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Minecraft Italy server list

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Minecraft Italy server list: At the invitation of some friends, do you have to venture into the original world of Minecraft, Mojang’s sandbox game that has fascinated millions of users around the world for a few years, and now would you like some “tips” on how to play online? No problem.

Now I tell you where to find one Minecraft Italia server list reliable thanks to which you can engage in fun online challenges with other users connected from all latitudes of our “boot”.

GDR, PvP and Survival type servers, servers for expert users, with and without whitelists for access: there is everything! All you have to do is take a look at the links I am about to point out and find your ideal gaming environment!

The first site I recommend you visit is Minecraft Italy which offers visitors a Minecraft Italia server list constantly updated with the votes of the community and extensive descriptions of their main features. The servers listed are sorted by the ratings received from the community, a factor that guarantees their quality and reliability.

Next to the name of each server, on Minecraft Italia you will also find the number of slot available and the version of the game necessary to enter. If you want, you can also make the search more precise and view only the servers with certain characteristics, such as those that do not provide a whitelist to let users in (button No whitelist), role-playing style ones (button RPG), those that provide the game mode Survival and so on.

To watch screenshots of the servers that seem more interesting to you and read the long descriptions of their content, click on their titles. The address you must enter in Minecraft to access it is the one you find next to the wording IP.

Minecraft Italia server list

Another site that offers one Minecraft Italia server list which is worth a look is Minecraft Multiplayer. It is not a made in Italy site, it is an international portal that groups some of the best Minecraft servers available on the Net and allows you to “browse” them according to their country of origin.

To view the Italian ones, connected to the page of the site that I just linked to you. You will find a list of servers listed by the score they got from the users of the site. Next to the server names, there is also information about the number of players allowed (Players), the percentage of operation (uptime) and i tag which describe the characteristics of the latter (eg Roleplay, PvP, Pixelmon).

The version of the game required to access the servers can be found in the blue box under their names. Next to this indicator, then, there is the address you must type to enter the game.

Minecraft Italia server list

If you recently play Minecraft, I remind you that to start a multiplayer game on one of the servers you found thanks to the above sites, you must click on the button Multiplayer present in the initial menu of the game, after which you must select the option Add server and fill in the form that is proposed to you with the name and address (IP) of the server you wish to use. Once completed, press the button Done, double click on the server name and you should be able to connect.

Some Minecraft servers require an account registration in order to play. To do this, type the command /register [password da usare] [password da usare] and press the button Submit on your PC keyboard. Subsequently, every time you connect to the same server you will have to log in using the command /login [tua password].