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Jukebox programs

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Jukebox programs: The best programs to play and manage music on PC.


In a selection of jukebox programs absolutely could not miss it iTunesApple’s multimedia program which, thanks to its infinite potential, allows you to listen, manage and buy music in digital format even for those who have recently approached the world of computers. Available for Windows and Mac, it supports all major audio file formats and allows you to better catalog your digital albums by automatically downloading information and covers from the Internet. It also supports standard audio CDs, allowing you to rip and save them as compressed digital files on your computer and, of course, sync albums and playlists with all Apple devices: iPod, iPhone and iPad. Download from here.



SongBird it’s a jukebox software free for Windows and Mac OS X that allows you not only to listen and organize your digital music collection but also to share your favorite songs with other devices and stay up to date with the latest news about your favorite artists. It has a very nice and easy to use user interface, which closely resembles that of iTunes, and includes many advanced features. These include wireless sharing of your music library with various devices and synchronizing albums and playlists with portable media players. Download from here.



Jukebox it’s a unified music management solution and more generally of all multimedia files on PCs and smartphones. It is characterized by an extremely accurate and beautiful to see user interface, through which even the less experienced user can efficiently manage their music (and video) library having the ability to synchronize and share their favorite songs complete with ratings. and tag with other devices. It also includes advanced social features and supports all major portable smartphone / media players currently on the market. Download from here.



Jajuk it’s a free software for managing and playing music which supports all major audio file formats: mp3, ogg, FLAC, aac, wma, ape and more. Among its main features are the advanced management of playlists, the ability to evaluate songs, the removal of duplicate files, the selection of favorite songs, random playback and repetition of the songs that you want to listen to more than once. It is compatible with all major operating systems but requires the presence of software to work Java on the computer. Download from here.



MediaMonkey it is one of the best jukebox software available for Windows that allows you to play and manage all major music file formats in an incredibly easy and fast way. As an iTunes alternative, it offers support for playlists, downloading information and cover art from the Internet, and the ability to sync your music with portable media players. It has a well-finished user interface and is available in two versions: one free and one paid with more functions. Download from here.



Although not as popular as a few years ago, Winamp continues to be one of the jukebox programs for Windows most complete and efficient on the market. It offers support for all major multimedia file formats and perfect playlist management which, combined with the wide range of additional plug-ins available on the web, make it one of the most flexible solutions in the audio management industry. It includes an equalizer, a web browser and various music visualization effects. It recently introduced support for Android devices as well. Download from here.