectives to be achieved and the heroes, the protagonists of the game, can be personalized using collectible cards.

Then keep in mind that in order to play online on PS4 and Xbox One it is essential to sign up for a subscription, respectively, to the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold service . To deepen the discussion, I refer you to reading my guides on  how to play online on PS4 and how to play online on Xbox One .