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Minecraft server

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Minecraft server: Did you, like millions of other users around the world, have a passion for Minecraft and are you now looking for servers to play multiplayer online? Then let him say: you came to the right place at the right time. Below are the links to some sites through which you can find Minecraft server of any kind.

There are adventure-type servers with a story to complete, hardcore ones with an extreme level of difficulty, the Hunger Games where everyone plays against everyone and the last one who survives wins, the RPG servers with game-style game mechanics. role. And the list could go on and on …

All you have to do is identify the type of server that best suits your tastes and connect to it following the instructions I am about to give you. Be careful though, not all Minecraft servers can be used in the same way. Some require special versions of the game, others still allow access only to registered users and have internal rules to which you must pay close attention (under penalty of ban). In short, before embarking on your next online adventure with Minecraft it is good that you carefully read all the information I am about to give you (and the instructions of the individual servers). Then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you …

Minecraft Italy

Minecraft server

If you are looking for coupons Minecraft server Italians, consult the website Minecraft Italy which includes a constantly updated list of servers sorted by user ratings. For each server, the address (below the name), slot number and version of the game required for access are indicated.

In addition, using the buttons at the top, you can filter the list of servers based on many other parameters: by clicking on No whitelist you can only view servers that do not provide a user whitelist for access; by selecting the item Premium you can only consult the list of premium servers; by clicking on Vanilla you can view the list of servers intended for Minecraft Vanilla (the “smooth” version of the game without modification); by selecting the item RPG you can limit your search to RPG-style servers, and so on.

By clicking on the name of a server, you can view its complete description with screenshots and other useful information, such as internal rules and the IP address to be used in the game to connect to the latter.

Minecraft Server List

Minecraft server

If you are looking for Minecraft server international I recommend you to have a look at the website Minecraft Server List which also hosts a constantly updated list of servers (worldwide and not only Italian) with related addresses, categories of belonging (e.g. No Whitelist, PVE, Economy) and version of the game required for access.

At the top of the page (as well as on Minecraft Italy) there are buttons to filter the types of servers based on various parameters: presence of whitelist, version of Minecraft required to enter, type of game etc. In addition, by clicking on the buttons Popular this month is Popular all time you can view the list of the most popular servers in the last month or all time.

By clicking on the name of a server, you open a page with its complete description, the graph relating to the number of users connected to it and other useful information, such as its IP address and its internal regulation.

Minecraft Multiplayer

Minecraft server

Minecraft Multiplayer is another site that I recommend you always keep in your bookmarks. It is not Italian, but allows you to find it easily Minecraft server Italians thanks to an efficient search system that allows you to filter servers based on their nationality. .

Next to the name of each server you will find some tag which describe the game modes supported (e.g. PvP, Survival, RPG), The number of players currently online and the maximum number of players allowed (Players), the percentage of server operation (uptime) and the score assigned by the community to the latter (score).

If you do not want to view only the Italian servers, but you prefer to filter the list of servers based on the game mode supported or the version of Minecraft necessary for their use, click on the items Types is versions that you see at the top of the page.

How to use Minecraft servers

Minecraft server

When you have found a server suitable for your tastes (and the version of Minecraft installed on your computer), start the game and click on the button Multiplayer to enter multiplayer mode. In the screen that opens, click on the button Add server and fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing the name and address of the server in the appropriate fields. When the operation is complete, click on Done, then select the server name by double clicking on its name and start playing.

Some Minecraft server they can request to register their account by assigning a password to the latter. After logging in, enter the command /register [password da usare] [password da usare] in the Minecraft chat and press the button Submit on the PC keyboard to complete the operation.

Next, to identify yourself on the server you will have to type the command /login [password] in the game chat. For more information, read my guide on how to play Minecraft online.

Create a Minecraft server

Minecraft server

Would you like to have a Minecraft server all yours to have fun with your friends (and not only)? Then I have excellent news for you! Using the LogMeIn Hamchi software, which is also available in a free version that allows you to create servers that can be used by up to five people, you can set up a Minecraft server in an extremely easy and fast way.

All you have to do is download the above application (together with the Multiplayer Server utility available on the official Minecraft website) and follow the instructions in my tutorial on how to create minecraft servers. I assure you that it doesn’t take a technology expert to do it!