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IPad applications

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IPad applications: Do you love to write? Are you a fan of TV series? Do you often deal with spreadsheets and presentations? With an iPad you can unleash your passions and work comfortably without having the clutter of a laptop: just use the right applications.

At this point, I am sure, you may be wondering which are these “right” apps to which I refer and – don’t worry – I’m here to clarify all your doubts about it. How? But obviously by offering you a nice list of Pad applications to install absolutely.

Courage: open the App Store now and get ready to download (and possibly even buy) the best applications currently available for study, work and leisure, tailor-made for the Apple tablet! I am sure that you will be able to find many resources of your interest and that, in the end, you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you will be able to do by using them. What do you say, we bet?


Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial by pointing out what, in my opinion, are the best applications for iPad , it seems only right to explain how to download them.

To download one of the apps reported in this post on your iPad, you simply have to tap on the name of the app of interest, wait for the relevant App Store screen to open on the device (if you are asked for confirmation, answer in the affirmative) and press the Get / Install button (in the case of free applications ) or the one with the price (in the case of paid applications ).

Then, authorize the download using Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password and wait for the download procedure to be completed, then you can start using the app by tapping the Open button that appeared in the App Store or by pressing on its icon that will have been added to the home screen.

As an alternative to what I have just indicated, you can find the apps that interest you by “manually” opening the App Store on the iPad, selecting the item Search in the latter (bottom right), typing the name of the application your interest in the appropriate field, selecting the relevant suggestion and proceeding with the download and installation, as described in the previous lines.

However, keep in mind that, in order to download the apps, you must be logged in on your device with your Apple ID and you must have associated a valid payment method with it (in the case of paid apps). For more details on this, I refer you to reading my tutorial on how to create an Apple ID.

Another thing I urge you to take into consideration is the fact that some free apps offer in-app purchases . This means that they can be downloaded and used for free but that, upon payment of a specific amount of money, allow you to unlock extra features and / or content. However, this is not mandatory.

IPad applications for studying and working

PDF Expert iPad

Having made the necessary clarifications above, let’s get to the heart of the matter and let’s find out, together, which are the best applications for iPad in circulation. Let’s start with those useful for studying and working . Find them below.

  • Numbers – Apple’s app to develop spreadsheets, also compatible with Excel files. Yes, download and use it for free.
  • Keynote – the hugely popular application from Apple for making presentations. It’s free.
  • Microsoft Excel – application part of Microsoft’s Office package which, like its renowned computer counterpart, allows you to create and open spreadsheets. It’s free, but as long as the iPad screen is smaller than 10.1 ″, otherwise you have to subscribe to Office 365 to be able to use it.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Microsoft’s mobile Office suite app for creating and viewing presentations. Even in this case, it is a free resource, but the conditions set out for Excel must be respected.
  • PDF Expert – the best application to view, manage and edit PDF on iPad. It costs 10.99 euros.
  • Foxit Mobile – app that plays the role of PDF reader and that also integrates some useful features for editing files. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 11.49) to unlock all the features offered.
  • Scanbot – app for scanning photos and documents using the iPad camera, with numerous useful functions to optimize the final file. The resulting files can then be saved in PDF, shared via email and / or imported into other apps. Yes, it downloads for free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 4.49) to unlock access to all features.
  • File – Apple’s file manager included on all iPads (and iPhones) starting from iOS 11. It is pre-installed on the device but, if removed, can be downloaded again at no cost.
  • Documents – versatile file manager for iPad thanks to which you can manage documents, photos and various other types of files. It integrates with the most famous cloud storage services and also has an internal browser. Free.
  • Commands  – automation app distributed by Apple (after the acquisition of Workflow occurred some time ago) through which you can create workflows for all needs. It is pre-installed but, in case of removal, it can be downloaded again for free.

IPad applications for writing

Pages on iPad

The iPad can also represent an excellent tool through which to write texts of various kinds: simple notes, term papers, entire books and so on and so forth. If you are interested in that, below you will find a bunch of useful apps for this purpose.

  • Pages  – Apple’s word processing application. It also supports viewing and editing of Microsoft Word documents. It’s free.
  • Microsoft Word – the famous word processor part of the Microsoft Office package. Yes you can use it for free, as long as the iPad screen is smaller than 10.1 ″. Otherwise, you need to subscribe to Office 365 to be able to use it.
  • iA Writer  – text editor with a minimal interface and all focused on content that also supports writing in Markdown. It costs 9.99 euros.
  • Ulysses  – one of the most renowned apps for text productivity. It allows you to edit and manage text documents, to synchronize them and to export them in various formats and in various apps. Yes, download for free, but then you need to sign up for a subscription (at the basic cost of 4.99 euros / month) through in-app purchases.
  • Scrivener – another popular application for writing via iPad. It is very popular with book writers, allowing you to organize written texts by chapters and paragraphs. It costs 21.99 euros.
  • Notes – is the Apple app for writing notes and taking notes. It also supports the use of Apple Pencil, allows you to add various attachments to the notes created and sensitive content is possible with Face ID, Touch ID or password. It is pre-installed but, in case of removal, it can be downloaded again at no cost.
  • Editorial – the best application for editing markdown texts. It includes very comfortable gestures and the ability to create abbreviations and scripts to automate the work. It costs 5.99 euros.
  • Notability  – unmissable app thanks to which it is possible to create “hybrid” documents using the keyboard and Apple Pencil, on white virtual sheets or with lines and squares themes. It costs 10.99 euros.
  • Penultimate – app for writing notes, notes and various texts, both via virtual keyboard and Apple Pencil, to be organized in special notebooks. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (at a base cost of € 1.09) to unlock additional content.

IPad applications for reading

Kindle iPad

The iPad can also be a very convenient tool for reading magazines, books and comics in digital format. Here, then, are the best applications dedicated to this type of content.

  • Books – application made available by Apple for reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks. It is pre-installed but, if removed, it can be downloaded again for free.
  • Kindle – the official Kindle app for reading books linked to your Kindle account on iPad. It’s free.
  • Bluefire Reader – free eBook reader that also allows you to access DRM-protected content. It also offers several options to customize the view mode. It’s free.
  • Pocket – allows you to archive blog posts and news that you want to read later and access them offline. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at $ 4.99) to unlock all features.
  • Comic Zeal – the best app to read comics in CBR / CBZ / PDF downloaded from the Internet. It costs 5.49 euros and offers in-app purchases (for 2.29 euros) to unlock extra themes and other features.
  • Reeder – one of the most popular RSS feed readers for iPad. It supports many news synchronization services. It costs 5.49 euros.
  • Feedly – great RSS feed reader available for free. It has a nice user interface and is very simple to use. Eventually it offers in-app purchases (at a cost of 7.99 euros / month) to unlock additional functions.
  • Flipboard – allows you to follow sources of interest and read news published in the form of a magazine in digital format. It’s free.
  • News Republic – news app that focuses on graphics. It allows you to choose the topics of interest and to read the relevant news. Free.
  • Italian Newspapers + – allows you to read all the major Italian newspapers in their online versions. Yes, download for free, but to access the contents you need to subscribe (at the base cost of 99 cents) through in-app purchases.

IPad applications for drawing

Paper on iPad

Well yes! You can also use the iPad as a drawing tool . To find out which apps are best suited for the purpose, read on. You can find them listed below.

  • uMake – allows you to draw two-dimensionally and instantly rotate the sketch to see its 3D rendering. It also supports Apple Pencil. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 16.99 / month) to take advantage of all the available functions.
  • Paper – application that allows you to draw, color and create various sketches thanks to a series of tools consisting of virtual pens, markers and brushes. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 6.49) to unlock additional content.
  • Infinite Painter – is the ultimate app for painting and drawing lovers. It is very complete and dedicated mostly to expert users. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 3.49) to unlock more features.
  • Procreate  – popular application for drawing, painting and creating illustrations. It offers a varied set of features and tools and also supports the use of Apple Pencil. It costs 10.99 euros.
  • Adobe Fresco – is an Adobe app that allows you to try your hand at drawing and vector graphics on the go. Free (with € 10.99 in-app purchases to unlock advanced features).
  • Autodesk SketchBook – popular Autodesk home app for free drawing. It also supports the use of Apple Pencil. It’s free.
  • Concepts – sketching app that integrates a wide range of tools to structure your work on multiple levels. It’s free but with in-app purchases to unlock advanced features (at a base cost of € 5.49).
  • Tayasui Sketches – app that stands out for its elegant and minimal interface. It includes tools, such as pencils, brushes, watercolors, gouache and oil pastels, and a variety of advanced features. Yes, download for free, but you can unlock extra features via in-app purchases (starting at € 2.99).
  • Bamboo Paper – application developed by Wacom, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of graphic tablets, which integrates numerous tools to draw with ease. Yes, it downloads for free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at € 1.09) to unlock extra tools and features.
  • SketchUp Viewer – the mobile variant of the popular SketchUp computer software to try your hand at 3D drawing. Free, but with in-app purchases (at a cost of € 9.99) to take advantage of the augmented reality functions.

IPad applications for the Internet

Chrome iPad

Are you looking for iPad applications to surf the Internet , take advantage of social networks and manage e-mail? Here they are!

  • Mail – is the default iOS mail client, distributed directly by Apple. It is pre-installed but, if removed, it can be downloaded again at no cost.
  • Gmail – is the Gmail app. The Google home email service. Free.
  • Spark – free e-mail app that allows you to solve the problem of overloaded inboxes by organizing the messages received and sent in the best possible way.
  • Chrome – is the iOS version of the famous Google home browser for PC. If also used on iPad, it allows you to have synchronized browsing data and favorites. It’s free.
  • Firefox – mobile version of the Mozilla home browser, with support for the synchronization of browsing data. It’s free.
  • iCab  – popular browser that integrates many useful advanced features, including download management, full screen browsing, guest mode and much more. It costs € 2.29 and offers in-app purchases (at a base cost of € 1.09) to add more features.
  • Facebook – the world’s number one social network app. Inevitable. It’s free.
  • Messenger – app thanks to which you can use Facebook chat from iOS. It allows you to chat with friends, exchange files with them, make calls and make video calls.
  • Twitter – the official Twitter app for iPad. It’s free.
  • Messenger for WhatsApp  – application thanks to which it is possible to use WhatsApp via iPad. It also supports push notifications. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (starting at 3.49) to eliminate ads and unlock other features.

IPad applications for photos, videos and music

iMovie on iPad

We conclude with the iPad applications dedicated to the use and creation of multimedia content, such as photos, videos and music . You will find them indicated below.

  • Infuse – the best video player for iPad. It supports all major multimedia file formats, automatically downloads information and posters from the Internet and allows you to view streaming videos from your home network. Yes, you can download for free, but to unlock all the functions you need to proceed with in-app purchases (starting from 99 cents / month).
  • VLC – iOS counterpart to the popular multimedia player for computers. It allows you to play all kinds of audio and video files. Free.
  • iMovie  – excellent app from Apple for video editing. Yes, download and use it for free
  • YouTube – the official YouTube app, indispensable! It’s free.
  • – to watch all Rai programs in live streaming and on-demand. It’s free.
  • Mediaset Play – to watch Mediaset programs live and on-demand. It’s free.
  • Garageband – Apple app for music production. Free.
  • Spotify – the app of one of the most popular music streaming services. The download is free. For more information, check out my guide on how Spotify works.
  • Google Photos  – the Google app to organize your photos on the cloud and backup service of the same name. Free.
  • Snapseed – another app developed by “big G” that allows you to edit photos from iPad using the countless tools available. Free.