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Link for Facebook: Do you usually use Facebook to share news, famous quotes and photos with your friends? Then I bet that you are constantly looking for interesting pages from which to steal new content to propose on your page.

Did I guess? Good. Here is a series of link for Facebook with quotes, spectacular images and funny videos that will surely come in handy to entertain your audience in an original way (if we want to define it that way).

Of course I do not pretend to draw up a ranking of the best pages on Facebook, it would be objectively impossible. I just want to give you some ideas – I hope interesting – to find inspiration to use in your next posts.

Between the link for Facebook there are undoubtedly famous phrases and quotes that are most popular. There are thousands of pages dedicated to this type of content. Many of these are really interesting but for obvious reasons I will limit myself to mentioning only a few of the most popular, all in Italian.

Staying on the subject of humorous content, let me suggest a few link for Facebook with funny phrases, photos and videos to share with your friends. Also in this case I propose a very limited selection of pages but in reality there would be hundreds of them to report.

  • If the paintings could talk – very famous Facebook page where very funny captions are added to the most famous paintings in the world. There are also countless clones with paintings that “speak” in all the main Italian dialects.
  • 9GAG – international page, in English, which offers lots of funny images and curious videos every day.
  • Best Vines – a collection of the funniest and most original videos posted by users on the famous social network Vine.
  • Filthy – Facebook page of one of the main Italian satire sites. It publishes news totally invented to laugh, often bitterly, at the reality that surrounds us.
  • Spinoza – one of the most famous Italian satirical pages on the Web.
  • If social networks had always existed – hilarious conversations on Facebook between important historical figures.

Funny links for Facebook

If you like photos over text links, you might want to take a look at pages like Breathtaking photos And National Geographic who post photos of spectacular landscapes every day or a Food Art which shows beautiful images of sweets and other delicious dishes arranged in an artistic way.

If you need other interesting ideas and, above all, other good ones link for Facebook to share in your diary, don’t forget to visit me on the my official page where every day – in addition to my guides – I publish many curious photos, funny contents and famous phrases. Plus, you can use Facebook’s built-in search feature to find interesting new pages to follow – it’s that simple.

If, for example, you want to find nice phrases to share with your friends, write the term “phrases” in the Facebook search bar (the one located at the top of the screen), select the link see other results for “phrases” that appears among the suggestions for automatic completion and, on the page that opens, click on the item Pages located on the left. You will be offered a list with all the most important Facebook pages dedicated to phrases: choose the ones you like best and that’s it!