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Karaoke bases

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Karaoke bases: From time to time, do you like to liven up your evenings with friends by setting up a karaoke contest? Then I bet you’re always looking for new backing tracks to have fun with. Did I guess? Well, very well indeed.

Today, in fact, I’m here to tell you about some sites and online services that allow you to download, stream and / or buy karaoke bases in an extremely easy and fast way, both free and not. Take a look at each of them and you will never run the risk of running out of songs anymore.

If this interests you, I therefore suggest you take a few minutes of free time, sit comfortably in front of your trusted computer and concentrate on reading the instructions below. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that you will also be ready and willing to provide all the necessary explanations to your acquaintances eager to know how and where to find excellent karaoke bases. So tell me, are you ready? Yup? Very well, then let’s ban the chatter and get started.


The first website I suggest you turn to is vanBasco, one of the world’s most popular online resources for karaoke backing tracks. The site offers a search engine through which thousands of songs can be downloaded for free in MIDI format (instrumental only, without the vocal part) or KAR (including text) using the databases of various online services. How does it work? Nothing easier.

All you have to do is connect to the main web page of the vanBasco site using the link I just provided you and use the search bar located under the heading Type the name of the artist or song: to search for the song you are interested in. If you want, you can limit the search to only KAR files by placing the check mark next to the item Show only results containing Karaoke.

When the search results are shown, to download a song, click on its title (eg. song.kar) and repeat the operation on the page that opens. If a link does not work, click on the entry mirror (if available) and download the song from one of the alternative addresses that are proposed to you.


Karaoke bases

Another site dedicated to karaoke bases that I recommend you visit is SingSnap, which allows you to listen to the instrumental version of many pieces of music and to sing directly online using a microphone to be connected to the computer (the one integrated in the webcam is fine too). The service is free but requires you to register for an account and some content is only available for a fee. To use the service, you must also be equipped with Flash Player (if you remember correctly, I told you about it some time ago in my guide on how to download Flash Player).

To have fun immediately with SingSnap karaoke, connect to the home page of the site using the link I gave you a moment ago and click on the tab Sing & Record which is located at the top left. So use the search bar located next to the item Song / Artist to search for a song and locate the songs marked with the microphone icon in the search results. The others, those under the heading Gold and next to which there is an orange button, they are reserved for pay subscribers.

Then click on the button Sing related to the song you want to play and then presses the button Create Free Account to record attached to the new web page that is shown to you to register a free account on the site. Then click on the button Show Registration Form and fill out the form displayed by typing your name, your surname, your e-mail address, the username you intend to use and the password that you associate with the account then click on the button Create.

If you are asked to view a short tutorial on the use of the service, decline the invitation and then authorize SingSnap to access the microphone and webcam by clicking on the button Allow appeared in the browser window. Once this is done, click on the button Play placed at the bottom left to start the backing track of the song and the lyrics to be sung will be displayed, in time.

Once karaoke has started, you can manage the audio level of the music as well as that of the microphone using the appropriate adjustment bars located at the bottom. You can also start a recording of your artistic performance by clicking on the button Recording – which you can then listen to, view and possibly even save on your computer by clicking on the button Reviw this Recording which will be shown to you when the song is finished – and you can view the karaoke player in full screen by clicking on the button FS.

On the right, you will find the shot of the webcam connected to your computer and various buttons to apply any fun filters. If you prefer, you can view the karaoke text in a larger format and remove the view from the webcam by clicking on the button Large Lyric Window present at the top right.


Karaoke bases

If you are looking for karaoke bases of Italian songs or very recent hits, try taking a look at the site SongService which allows you to purchase the MIDI, MP3 (customized or not) and sheet music versions of over 10,000 Italian and international songs.

To find out how it works, connect to its home page using the link I just provided and use the search bar located under the heading MIDI Karaoke to search for a song.

Once the search results appear, click on the title of the song that interests you the most and choose whether to listen to an online preview by clicking on the button Play then presses the button with the price corresponding to the type of file you want to obtain (in case more options are available). Generally, MIDI and MP3s cost € 1.89 and files including text € 2.00 or more.

Once you have added all the songs you want to download to your cart, click the button first Proceed to purchase located at the top right and then on the link To register click here. Then fill out the SongService registration form and complete the transaction by entering the data relating to the payment method you want to use (eg credit card or PayPal).


Karaoke bases

Another service that can come in handy and that you might find interesting for finding karaoke backing tracks is Karasongs, which offers the ability to search for music videos with song lyrics and use them to have fun with friends in singing challenges. It does not offer direct microphone support or recording features, on the other hand it is 100% free and does not require any kind of subscription to use.

All you have to do to be able to use it is to connect to the website of the service using the link I have just indicated, search for the song through the appropriate bar located in the center of the screen and click on the thumbnail of the music video to be reproduce. Once this is done, the video will start with the backing track of the chosen song and with the lyrics on the screen. Simple, isn’t it?

You can also download the backing track of the chosen song, either as an MP3 file or as a video. To do this, click on the button Download MP3 Version that you find under the player of the movie of the song then click on MP3 download or up Video Download (and in this case also choose the quality of the movie) according to your needs and preferences and wait for the download to start and then complete.


How to download backing tracks

In addition to the services I have already indicated to you, please note that you can try to find and download karaoke backing tracks for free and not by using the search engine made available by Google.

To use it, simply type into the address bar of your favorite web browser and enter the name of the karaoke base you wish to download in the search field in the center of the screen displayed. Then, press the button Enter attached to your computer keyboard or on the button Search with Google visible on the screen.

At this point you should see a whole series of search results referring to the karaoke base in question. So press on the result that you think may be more relevant: if you are lucky, you will find what you are looking for without too much effort.

Other solutions to find karaoke backing tracks

How to download backing tracks

Didn’t the websites and online services for finding karaoke backing tracks that I propose you satisfied? If the answer is yes and if you are looking for alternative solutions to find what you need, I suggest you do not throw the sponge yet and take a look at my guide on how to download free music through which I have proceeded to suggest you. the use of different and useful programs and services through which you can find music, including karaoke backing tracks, at no cost. You may also find my tutorial on how to download karaoke for free, particularly interesting.

In this case, however, I would like to underline the fact that the information in the tutorial that I linked to you was written for illustrative purposes only. Downloading copyrighted songs from the Internet is a crime. It is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy and, therefore, I do not take any responsibility for the use you will make of the information contained in the post