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Linkem offers

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Linkem offers: You cannot rely on a particularly high-performance ADSL connection and for this reason have you decided to move towards mixed fiber-radio solutions? Well, it seems like a good idea. If so, why don’t you take a look at Linkem offers ? Maybe you can find something that’s right for you. How do you say? You had already thought about it but would you like to receive some advice on what to do first? Then make yourself comfortable and start focusing on reading this guide dedicated to the topic.

In the following lines, in fact, I’m going to illustrate all those that currently represent the best Linkem offers on the market, both in prepaid format and in the form of a subscription. In both cases, navigation can take place via computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device since the connection is established by an internal or external modem that is capable of providing Internet connectivity in Wi-Fi to a wide range of devices .

After reviewing the Linkem offers, I will also explain how to check the effective degree of coverage offered by the manager (in order to avoid, as far as possible, bad surprises following activation) and, for completeness of information, also how to compare the offers in question with those of all the other operators. So if you want to know more, read on. You can find everything illustrated in detail right below.


Let’s get right into the tutorial and go to see what are the main Linkem offers , both prepaid and by subscription.


Rechargeable linkem

On the propagated side, in the Linkem price list we find the rechargeable Linkem offer without limits that can be activated in two variants: one that allows you to have 3 months of Internet browsing for 99.00 euros and one that allows you to have 1 year of Internet browsing at 269.00 euros .

Both floors include an indoor or outdoor equipment on free loan for use which offers the possibility to browse with a download speed of up to 30 Mega with no traffic or time limits.

After the 3 months or 12 months initially provided for by the Linkem Without Limits Rechargeable offer, you can top up your line by purchasing one of the following packages .

  • 1 month of Internet for 27.00 euros
  • 3 months of Internet at 78.00 euros
  • 5 months of Internet for 120.00 euros
  • 12 months of Internet for 240.00 euros

Linkem top-ups can be purchased directly online through the customer area of ​​the operator’s website, in Lottomatica stores or from authorized Linkem dealers .

As for the activation and installation costs, at the moment there are none. The modem is granted on loan for use by the operator and in the event of withdrawal, the device must be returned to Linkem following the instructions provided by the operator. In case of non-return, a penalty of € 100.00 will be paid for each device not returned.

The indoor modem can be easily carried around and can be used to connect to the Linkem network in all areas where the operator’s network is present (just put it into power and you’re done). As for the external modem, this requires installation by a specialized technician (operation included in the initial price of the offer) and therefore it cannot be carried around, on the other hand it is able to pick up the signal in a generally more effective compared to the indoor one. More info here and here .


Linkem subscription

As an alternative to the above mentioned Linkem offers there is the subscription plan called Linkem without limits , which is available in various versions. The basic one has a cost of 26.90 euros / month , allows you to enjoy a connection with speeds of up to 30 Mega in download and even in this case there are no traffic limits.

Unlike the Linkem offers in “rechargeable” format, the subscription solution provides for an activation fee of 100 euros, often discounted at 49 euros and divided into installments (eg 12.25 euros / month). The apparatus for establishing the connection is granted on loan for use and can be either indoors (can be married from time to time by the user himself as needed) or outdoors (requires free installation by a specialized technician ) and in case of withdrawal, the device must be returned to Linkem following the instructions provided by the operator itself. In case of non-return, instead, a penalty of 100.00 euros will be paid for each device not returned. There is a 24 month bond and the deactivation cost is 26.90 euros. More info here .

During promo periods, alternative versions of the plan are often proposed, such as Linkem Senza Limiti Mega Promo , which provides the same characteristics as the basic one but with a discounted monthly fee of € 19.90 for the first year. More info here .

Another variant of the plan is the Linkem Senza Limiti Scuola Smart which has the same characteristics as the Mega Promo one, plus a tablet for 10 euros / month with insurance and a preloaded app for study and school. More info here .

Check coverage


As I said, before activating this or that other Linkem offer, I suggest you to check the coverage of the operator’s FWA + network (who, as mentioned, uses the fiber connection to the antenna that transmits the signal and then distributes it to the receiver via radio) in your area, so as to ensure that after activation, you can take advantage of the service offered at its best.

To check the Linkem coverage, connected to  the operator’s site , type the address of the house where you intend to use the Linkem connection in the appropriate text field, press on the most relevant suggestion and click on the Check coverage button  . If your area is reached by the Linkem network, you will see the list of offers that can be subscribed.

Comparison of offers

Linkem offers

Didn’t the Linkem offers above impress you in a particular way or would you like to compare them with other operators before making your choice? No problem! Trust the Sos Tariffs website   and you will see that in no time you will be able to dispel all your doubts about it.

To connect to the section of the site dedicated to landline offers,  click here and  then use the filters located on the left to outline your consumption profile. For example, you can indicate if you want to view only the offers relating to a specific type of technology, those for which a certain download and upload speed is provided, those that include specific services and so on.

Then you will be shown the list of all the most convenient promotions of the moment. By positioning the mouse cursor on each of them or by clicking on the relevant Details button , you can find out details such as the activation fee, the expiry date of the offer and the monthly fee to be paid for the router. By clicking on it, however, you will be redirected to the page to subscribe online to the selected Internet plan. By clicking on the button  Request advice  and filling in the form that is proposed to you and you will be contacted by an operator for more details on the offers available.

If, on the other hand, you only want to view the offers of a specific operator, click on the  logo  of the operator you are interested in in the appropriate section always on the left, corresponding to the item  Operators  and wait a few moments for the Web page to be reloaded.

You can also order the Internet plans proposed according to the type of user. To do this, locate the item  What type are you?  always located in the left sidebar and click on the profile that best meets your needs to view all related offers. If you are looking for an Internet plan for the home you can choose between:  Family  if you need a connection mainly to download files from the Internet, view emails and make calls; Broadband  if you need an extremely fast connection with no calls included; ADSL + Key  if you need to navigate even on the move; ADSL + TV  to search for subscriptions inclusive of IPTV or  Wireless if you need a fast connection but you live in an area not covered by the standard ADSL line. As for the Internet plans for the office, premises and companies, they are all selectable by clicking on the Business tab  .