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Like having lots of likes on photos on Facebook

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Are you a big fan of photography and would you like to spread your shots on all social networks, Facebook, in particular, but you don’t know where to start? Are you going to create a Facebook page where you can post many of your photos and would like some advice on bHow to have lots of likes on photos on Facebook? So let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place, at the right time and above all on the right guide.

In today’s tutorial, I want to actually tell you about like having lots of likes on photos on Facebook, using only a few small tricks and some techniques that, designed to encourage interaction between users, will allow you to increase the visibility of your photos on Facebook. However, you must take into account that there is no real magic formula for success. Facebook is a social network that displays content posted by other users based on an algorithm called Edge Rank. This algorithm assigns a value to a shared post, based on the interaction that occurs between the person (or page) sharing that message and the person receiving it. Consequently, the more the recipient has interacted with the person (or page) in the past, the more likely the sender’s post will be displayed in the Newsfeed. Furthermore, it’s not all that easy, even the type of interaction is important: for example, a comment has a higher value than a simple “like”. As a result, you can understand that having lots of likes on photos on Facebook is not that simple.

In any case, have many likes on the photos on Facebook, you can and don’t necessarily have to pay to promote your content. By reading this guide to the end, you will be able to understand how to entice users to interact with a page or post on your profile. Of course I can’t guarantee you miraculous results, but with a little commitment, a little patience and a little persistence, I bet that you too will be able to have your say on the most famous social network in the world. You are then ready to start discovering as have many likes on the photos on Facebook? Yup? All right, then let’s get started! Have a good reading.

Create a Facebook page:

It may seem obvious, but creating a Facebook page is the first step to follow have many likes on the photos on Facebook. Because? It’s very simple, I’ll explain it to you right away. Facebook pages, as I explained to you in my guide entitled how to join Facebook as a company, is specifically designed to allow companies to reach their potential customers. In any case, even if you are a public and prominent person, you should create a Facebook page, perhaps in your specific case, a Facebook page based on your profile, as I explained to you in my other guide that I linked to.

The main advantage in having a Facebook page, which will then allow you to have many likes on the photos on Facebook, consists in having an analysis tool available which, called Facebook Insight, will allow you to analyze which are the contents with a higher rate of interaction, as well as allowing you to find out precisely which are the days and hours in which your fans are most active. By posting on these days and times, as well as analyzing these statistics in detail, you may receive many likes on the photos you post on your Facebook page.

Having said that, I guess you understand that the first thing to do is to create a Facebook page, within which you can share your shots with your audience: in this way you can manage everything in a more organized way, as well as to have always up-to-date statistics on people who have “Like” the photos but also the page itself.

If you don’t know how to create a Facebook page, know that it’s very easy. All you have to do is follow the guide I wrote on the subject and, in no time, your page will be online, ready to host all the photos you want. Think, you can also do it directly from your smartphone. Follow my tutorial and you will find all the explanations you need.

Once the page is set up, you should put some effort into increasing the number of visitors. To do this, first invite your friends to “like” your Facebook page. Then, share it on your personal profile and follow the other instructions contained in my guide on how to have many “likes” on a Facebook page: it is a question of following some simple guidelines that will help you engage users, promote the page on a blog and external Internet sites, through special “boxes” (such as those you find on many Web sites) and put into practice other small tricks to increase the visibility of the contents.

Also, don’t forget that Facebook is a social network designed to communicate and not a virtual showcase to sell your products. This does not mean that Facebook cannot be used as a tool for the dissemination and sale of its products, but you must not “spam”, forgetting the nature of Facebook’s social network. If you stop and think about it, you will realize that people visit Facebook to have fun as well as to keep in touch with their friends. From this point of view, therefore, an exaggerated sponsorship of one’s products would be boring and certainly would not stimulate interaction.

As a result, like writing a post or sharing a photo in such a way get many likes? One tip I can give you requires you to think about the kind of people you want to reach. You have to try to get into your audience’s mind and figure out what content they like, passionate, or enjoy. The same thing can be applied to Facebook pages: the more you know your customers / fans, the more you will be able to create posts or share photos that stimulate their interactions.

How to get many likes on photos on Facebook – A few guidelines

Whenever you are about to publish a post or image on Facebook, take care to write a small text, taking care of it to perfection. So I want to give you some advice with some lines to follow, to create an effective post.

  • Be short, clear and concise: do not write long texts and try to stay in one or two lines at most.
  • Write a post that contains a question at the end: in technical jargon, this is called “Call to Action”. In a nutshell, end the post with a sentence that prompts action (comment, share, like, click on the link … etc).
  • You can try to stimulate the emotional side of your visitors by writing short personal reflections on various topics, such as friendship, love, etc., by entering famous quotes or quite simply by doing requests to the public (eg “have you ever been here?“,”do you remember?“, etc.).
  • If you prefer to be more direct, you can also write something like “how many likes does this photo deserve?” or “like it if you agree“. But don’t abuse these techniques, because in the long run they can prove counterproductive and tire visitors.
  • Write in the first person: it talks about you, what you like and what you are passionate about. This will stimulate the natural interaction and empathy of other Facebook users towards you.
  • Try to inspire your fans and convey positive emotions: write a post that can in some way arouse an emotion towards those who follow you. This will surely bring more interactions.
  • Talk about the trending news or the fashions of the moment: don’t always talk about what concerns you. If there’s any trending news or topics you can have your say on, share it on Facebook. This will help you get noticed. As usual, always use common sense and don’t abuse these techniques just to get noticed. Don’t forget to be natural.
  • Enter the emoticon at the end of a post: they make it friendlier and the language is more conversational.
  • Use a few hashtags: on Instagram hashtags are used a lot but this cannot be said for Facebook. The secret of hashtags for Facebook is to put a few and specific ones. Use words that can help you understand the topic of your post or the subject / subject of your photo on the fly.

Moving on to another aspect to consider, don’t forget that for have many likes on the photos published on your page (or on your profile) the photos must be beautiful, accurate and original.

In fact, even with regard to images, there are guidelines that you can follow:

  • Users like posts with great pictures: these attract attention and therefore, consequently, also favor interaction.
  • Then choose images with bright and vibrant colors, where the subjects are sharp and clear. Again, try to arouse an emotion.
  • If you want some advice on how to take beautiful photos, read the guide I prepared some time ago on this topic.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for ready-to-use photographs, you can take a look at the sites that I pointed out to you in my guide on free photos. But be careful: to share them on your Facebook page you must name the authors and respect their conditions of use which often prevent commercial purposes (therefore earning through advertising or other sources). Also, my advice is not to use stock photos. Prefer photos that you take yourself or photos where you appear in first person.

Also, do not underestimate the use of applications such as Instagram that allow you to apply very suggestive effects to images taken with the smartphone. The photos posted on Instagram can also be shared directly on your Facebook profile. For guidelines on how to use Instagram, I recommend that you read my tutorial on how to use Instagram.

In addition to Instagram, it also evaluates the use of Twitter, which can be used as a “megaphone” to automatically relaunch posts (and photos) published on Facebook. Find out how to do it in my tutorial on how to tweet a Facebook post. I’m sure you will find it very useful to understand how you can get lots of likes on photos on Facebook.