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Karaoke for free

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Karaoke for free: Admit it: as passionate as you are about music, you are out of tune as a bell. This, however, must absolutely not prevent you from having fun with your friends and challenging them in fun sessions karaoke. After all, singing has never hurt anyone (apart from broken crystal glasses!).

By the way, you know that there are online programs and services that allow you to sing to free karaoke in a very simple way? No? Then we must fix it now! Think that there are also apps dedicated to karaoke, thanks to which you can have fun (and practice to make a good impression with friends) wherever you are!

Come on, don’t waste any more time and get to work! Take five minutes of free time, test the various solutions listed below, choose the one that seems to be most suitable for you and put into practice the instructions I will give you, in order to use them to the fullest. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!

Free karaoke to download to your PC

Let’s first look at some solution of free karaoke to download to your PC. Listed below are some programs, compatible with both Windows and macOS, which could definitely be for you.

vanBasco Karaoke Player (Windows)

If you use a Windows PCI recommend you try vanBasco Karaoke Player, considered one of the best free karaoke programs. Its simple and intuitive interface, entirely translated into Italian, makes it very easy for anyone to use.

To get it, connect to his official siteclick the button Go on and, on the page that opens, click on the button Download. Once the download is complete, open the .exe file you have obtained and, in the window that opens, first click on the button Yup and then on Forward (twice in a row), I acceptstill Forward (two more times in a row) e endto conclude the setup.

Once the program is installed and started, from the window Playlist you will be able to launch one of the songs integrated into the latter. After double clicking on the song of your interest, as if by “magic” its lyrics will appear in the main window of vanBasco Karaoke Player. If desired, you can expand to full screen the window in question (to be clear, the one in which the lyrics of the song appear), simply by double clicking on it.

If you wish, you can also download other backing tracks directly from the vanBasco site: all you have to do is connect to This Page and search for the song of your interest, using the search field Type the name of the artist or song. To download a base, click on his title and repeat the operation on the page that opened.

Once the download is complete, the backing track should be in the folder Download of your PC: to use it, you need to double-click on it and choose to open it with vanBasco Karaoke Player. More info here.

MidiCo (macOS)

I tell myself

If you use a Macinstead, I recommend you try I tell myself: a software that includes a MIDI and KAR file player and offers a karaoke function, thanks to which the text of the song being played can be displayed on the screen. The program is paid, costs 29.90 euros, but it is possible to test its features through a free trial version, the only limitation of which is to stop playing each song after two minutes.

To download the program, go to his official siteclick on the button Download and, in the new page that opened, click on the button Proceed to Download placed in the center of the page (on the left). Once the download is complete, open the package .dmg you got and drag I tell myself in the folder Applications of macOS.

Go, therefore, to the path in question, right click onMidiCo icon and select the item You open twice in a row: in this way, you will be able to “bypass” the restrictions imposed by Apple on non-certified software (this is only necessary at the first start).

After clicking on the main MidiCo window, open the menu Archive located at the top left (in the macOS menu bar) and select the option Open file from the latter, to open the file you want to use as a base for karaoke (if you haven’t downloaded any backing tracks yet, take a look at the guide where I explain how to do this).

At this point, you just have to click on the button Play present in player, to start playing the song, the text of which will be present in the main application window. Easier than that?

Free karaoke online

Now is the time to see some solution to sing to the free karaoke online: by doing so, you will not need to download any programs to your computer.



An online service that I recommend you try, to sing karaoke online, is SingSnap: it is a site that allows you to listen to the instrumental version of multiple songs and to sing using your computer’s microphone. Works on all major browsers, but requires the use of Adobe Flash Player (I explained how to download Flash Player and how to activate it in some special guides).

Basically, the service is free to use, although there are some paid content. To proceed, go to the SignSnap main pageclick on the tab Sing & Record placed at the top left and write, in the text field Song / Artistthe name of the song or artist of your interest.

Once you have located the song you intend to sing, click on the button Sing (if it is yellow, it means that the song is only available for paying users), click on the button Create Free Account to record present in the new page opened and register for the service using yours email address or your account Google, Facebook or Yahoo!.

Once registration is complete, start using the service: skip the short tutorial that is initially proposed to you, grant the program permission to access the microphone and to webcam of your PC, by clicking on the button Allow And; then when you are ready to do so, click the button Play (bottom left) to start the backing track on which to practice.

By clicking on the button Recording, you can even record your singing performance. Beautiful, is not it?



Also YouTube can prove to be a great tool for singing karaoke online. The famous video sharing service from Google, in fact, is full of videos and entire channels dedicated to this fun pastime.

To find a song to sing karaoke on YouTube, all you have to do is go to the main page of the service or start its official app for Android or iOS and search through the appropriate search bar placed at the top, the title of the song of your interest in karaoke version: maybe you can use it as search terms “[titolo brano] karaoke “.

Once you have managed to identify the song of your interest, you just have to select it from the search results, to start playing it and start singing on the song’s text that is shown in the video.

Karaoke app

Karaoke app

Go in search of karaoke app to be installed on your smartphone or tablet and to be used to show off your singing skills wherever you are? Check which of these applications are best for you and use them to have fun with your friends!

  • Sing! Karoke by Smule (Android/iOS) – it is one of the most famous and appreciated karaoke apps in the world. Among other things, it allows you to record and listen to your own voice and modify it through some effects (free or paid). In the basic version only some songs and effects are included: to unlock all the contents, you need to subscribe to a subscription starting at 3.49 euros / month.
  • Sing Sharp (Android/iOS) – is an app developed to help users improve their voice by learning to sing the right way. It offers various types of training that allow you to practice and improve over time. Basically, the app is free but has banner ads. It is possible to remove the banners by subscribing to a subscription that starts at 10.99 euros / year and which also offers access to exclusive content.
  • Karaoke of Italian songs (Android/iOS) – is an app that allows you to sing and record your voice, so as to keep track of your vocal performances. Some songs can only be unlocked by signing up for a subscription starting at $ 2.99 / week.

If you want some more information on how to use these and other karaoke apps, I suggest you read the guide I have dedicated to the subject.