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Lady your Internet

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Lady your Internet: Nothing is comparable to the satisfaction of beating a friend to checkers after a long game, however even the videogame transpositions of this historic pastime have their charm, especially those online that allow you to challenge other fans around the world.

Have you ever tried a checkers video game on the Internet ? No? Then I guess you should fix it right away. As already mentioned, it is not an experience comparable to a real game, maybe played looking at each other with the opponent, but I am convinced that you will like it anyway. On the other hand, there are many checkers’ titles available on the Web, and there are no shortage of good challengers: this is little but sure.

Most of the titles are playable at zero cost without downloading any software on the PC, even directly on Facebook. In addition, many of them have a mobile version that can be used from smartphones and tablets by downloading special apps. What else to add? All you have to do is find the game that seems most interesting to you, search for your opponent and immediately start having fun with checkers online. I am convinced that you will be really excited about it!

Lady Treagles (Facebook)

Checkers on the Internet

If you want to play checkers on the Internet to challenge other players from all over the world and you are registered on Facebook, I recommend you try Dama Treagles which is free and works from any browser. As long as the Adobe Flash Player is installed on the PC.

To play, connect to the video game Facebook page and click on the Play now on Facebook button . At this point, click on No, thanks for bypassing the advertising proposals, locate a free game table and click on the green Click button to play to enter the game. If there aren’t any, wait a few seconds and click on the Update button to update the list of tables.

In addition to the single games, you can also try online checkers tournaments . To register for them, however, you need to pay a sum of Treagle Coins, the virtual coins of the Treagle games that can be earned in-game or purchased with real money.

For the rest, it is useless to dwell on useless explanations: the rules of Dama Treagles are the same as those of the classic Checkers. It’s up to you to assert yourself also in this online variant of the game.

Checkers (Facebook)

Checkers on the Internet

Checkers is another very fun checkers game available on Facebook, also based on Flash Player. To start it, connect to its home page and click first on the Play now button  and then on  Play now : a random opponent will be automatically searched to start a challenge in multiplayer mode. If, on the other hand, you prefer to play with a friend, click on the appropriate button in the Lady’s initial menu ( Play with a friend ) and choose her name from the screen that opens.

You can also wager virtual chips on your win in Checkers games to earn more coins and unlock the various bonuses available in the game. Furthermore, by expanding the side menu of the videogame you can activate / deactivate the game animations and turn the game table view ( flip ).


Checkers on the Internet

Another lady on the Internet that is worth considering is the one available on the PlayOK site which does not even need the Adobe Flash Player to work.

To enter the game you must first click on the login button , then on the link sign up for free and create a free account on the portal by filling out the short form that is submitted to you (just enter your username, password and email). When the operation is complete, click on start – Italian checkers , find a free game table and enter the “match” by clicking on the Go to table button .

On the page that opens, click first on the Play button (located under your username), then on Start and … have fun! You know the rules of the game.

If you don’t want to create an account on the site and want to play as a guest, click on the guest button   on PlayOK and choose a table with at least one free seat. Then choose which station to play in by clicking on button 1 or button  in the right sidebar, wait for a challenger to arrive and click on  Start to start playing.

Other Checkers games online

Checkers on the Internet

Are you not interested in challenging other players in multiplayer but you want to play checkers on the Internet just to spend a few minutes of relaxation? Then you should keep the Checkers Game site in your favorites, which offers a very simple version of the game in which to challenge the CPU. The game is based on HTML5 technology, therefore it works on any browser and operating system without requiring external plugins (including Flash Player).

You can also find different checkers titles on Kongregate and Y8 , two famous Flash game sites that are completely free and require no registration (except for some online multiplayer games). To access it, just use any browser with Flash Player support.

Checkers games for smartphones and tablets

Checkers on the Internet

If you want to play on your mobile (or tablet), here are some apps that allow you to challenge other fans of checkers from all over the world for free.

  • Checkers Treagles – the game I told you about earlier is also available on smartphones and tablets and allows you to play online multiplayer by challenging users connected via Facebook. It is available for Android and iPhone / iPad .
  • Checkers Live – another highly-rated checkers game in the mobile field that allows you to challenge other users online and to practice offline with three different difficulty levels. It is available for AndroidiPhone / iPad  and Windows Phone .
  • The OutOfTheBit Checkers – another very interesting checker title that allows you to try online multiplayer challenges as well as offline games with 3 different difficulty levels. It is available for Android and iPhone / iPad .