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Like having lots of likes on Facebook

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Like having lots of likes on Facebook: Following the advice I gave you in some of my guides, you tried to create a page Facebook to promote the activities of your site / blog but have not yet managed to make it as popular as you would like?

What can I say, I’d love to explain to you like having lots of likes on Facebook revealing a magic recipe that can instantly raise the likes of your fan page but unfortunately you can’t do miracles. What I can do, however, is to give you some useful suggestions on how to make the most of Facebook’s functions and the tools made available by the Net to advertise your page. So, would you like to try?

As mentioned, unless you want to “play dirty” and use scam techniques (perhaps for a fee) to inflate the numbers of your pages, the only way you can have many likes on Facebook is to advertise and offer interesting content to users. But let’s go in order.

Assuming you used my guide to create a Facebook page to create a fan page dedicated to your blog, the essential first step you need to take to increase the number of I like it on your page is to create a Facebook box to be included in the sidebar of your site to entice readers to put a nice like.

The Facebook box is a box that shows a preview of your Facebook page with the Like button and the avatars of the users subscribed to it inside. To create one, all you have to do is connect to this Facebook Developers page and take advantage of the form located in the center of the screen to create your custom box.

After entering your Facebook page address in the field Facebook Page URL, you can choose the size of the box (fields Width and Height), border colors (Border Color) and the elements to show or not by placing check marks on the appropriate items. Once you have finished customizing the box, click on the button Get code and paste the HTML generated by Facebook into your blog.

After entering the Facebook box, you need to invite readers to click on I like it in the articles you post on your site / blog. To do this, in addition to publishing interesting content that can naturally arouse the interest of users, you can insert explicit requests in posts by writing messages like “if you found this guide interesting, also help your friends by sharing it on Facebook” or something like that.

Alternatively, if in spite of have many likes on Facebook are you willing to invest some money, you can organize a contest in which you ask the participants to put I like it on the Facebook page of your site / blog and comment on the contest post to participate in the draw for a gadget that you will give away through a draw.

Whatever solution you have chosen, do not forget to promote your site by reporting it on the sites of social news and on Facebook pages that allow you to do free promotion in exchange for a like.

You can find all the information you may need on the subject in my guides dedicated to how to sponsor your blog and how to advertise a page on Facebook. Make good use of all these means at your disposal and you will see that in the end you will succeed in your intent. Good luck!